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  1. I still find Oregon's unis a bit boring, I dunno maybe its because I expect more from them.
  2. I'm really not feeling Alabama in red pants, change them towhite and you got yourself a nice batch of concepts.
  3. I really like what youre doing here its very unique. With the logos I would really like a uniform set to go with it so you could get more feedback.
  4. Other than the helmets I dont mind these at all
  5. I'm gonna be totally honest with you, mostly everyone hates when teams use colors that arent generally in there color scheme. But I actually sometimes like when teams wear BFBS and GFGS uniforms when there done right at least.
  6. There suppose to be there Smokey Gray's, but they look Black
  7. I'm honestly not feeling the font for Miss State, I'm not sure if its the font exactly or what but it seems almost out of place. But I like the uniform set especially the cream uniform. Its kinda of the same thing with Arkansas except I dont mind the font but it looks weird with the Classic Arkansas A and the new font. I'd say either ditch the A and go with the Hog or what not or just change the font. But good job I would like to see more.
  8. Now looking at it I can see that being a little hard to see I'll fix that Thats actually what I did I used that same exact font except I slanted it a little to match What ND Baseball wore last year on there home. In fact I based the Gold uniform set exactly off that Basketball Set. And I was actually considering using that Double Stripe and looking at it now I'll include that into there set. Honestly that Alternate Home set was kinda of a fail, That Vest set was suppose to be apart of a "Shamrock Series Set" but I ended up scrapping it because it looked kinda odd but I kept the cap. The base was suppose to be Gold while there would be a stripe the would cover the bottom.
  9. It looks way to similar to Kentucky's uniforms if you ask me
  10. Happy Holidays everyone! I'm back with another installment of this Series! Sorry it took me so long I've been running into a few things lately so I kinda had to put this on hold but I'm back with the ACC Atlantic. Boston College Clemson Florida State Louisville North Carolina State Notre Dame Wake Forest *BTW the Home Unis for Wake Forest are Cream instead of White Please C&C tell me anything! Lets have more than 1 or 2 people comment I would like more imput on my concept it will be greatly appreciated.
  11. The designs are pretty good but there's really no consistency with the 3 uniforms, were you trying to do that? And I agree with the first comment I find the logo on the front of the away jersey kinda unnecessary.
  12. I would love to participate in this
  13. Don't worry there will be more up soon, life has just gotten in the way but dont worry
  14. Hello everyone I'm back again, and basically I just finished my Adidas Techfit Shockweb Template and I kinda want to test it out. So as a few people know Arizona State is making the switch from Nike to Adidas......from what I've heard people were upset by this because Adidas can be either very boring or very over the top with there uniforms so I was aiming for something down the middle. So this concept is kind of a mix between there current and past uniforms so I hope you guys like it . And here are some special occasion uniforms Desert Fuel Alternate Sparky Helmet Alternate So like always tell me what I can add or improve on!
  15. *UPDATE* Here's an update to the unis -Made the numbers thicker -Changed the 2 Stripe Sleeve into a 3 Stripe Sleeve
  16. I was actually thinking the same thing when I was making it, but I do have a solution to make the numbers look better I see what you guys are talking about, ill fix the sleeve striping on the update tomorrow That's exactly what I think. The numbers need a double outline just to look right. That's what you miss with no black. Other than that though, I like it. Perhaps a blue then silver outline would work better? Just throwing out ideas. Otherwise I like it a lot. I've always liked the Lions with no black, and I certainly wouldn't mind the monochrome look a couple weeks of the season. I also really like that template. Do you have an .SVG version you would be willing to share? I'm going to release the template...but just not right now theres a few things I need to fix before I share the template. And I only have it as an .AI but i dont believe that .SVG and .AI are too different unless someone would want to convert it. I'll be posting an update tomorrow, I just finally hopped on the computer too look at all the feedback so expect it tomorrow
  17. Hello everyone I'm finally back on the site again, I've been running into some bad luck lately but everything seems too be in cruise control right now. So anyway I was watching the Lions-Vikings game today and I thought how cool would it be if the Lions would merge there Barry Sanders era uniforms and color scheme in with the new Lions look, so here this is. -Basically the biggest change was that I dropped Black from the color scheme -Kept main logo except without the Black outline -I brought back the old Helmet, Sleeve, and Pant Striping -Kept the new Lions Font -Kept the Lions wordmark on the uniform -And I brought back the Blue pants Oh yeah also tell me how the Nike Mach Speed Template looks! Now I know there are gonna be some people that will not like the Monochromatic Blue's but I decided too throw them in anyway.
  18. Oh I forgot too ask are Custom Fonts okay?
  19. Awesome I'm getting started right now
  20. Are you also making this template in .AI also?
  21. I'm not gonna lie I'm really not to fond of Russell, but this contest should be pretty exciting and interesting. Can't wait too hear more!
  22. Coming from a huge Tigers fan I really like how you used the retro Tigers look you used (Mainly with the Away and Alternate, infact I think the Tigers should wear there Throwback Road Uniforms more often....Possibly make them an Alternate) anyway one suggestion I would like to see is make a Blue Alternate and have the Orange as a Alternate Home and use the Blue as an Alternate Away.