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  1. That "stupid" old English or "hooked" C as UConn calls it is part of the history of UConn baseball and needs to stay on the hats. Also as big UConn fan, I am not liking the red billed caps but think that the Husky dog logo all blue caps would make for a great alternate cap. The team wears that logo on their helmets. Also maybe try making the home white uniform cream and use that as an alternate uniform and make a more traditional white home uniform with UConn on the front like what they have now.
  2. Wow, sounds like I am the only one who isn't that crazy for these and one of the few that loves the current Giants uniforms because of the simplicity and history behind them. To many teams have changed their uniforms to update them to something more modern only to ruin an already great look. The only thing I would change on the Giants courant uniform is to change the "NY" on their jerseys back to "Giants" as they already have the "NY" logo on their helmet. If you really want to change the Giants uniforms, go back to ones they used in the 80s and 90s otherwise leave them alone.
  3. The one thing I would change is the lettering the end zone to white and keep it straight not arched. Other then that looks alright and like the use of the Husky logo on the field. They need to use that logo more for football without over doing it.
  4. Just so you know that the Hurricanes could never wear the Whalers logo as the state of Connecticut owns the right to the Whalers name and logo so they can use it if we ever get an NHL team back here.
  5. Looks to me a little like their AHL counterparts the Hartford Wolf Packs uniform minus a few changes. As much as I dislike the Rangers I would rather they stick with what they have. These would make for an okay third jersey design but if it was for that I would love to see the use of a logo an just the team name.
  6. I like the ones with the red in it a lot but I had a version in mind where UConn would use the same striping and numbers on their jerseys as the Whalers used. The logo would be the same captial C that they use on their football helmets and the Huskie head logo would be worn on the shoulders. On their jerseys though I would maybe change the green stripes on the sleeves and hem to blue and the blue stripes could remain blue or changed to red. If you wanted to you could also have the same style numbers as UConn has on their football jerseys.