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  1. Interesting! I normally use Wikimedia for most of my SVG logo needs, but I wasn't aware about the other site so I'll definitely have to take a look at that. I don't use Illustrator so I won't be able to use image trace, but I can work with new websites/digging around for random sponsors. Thanks for the heads up!
  2. It all looks great! Everything stands solid on its own and works perfectly together as a whole! It's hard to pick favorites, but there are some real solid ones all over - Monterey, Reno, Chico, Mammoth Lakes, Olympic LA, Solvang, Visalia, and Fresno all stand out to me personally, but they're all great imo. Great job, and looking forward to the designs and cities for CSL2 (bigger cities like Riverside, Irvine, and Chula Vista seem like shoo-ins, but maybe more obscure places like Morro Bay? Lake Havasu? Owens Valley?)! Also, how do you end up finding these logos for the sponsors? I always have trouble finding editable SVG versions of a lot of sponsor logos!
  3. This last batch looks great! I love Barstow's unique color scheme and OC's unique sun pattern on their jersey, but I think Long Beach is the best look of the bunch (which is good cause that would probably be my team in this universe!). Not the bridge I would've expected for a team based around the harbor (Vincent Thomas technically isn't in Long Beach but I associate it with the area more), but it's still a clean look overall! As for putting a team in Mendocino... well, not much there to work off of, I'm afraid. It's a big place for growing and selling weed, but I think that some people might not be thrilled with the idea to say the least. They do have Glass Beach, though! It's an old dumping site for glassware and pottery that eventually got eroded and cleaned into this stretch of coast that's just covered with millions of small rounded pieces of glass. Maybe you could go for a look similar to what Oakland Roots does? Keeping the jerseys mostly limited to two colors with a very colorful logo could be a great look. Great job as always!
  4. Seconding this - I always thought that brown and powder blue with light brown accents would be a fantastic combo for a team, and Mammoth would be a shoo-in for this. I'll also mention that the ski resort comes out with a unique beanie every year, so there is definite crossover potential there with the team. It could make for a strikingly different clash kit, though if you go with brown as a main color, it would probably have to be relegated to either a third or goalie kit (most of their hats are dark colors that might be too close to brown). Since you're working in the 2019 season, here are the hats for the 18/19 and 19/20 ski seasons. 18/19: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1088/7534/products/2019-09-26_MM_PM_MammothBeanie-19_7597822b-2a31-459b-a07f-7c90eed176ea.jpg?v=1573156483 19/20: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/14/48/73/1448739747c978c09e33cd1fceb0985a.jpg
  5. I remember this thread from back in the day! Nice to see everything get slowly digitized. Everything so far has a solid, believable look, and I have very few quips/ideas (but still a couple!). With Roses, I adore the thorn striping on the home and the use of rose gold on the clash, but I worry about differentiation of colors. Pink vs white can work as a kit matchup, but it's a little bit of an edge case and you could argue for it either way. I think that Pasadena would benefit the most from having a clash kit with more red - matches with the rose theme, and you could still use the rose gold in a tasteful way. You could honestly flip the colors on the clash kit as they are right now and it could probably work out still! Monterey is class too, the badge has the right amount of modernization, and the kits still pop. Long term, I'm not sure about the flag-themed clash, and I don't envy you - it's a very difficult flag to put on a jersey. My only idea at this point is to look at how other teams incorporate flags on kits and see if anything strikes you. Barca usually finds interesting ways to incorporate the Senyera, and Athletic Bilbao is usually good for a kit based off of the Basque ikurrina. As it stands, though, you could probably stick with this look and most people would be totally fine with it (including me, this is just nitpicking at this point). If you kept the look, maybe a white/black version could work as a theoretical third kit? Beyond those two minor quips, I've got nothing else to say - great job, all around!
  6. That could definitely work too - there's a large ADF presence around the city, notably at Shoalwater Bay where there's a training ground/dugong habitat.
  7. Looking good! Big fan of the new looks, especially the new pelican for Mariners and Dunedin's Gaels. For ideas, a quick and easy one is that Penrith has their NRL team, the Panthers - maybe Sporting Club Panthers? It's also on the Cumberland Plain, so maybe there's a name somewhere there. For Rockhampton, I know a little more. It was the centerpiece to multiple gold rushes (in Canoona and Mount Morgan), have history with the Archer brothers (Scottish farmer brothers that were some of the first Europeans to explore central Queensland), and is nowadays one of the big agricultural centers of the north (mainly in cattle, they have seven bull statues around the city called the Big Bulls). The area also has multiple references to Capricorn since the tropic passes just south of the city, so that could be a fun mascot idea. Maybe a rampant bull and goat/serow surrounding a shield? You could honestly go a million routes with them, even more if you included other nearby cities - Mackay produces a third of Australia's sugar, and Gladstone is a gateway to the barrier reef.
  8. My main goal at the outset of the tournament was to make it into the round of 16, so I am more than happy to settle for 4th overall. Great job to everyone who participated, especially to all the other semifinalists - @raysox (well deserved 3rd place win), @gswansea (the probable champion and my vote for the final) and @Lafarge (well fought on our semifinal matchup, you definitely had the better concept between us), as well as host @rsaline! Can't wait for the competition four years from now, and who knows? Maybe I'll even give a shot at Logolympiad or something!
  9. Morocco By the way, @rsaline, will there be a third place game for us to vote on?
  10. Well fought, @Victormrey, I thoroughly enjoyed your concept! Egypt (A1) vs. Australia (C1) (my matchup, good luck @rsaline! This is gonna be crazy close I feel) Sweden (F2) vs. Panama (G1) Morocco (B1) vs. France (C2) Mexico (F1) vs. Senegal (H1)
  11. Everything came down to the wire, but in the end only two of us could advance. Regardless, it was a well fought competition by you and @jaytavo305 in the group! Egypt (A1) vs. Spain (B2) (my matchup) (good luck @Victormrey!) Australia (C1) vs. Iceland (D2) Serbia (E1) vs. Sweden (F2) Panama (G1) vs. Colombia (H2) Saudi Arabia (A2) vs. Morocco (B1) France (C2) vs. Argentina (D1) Switzerland (E2) vs. Mexico (F1) England (G2) vs. Senegal (H1)
  12. Well done all around! Thanks again to @rsaline for putting this on, and may the best concept win! Group A (my group) Group B Morocco Spain Iran Portugal Group C Australia Denmark France Honduras Group D Argentina Iceland Nigeria Croatia Group E Serbia Switzerland Brazil Costa Rica Group F Sweden Mexico Germany South Korea Group G Panama England USA Tunisia Group H Japan Colombia Poland Senegal
  13. Got a design that I like a lot, and I wanted to throw some colors by everyone. For the design itself, I used LA's connection to art deco to come up with a shape that is partially based off of the Eastern Columbia Building. Threw on an art deco font as well (Lemon/Milk) to wrap it all up. For colors, I came up with three ideas. The first uses the colors of LA's flag (green, gold, and red) on a dark grey background. Think of LA Galaxy's third kit from a couple of years ago. The second uses the midnight blue and silver that @raysox used to recolor the original concept. The third is an out-of-the-box look that puts together dark green, orange, and yellow. I'm sure there's a good marketing angle you could spin for each of them (the orange represents the oranges grown in the region, et al.), but I personally like the first one the most. Lemme know what you guys think!
  14. Yeah, I've lived in LA for most of my life and I have never once referred to it as Tinseltown, so I'd say that something simple like Los Angeles CC would work perfectly fine. Another thing that I definitely want to avoid is Hollywood imagery, it gets really stale real quick. I've got some free time tonight so I'll be fooling around with a design involving art deco, which is a design style that I really like a lot that also has some connection to the city (that and we can't let Miami have an art deco logo for the millionth time).
  15. I'm totally good with @gswansea's option. My only note is that the text for "Club" doesn't feel centered in the banner, but other than that it looks great. I'd love to tweak mine but I'm going to be busy until after New Year's, so I think I'll withdraw my submission for Philly and focus on a different city once I have the time.
  16. Did some brainstorming today and came up with this. It's got the shield and middle stripe of Philadelphia's coat of arms with a keystone, monogram, and wicket. I tried fooling around with other colors (I had a nice navy and cream look at one point), but I feel like this is the best combination I could come up with for this design.
  17. I know I saw @raysox's used for the Malaysian national team recently, but they never ended up using said uniforms (no contrasting sleeves, and they went for black and bright yellow for home/white and royal for road).
  18. Looking good so far! I like what you've done with Hamburg - the diamond pattern works wonders on the home kit, and bringing back the half-and-half look was a good call for the clash. The third I do like (historical precedence is good!), but it feels a little too plain. It needs some sort of pattern to make it more exciting. Maybe a center stripe like the 2011-12 third kit, or maybe pinstripes like the Champions League winning kit from the 1982-83 season. I also really like what you did with Ajax - the black is untraditional but I think it looks great, and the black and green clash kit (despite looking a bit too similar to the old black kits the Sounders wore) looks great also. I'd love to see some sort of third kit for them - maybe a toned down version of the infamous 1989-90 away kit? Regardless, great work! Looking forward to any other teams you might design in the near future!
  19. Echoing the sentiment that the white strip should stick around, but I do like the gradient effect you made. Maybe a compromise of sorts? Try making a gradient that goes from red to white to navy. That way, you still get the traditional white stripe, but you can also keep your current ideas and add a new little twist. It should look like a funkier and darker version of the USMNT's bomb pop kits from '14. Regardless, it's a great design! And for Atlanta, thank you for switching the colors! That's the one complaint I have about their look, and this definitely improves it. And adding the gold pinstripes was another nice touch for sure. My one change would be to change the collar and sleeve cuffs to red, as that's something that I feel this jersey lacks. Or maybe you could add it by making the socks hoops? Anyways, you're doing great work, and I can't wait to see what you come up with for other teams!
  20. Glad you cleared that up on the Adidas stripes! For names, birds came to mind - some type of bird of prey for Winnipeg? (maybe Falcons? Osprey?) And for Chicago, maybe a different type of black "bird" to differentiate from the Blackhawks? Like maybe the Ravens or Magpies (not very black but a very unique name in the states nonetheless)? Non-bird options could be something else military-themed for Winnipeg (Bombers? Cavalry? Battalion?) and for Chicago... maybe something mythical to play off with the Sirens (Harpies comes to mind and while it's a little on the nose it just might work). I'm sure whatever you figure out will be great as always, though!
  21. Fantastic, all around! Any reason why Buffalo/Toronto/Pittsburgh don't have the adidas stripes on the side, or is that just an error? Beyond that, no complaints. The new logos you made are sleek (especially Detroit! Wow!) and the sponsors are all understated enough that it's not an eyesore like the WNBA or the European hockey leagues. Well done, class designs all around! Excited for the last few!
  22. I really like the Arsenal clash kits, though I think that it'd be a lot better as a third kit. The Premier League has enough teams that wear red and/or white, so it'd be best if their clash was something that stood out a little more. Maybe something in yellow or blue? Those have been used pretty frequently by the team in recent years. That said, I do love the kit you currently have, the dark red is a very nice touch. No complaints about Everton either, the patterns you chose were very clean and excellent. Beyond that, I echo previous sentiments about the Spanish clubs (Barca's home is close but might need to be toned down, Madrid's clash needs something different - maybe swap the white for gold and give it a regal theme centered around the crown?). Good work so far, though! Can't wait to see what else you've got up your sleeve.
  23. Dryden and Lawrence look great! And as a side note, you're very good at designing the logos for the universities, they're very realistic! You don't often see a tiger concept that doesn't use orange, but the gold really works well in all applications. The font you chose for the Tigers also works very well, it has this sort of timeless look to it (almost reminds me of the Steelers in a way? idk). I am curious - how did you make the cursive "Dryden" script? Lawrence looks great too - I was worried that having a coyote in red would make me think that it was a fox, but you've made it distinctly enough a coyote that it's not an issue. I also love the little addition with the added striping to the wordmarks (it kinda feels like that the J should also have it, though that could be because it's not a full serif). However, I'm not sure how I feel about the blue. It's a great idea in theory, but the problem is that it just looks like black. I'd try either making the blue lighter or sticking to just black, because this weird limbo kinda strains my eyes and brain. Beyond that, no complaints. Keep up the good work!
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