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  1. Dang that second wordmark could use a lot of touching up. It might just be me but I'm seen U nkiss not U mass.
  2. He has only one logo per sock. The kid's just wearing 6 for some reason.
  3. Does their primary logo with the Buffalo above/between two Sabres not do that already?
  4. Well of course they wouldn't pander to those people, those people have no time to watch hockey.
  5. So am I wrong to assume that Johnny Canuck could be a black Canadian then? I don't think the white is a team color argument holds any water. White is a neutral that every team in the league wears. Vancouver's team colors are green and blue, maybe if we were talking Toronto or Detroit that would sway me, since blue and white, and red and white are all they have. But in the palette of Vancouver the "third most important team color" is also the least important team color if you want to even call it that in the first place. If they intend Johnny to be anything other than Caucasian they could have used a different color to represent his flesh. The Blackhawks use a non team color (several in fact) and nobody bats an eye.
  6. If Johnny Canuck is anything other than Caucasian they should have picked a better skin color in the logo than pure cocaine white.
  7. Both sockeye and sockeyes are accepted plural forms for sockeye, one is uncountable and the other countable. For instance if you were to encounter a school of them swimming by, you might say "I saw a school of sockeye today." If you, over the course of a day, saw 3 separate single ones swimming by, you could phrase it as "I saw 3 sockeyes today." Oddly enough, deer is indeed an accepted plural form of deer, but deers is also acceptable, although very uncommon in it's use.
  8. If marketing is a person's career, it is explicitly their job to see stuff as the average consumer would see it, and make it appeal to them. Really gives you perspective about how bad a lot marketing folk are at their job.
  9. It's not even on Adidas' latest template. Washington is one of their top schools now, so I wouldn't expect anything other than their latest and greatest* when it comes to uniform tech. *Greatest in Adidas' eyes only Although it is a mock-up so I guess the template is probably whatever the guy could find. I don't see the school going to a yellow gold though.
  10. I think we should wait until the reveal before we assume the Blackhawks collar is "fixed". For all we know we are getting a half toilet bowl collar. If the team let the collar get downgraded in the first place, we shouldn't trust that any following change is good until proven so.
  11. The 9 is most definitely taller. It's pretty common in typography with rounded letters and numbers, the rounded characters (S, O, 9, etc) are made slightly taller than flat characters (I, H, 1) it's an optical correction to make the letters look visually proportionate in height to one another, they're called overshoots. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overshoot_(typography)
  12. I do agree that looks a bit goofy, I think the top portion matching his pants is what throws it off for me. If that was taken away, the striping was brought up higher, and made a little bigger to better fit the proportions of the pad, it would be an improvement. I gotta say I love that hair helmet though, can't help but laugh even thinking about it.
  13. A fair point on the officials needing to identify the players. As a general question and not a gotcha! moment; Would you extend your position on the helmet looking the same to the goalie's leg pads? as the leg pads cover the majority of the leg, the striping pattern on the socks is obscured from most angles. Would you be in favor of a requirement for leg pads to be decorated with the same striping motif present on the socks to better match the rest of the team? I personally think that it could be a great look. Or, since the leg pads are a unique piece of equipment to the goalie, and not a shared one like the helmet (albeit a completely different style), are they an exemption? I could see the argument that leg pads are akin to gloves or skates, in that they won't ever perfectly match since different manufacturers will have different design elements and colorations available to players, but I think they also could warrant additional consideration since they do cover more of the uniform than a glove or skate ever would.
  14. I would like to see a goalie mask that has a neck protector with a smart tie painted on it. That would look professional as :censored:. Maybe make the blocker function as a clipboard and have goalies keep stats while the puck is on the other side of the ice. Maybe “because it’s always been done that way” and “other people do it, too” are weak arguments, but I would say that defining what looks professional can be based on those two same elements. Why does a suit and tie look professional? "because, generally, businesspeople have always dressed that way." I think many would say that a suit and tie looks "more professional" than a pair of jeans and a t shirt, but if an office dress code is casual, that doesn't make the guy in cargo shorts' sartorial choices any less valid than the gentleman in the sport coat. I say the same applies to hockey, the league has always allowed for custom painted goalie helmets and the historical precedent of that is a valid metric as to what looks professional.
  15. In soccer, goalies wear an entire different color uniform to distinguish themselves from the rest of the team. In Volleyball, the libero(specialized defensive player) must wear a contrasting jersey color from his or her teammates. Different sports have different standards for uniforms and equipment. Hockey's custom goalie helmets are great!
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