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  1. wow you've really put some effort into this and I respect that! however, I'm not the biggest fan of your color choice and early 90's style uniforms... so in my opinion, you should simplify things (even logos / wordmark). Make everything in a modern style and then there might be something
  2. agree with comments above, and make name on the back of the jersey bigger
  3. easiest 1st place this year... would give 2nd place for entry_02 but I didn't like colored version as much as i liked BW version! gj all! G: 3 S: 11 B: 2
  4. i'm back! sry for not voting in event 2... G: 7 S: 18 B: 15
  5. it was tough to decide between first two but I decided to go with entry 26 as numero uno and entry 36 as numero dos entry 21 isn't perfect but it gets third place for great effort! (note to designer: fix the wordmark and bulls snout). I also really liked entry 17 and I would like to see it vectorized don't get me wrong, there are so many good designs, but I liked these the most GOLD 26 SILVER 36 BRONZE 21
  6. I thought that was obvious by now... you will be disqualified (similar shade of color = OK, completely different = NOT OK)
  7. my question is: can our logo be a simpler version of their current logo, looking at how most of the current NHL logos are visually enhanced version of something from the past? or does it have to be something new and distinct?
  8. shoud the logo itself have words on it? Even just initials? I think this is meant as "any additional text" besides logo
  9. Can we add highlights to our logo that are not necessarily one of team colors? Something simple that works with team color scheme, nothing drastic Thanks
  10. wow, so many great combinations! I will just say this: I admire your thought process, your skills and work put into making these!
  11. I like this designs, a lot. My only concern is front part of the jersey (on both home and away). Left part of the jersey is a bit crowded imo. There's jumpman, euroleague logo, barcelona, and player number... would like to see it without euroleague logo, jumpman in the same level as barca logo, a bit smaller barcelona text and maybe player number in the middle. And yeah, go Hezonja!
  12. wow, great start, superb finish! love the final product (both primary and secondary logo )... not the biggest fan of vintage crest. I would like to see solid background... now it seems there's no background on the crest.
  13. absolutely fantastic! there's really not a thing to complain about, I just love it