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  1. Par for the course here. I don't fault a business man expanding his brand and market. Well done, Michael. The Jumpman logo will look odd but it's a silouette of one of the greatest athletes of all time, so I doubt any football player is going to be ashamed of wearing it. Maybe he'll turn it into a player making a football catch in the Jordan pose. But, he shouldn't have to, he's Michael Jordan. Randy Moss is actually wearing Jordan Football cleats in the picture. Not to nitpick, while Moss did wear Jordan Football cleats for most of his career, in this picture he's wearing the Nike Superbad II TD cleat.
  3. Nike College Football Playoff uniforms (via Darren Rovell)
  4. Impressive for a paint concept. I would shorten the length between the top of the three-point lines and the half court line to make the court more proportionate.
  5. My oh my. Love these too. Possibly the two most beautiful card sets ever made. I'll get to work! Thanks so much for the scans!
  6. Thanks for the comments guys, this is fun to do. Next up is a NBA Hoops 90 tribute with Nick Anderson's rookie card as well as another Magic Rookie swingman, Aaron Gordon. Enjoy!
  7. So I'm confused. This info graphic says that the 'alternate' cap will be worn at home with the new 'home' uniform... ...Wouldn't that make it a 'home' cap?
  8. Scanned in a lot of my old baseball cards the other day, I just love the way classic cards look. I did a Robinson Cano Fleer '90 baseball card, taking the design from my '90 Harold Reynolds card. I did these two given they both play(ed) 2B for the Mariners and Reynolds is still relevant with his Fox World Series commentary. Enjoy!
  9. I like the Lakers logo, but I would make the "Lakers script wider like the old logo, I'd also take away the gold outline from the script.
  10. Thank you and I've already done the 1990's cardinals it was my first post That's my mistake, I'd love to the see the road whites with the AZ flag on the sleeves at some point!
  11. I really love this logo but I agree with SuperLeafsFan. The basketball is just necessary. I love it though!
  12. The people who try to make others feel like idiots on this forum are the real idiots. You're not really paying attention to the beautiful part of uniforms if you can't tell the difference between current Nike templates and the way jerseys used to be made. That's the most fundamental and important part of the evolution of uniforms. If made today, all of these designs would be different and modified so this thread definitely has a point. I love what you're doing! Keep this going! P.S. Can you do the home 90's Cardinals?
  13. Hello all, I've been a fan and reader of the forum for many years but I haven't done much posting, nor have I shared a concept until now: I thought I'd do a concept series a little different from the 'norm' and focus on the New Era bating practice caps we've all come to know and love hate since their presence in a team's brand has become relevant. 1. Arizona Diamondbacks- I created my own alternate logo for the D-Backs for their bating practice cap. The logo is a snake emerging from a baseball that takes obvious cues from the D-Backs 'D' logo. I've never really been a fan of their color change from purple/black/teal/copper to sedona red/sand so rather than wear the on-field cap, I wear a cap I like much better. As such I've inverted the logo's of the 'D' snake for my logo. Enjoy. Cap Logo BP Cap