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  1. I'm aware that they're going to be unveiling it this year, but I made this a bit ago so I want to utilize it until images of the new one appears
  2. Hello everyone its been quite a while since I've posted anything on here because of school and other things but as of recent I've had the itch to get back into taking the time to create these concepts. Now the real reason why I'm posting this is that I have some other concept ideas but I wanted to see how my Adidas template looks. Georgia Tech finally moves on from Russell and moves to Adidas (some people may say this a downgrade, but I personally like Adidas) and this is my rendition of what Georgia Tech should look like in my eyes. Home Away Alternate I'll be posting later on tonight my Washington/Adidas concept but in the meantime any thoughts on the concept? For some reason, my images don't look great and are not expandable so I posted links to get a better image. And before anyone asks I will possibly make this template available to download but not as of right now
  3. As a current Western Michigan student I am glad to see that we don't have to deal with Fleck's uniform designs........I am honestly just speechless as to how bad Minnesota's new set is
  4. I'm surprised that I haven't seen this on the board yet but MSU busted out the White/Green/White combo out yesterday and it actually looked nice. It was weird seeing this combo at first but I think it looked good.
  5. Can anyone identify the font used in the Madden/NHL 17 cover, or at least something close to it. I've been trying to find something close to it for a while but I may just have to make a font. Thanks
  6. So its been a while since I've been on this site but seeing this today made me want to post something. I was watching the Lions vs Bears game and I noticed that Matt Forte's uniform looked different from the rest of the team. I looked closely when they zoomed in on him and I realized that he didn't have on the Nike Flywire that the teams wears, and the more I looked the more different it seemed to be, first the sweat boxes where different and and second there wasn't as much stitching on the back. It looks like he was wearing the new Nike Vapor uniforms; basically what Oregon unveiled last night. Unfortunately I don't have a good photo of this right now but I will look harder to find better quality shots of it. Matt Forte wasn't the only Bear to wear this uniform either but unfortunately I couldn't remember his name
  7. I don't have any photos right now but I was watching the Bowling Green/Tennessee game, both teams were showcasing their new Nike Mach Speed Jerseys today and I'm not sure if it was just me but both teams jerseys seemed really baggy compared to other Mach Speed jerseys, it's not to big of a deal but I thought it was a it weird. Am I the only one who noticed that? Also I was watching the Virginia/UCLA game and boy were Virginia's helmets BADDDDDDDDDD, but UCLA's jerseys weren't as bad as I was expecting them to be, yeah there definitely needs some changes but other than the annoying sashes it wasn't that bad.
  8. Yeah for my Ivy League designs, atleast for football I didnt want to go super over the top with most of them. Hockey is definitely a good possibility of being added on this thread as well. As for the helmet stripe I will fix.
  9. Hello everyone, lately I've been working so I havent had a ton of time to make some concepts but today I decided to continue my Ivy League redesigns and today I have Columbia and Cornell Columbia And Cornell So tell me what you think?
  10. I dont mind it but I think its a tad bit boring without black, but overall I like the concept.
  11. Why are the stripes rounded on the bottom of the green and white jerseys, but not the orange? Its the angle the photo was taken which makes it look a bit different
  12. Hello everyone, I was bored so I just thought of a new idea and rebranding some of the schools that have switched brand recently. The first one I remembered was Arizona State's switch from Nike to Adidas. So I edited my basketball template and I decided to make this. I tried to be a bit more realistic so for the Desert Fuel Uni I made it Sleeved (yeah I know everyone hates them). I know there isn't a ton here for the first concept because I wanted to keep it similar to what they wear now because they look good with a simple look. So tell me what you think?
  13. Clean. Nothing really bad to say about. BTW I dig the uniform template ;D XD
  14. I believe this was said earlier but I feel like I'm one of the few people that actually prefers the Current Arizona Diamondbacks look than the Teal and Purple look. Don't get me wrong the Teal and Purple look was great but I feel like they get too much heat on the boards about it. They do have to change a the "D Backs" wordmark and change it with either the full name of just use the "A" logo instead. Like I said they are not perfect but I like the look a lot. Teal and Purple is a bit more original than Red and Black I do agree with that but R and B looks more crisp and cleaner.
  15. I've always thought that about the gloves and undershirt but I still wanted to add them in. The Gloves are kinda just there but I do kinda think the undershirts are a bit important. I agree with you though and I think for now on I'll put the Helmet, Gloves, and Undershirt in a separate image for now on so I can make the jerseys bigger. The reason why I don't change them up is because usually the Undershirt is just the teams main color (or sometimes secondary color) but its used as a base for the jerseys and usually teams will just have a logo on it and thats it unless its a Vest Jersey then sometimes they'll have a design on them. Same thing with the Helmets, sometimes teams will have multiple Helmets but not all the time, that is kinda me just being lazy for not making multiple helmets but I'll fix it. I haven't gotten to much C&C but I think I know what to fix so an update will be next.
  16. Alright here is part 2 of the AAC, I've been busy this past week so I just finished them Memphis Original Concept -Gave them a basic look -Changed there font to there Basketball/Football font to keep it consistent -Threw on a little color on the jersey to make them stand out Tulane Original Concept -In my first concept I switched Tulane from Rawling to Nike, but I decided to switch them back -Gave them the most combos and alternates so far (mainly because I love there color scheme) -Made a Throwback Baby Blue Pull Over (couldn't forget the waistband) -My inspiration for these uniforms was that I wanted to give them a more serious MLBish approach since they have a good baseball history UCF Original Concept -I dumbed them down from my previous concept, and it actually looks alot better -The "Knights" wordmark will be on all jersey's -Used the Black/Gold/Black striping on Jersey and Pants -Used the Custom font I made for them (the first custom font I've ever made) -And I used the Alternate Knight Logo for the cap logo USF Original Concept -In my first concept for them I gave them a custom piping and it got good feedback and it just looked good so i kept it for the Primaries -Made a Gold Jersey there Primary Home -Pinstripe White with the "Bulls" Wordmark in Script -And just because this is College Baseball I made a Throwback Pull Over with Gold pants cause I thought it looked cool Anyway tell me what you think. I want to start giving them more wild looks yet not over the top, I also want to start making more Alternate Jerseys and Caps because that what alot of schools are doing now.
  17. There is no words to describe Rapid City Rush's Alternates just amazing. And I like the color scheme for Norfolk.
  18. Dont worry I will get there Anything else???? Or no?
  19. This is my first time seeing this thread and I really like what youre doing here, I understand your frustration with the limited C&C I don't get a whole lot for my College Baseball Thread but keep at it because you have some great work here. I'll only rate the ones that are only on this current page right now just because you have a few on here. Indy Fuel- I really like the checker pattern on the home and away, I especially love the thought of the alternate...but I do think it's a bit too bright or hard to see, maybe thats just me I think you should swap the yellow for black and I think it would look good and just use yellow as a trim. Kalamazoo Wings- As someone who grew up a few miles away from Kalamazoo, I'm pretty familiar with the Wings and I basically love everything you did with the jerseys, I think I like the alternates the most just because it looks very clean. My only complaint is the shoulder numbers are a bit hard to see. Manchester Monarchs- These are probably my favorites so far, there really isnt much bad to say about them, they are unique and they just flat out look good. Missouri Mavericks- I like the color scheme for this team, I'm not all that crazy for the home and away but I absolutely love that alternate for some reason, the two tone gives me a throwback feel to them which I really like. Norfolk Admirals- I like what you did with all three uniforms, I do agree though that the teal is pretty dark compared to the black, maybe brighten it up a bit and it will look great. Orlando Solar Bears- These are the runner up for the best unis so far in my opinion behind Manchester, great color scheme and there isn't much and to say about theme. Overall great concepts and I would like to see more.
  20. I love the Argyle and the Dark Blue for North Carolina, really well done with Ohio State also
  21. So starting off with the first half of the AAC Cincinnati Original Concept -The Biggest change is the switch from Adidas to Under Armour -The Home and Away jersey is a Henley -Using the new Cincinnati Pattern on sleeves -Instead of the Claw Marks on the caps from my original Concept I used the (Eyes Logo) -Made a Vest alternate with Pinstripes Connecticut Original Concept -These Uniforms were somewhat inspired by the Houston Astros Warm Up jerseys -I used the Nike DQT Game Top for the Home and Away (Basically a Pull Over) -Made an Alternate White Cap -And I made a Traditional Button Up White and Blue Jersey for an Alternate East Carolina Original Concept -Nothing really changes for them, I liked the look I initially gave them so I kept it Houston Original Concept -Same thing with Houston like I said for East Carolina, I liked the look I gave them when I first started so not much change other than getting rid of the Pant color -I also threw in a Throwback Uniform So tell me what you think, Part 2 should be by Friday but give me feedback on what you thought.
  22. Hello everyone, I am finally back on the forums after taking a bit of time off to finish my school work and I am proud to say that I am officially done and I have graduated High School. So now I have time to get back into making concepts and such. So I was watching the College World Series and I wanted to redue my College Baseball Redesigns since they weren't bad but I thought they were a bit bland. So I edited and fixed alot of the problems with my Templates and I made them alot better. Some of the concepts are going to look the same from my old Thread but alot of them will be different and I'm going to take more chances with these concepts.
  23. I like the design for Eastern Washington but I think the font is very generic. Other than that it looks great. (EDIT) didn't read the description my bad. Good job what so ever
  24. Yeah I used there current B logo with the Ivy wrapped around it. Its on the mothership. thanks for the feedack. And I edited MattWilcox's Nike Elite Template I am thinking about it, I have to make my own template but its definitely a possibility
  25. Okay I may get some backlash from people on this, but I don't understand why everyone totally despises Adidas. Now yes I do agree that they definitely have some very questionable designs ( cough cough Miami of Ohio ) and other one time jerseys but do people seriously just want to see 2 manufacturers in the NCAA (Nike and Under Armour). There already is enough unoriginality in not just Football also Basketball and many other sports. I dont even mind Russell that much just because they change things up.