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  1. I'm not too keen on the C serif. It has two odd angles and with the cut it makes the top of the C too small, I would have done something like this:
  2. This looks really nice but there is something that doesn't work for me. The string holding the stone looks like an N or an A so at first glance i thought it read ATLN. Maybe play with proximity/treatment etc., its handled exactly like the letters so you want to keep on reading. Also you filled in some of the letters but not the a in braves and maybe even the b.
  3. Alrighty, here it is without, I dropped the strap as well, doesn't make much sense on it's own. I prefer with, it adds to the ridiculousness Yes, Junior C, wishful thinking on my part. ;–)
  4. Hey Folks, I'm still messing around with this but would love to get some feedback on it. Does it work for a Junior B hockey team or is it a bit much? We've got a hockey playing leprechaun with a helmet strap and visor on his bowler sporting a black eye and a few banged up teeth.
  5. Thanks for all the input guys, much appreciated. Lots of good points I'm going to play around with.
  6. Thanks Uniguy22, some good suggestions I'll try out.
  7. Hey Folks, I thought I would do a redesign for the Sudbury Wolves logo, who hasn't wanted to, right? While working on this, the old Texas Avery wolf won me over with it's total disregard of good taste. Poorly executed with the bloody teeth, crossed eyes and terrible typography, it will almost be a shame when it finally does get redone. Full project here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/37044075/Sudbury-Wolves-logo-design-concept
  8. Here are the other versions, they are with the behance project, link above.
  9. Thanks Folks, Yes I'd like to work up some uniforms, I'll see if I can get to it.
  10. Thanks for your help on this, I posted a behance project for it, have a look: https://www.behance.net/gallery/36751903/Owen-Sound-Attack-logo-redesign-concept
  11. Beautiful work there Greg, love it.
  12. Here's another variation of this piece simplified...
  13. Yes the wing shape is a bit odd but I really like the idea of the bear roar blowing the word SOUND apart. A simplified version would have to be done for the sweater.
  14. Does anyone have any dribbble invites available? It would be much appreciated.
  15. A few tweaks, I beefed up the line and dropped the yellow from the original...