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  1. I'm aware that they're going to be unveiling it this year, but I made this a bit ago so I want to utilize it until images of the new one appears
  2. Hello everyone its been quite a while since I've posted anything on here because of school and other things but as of recent I've had the itch to get back into taking the time to create these concepts. Now the real reason why I'm posting this is that I have some other concept ideas but I wanted to see how my Adidas template looks. Georgia Tech finally moves on from Russell and moves to Adidas (some people may say this a downgrade, but I personally like Adidas) and this is my rendition of what Georgia Tech should look like in my eyes. Home Away Alternate I'll be posting later on tonight my Washington/Adidas concept but in the meantime any thoughts on the concept? For some reason, my images don't look great and are not expandable so I posted links to get a better image. And before anyone asks I will possibly make this template available to download but not as of right now
  3. As a current Western Michigan student I am glad to see that we don't have to deal with Fleck's uniform designs........I am honestly just speechless as to how bad Minnesota's new set is
  4. I'm surprised that I haven't seen this on the board yet but MSU busted out the White/Green/White combo out yesterday and it actually looked nice. It was weird seeing this combo at first but I think it looked good.
  5. Can anyone identify the font used in the Madden/NHL 17 cover, or at least something close to it. I've been trying to find something close to it for a while but I may just have to make a font. Thanks
  6. I believe this was said earlier but I feel like I'm one of the few people that actually prefers the Current Arizona Diamondbacks look than the Teal and Purple look. Don't get me wrong the Teal and Purple look was great but I feel like they get too much heat on the boards about it. They do have to change a the "D Backs" wordmark and change it with either the full name of just use the "A" logo instead. Like I said they are not perfect but I like the look a lot. Teal and Purple is a bit more original than Red and Black I do agree with that but R and B looks more crisp and cleaner.
  7. I love the Argyle and the Dark Blue for North Carolina, really well done with Ohio State also
  8. I like the design for Eastern Washington but I think the font is very generic. Other than that it looks great. (EDIT) didn't read the description my bad. Good job what so ever
  9. That is probably the best Baltimore Ravens concept I've seen in a while honestly. People try to go to modern with them but I like there simple look. But you made it way better. I like what you did with the flag. And I also like the font I already know there will be some that will say change it but I think it'll give the uniforms more character.
  10. Has anybody made a Football Field Template in Illustrator??
  11. I'm gonna be totally honest with you, mostly everyone hates when teams use colors that arent generally in there color scheme. But I actually sometimes like when teams wear BFBS and GFGS uniforms when there done right at least.
  12. RT @FunnyPicsDepot: Actual creators of the purge movie are like http://t.co/o5dzH1TqnO

  13. Today is just another day i guess ?

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