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  1. I am an Iowan and I prefer the bottom option. When you think of Iowa, what do you think of? Farms and corn.
  2. I know you put work into these, but that being said almost all of them are pretty rough. They look sloppily done and not a lot or these look remotely like something that would be worn. For example, That Iowa State logo is from almost 10 years ago now. Next time try using designs currently in use as examples, and work off of those. I know this is probably tough to hear, but use this as motivation to create a better design on your next attempt.
  3. CyGuy5

    GTA Style Banner

    I would like to request Iowa State football Allen Lazard Jacob Park Kamari Cotton Moya Joel Lanning Mike Warren Hakeem Butler Willie Harvey Trever Ryen Coach Matt Campbell Thank you
  4. I really like the graphite alternate. Reminds me of Iowa State's alternate uniform. Personally, I am not a fan of the R logo on the shorts
  5. I know I'm pretty late getting to this but I love what you are doing with these. I like the Anaheim look but if they were to go that way, I could see them putting their current logo as a shoulder patch. In addition to this, would it be too much to ask for a tan yoke on the Minnesota home set like we see on the away set?
  6. YES! Somebody send this to the MLB right now! That Royals hat is amazing, along with everything else
  7. Would you mind if I shared the ISU one on the CycloneFanatic.com boards? I'm sure some people over there would appreciate it
  8. Well my Wild are out, but I give them credit, they never quit. Too bad they couldn't pull it out in the end. This will be an interesting offseason for sure
  9. Wow. That's really surprising. Hard imagining Harvick in a Ford
  10. That was one heck of a race. Congrats to Denny on the win.
  11. Happy Daytona Day everyone! 12:00 (for me) can't come quicker!
  12. NCAA- Iowa State Cyclones MLB- Kansas City Royals NHL- Minnesota Wild NASCAR- Ryan Newman NFL- Dallas Cowboys
  13. And the starting lineup for the Daytona 500 is set! Sucks for Kenseth. He's probably headed to the back after that. So now that that's finished, who do you guys have for the 500? Even though I'm a huge Newman fan my bet is on Carl Edwards for the 500
  14. So I've been hearing this recently and j thought I might get you guys' opinions. Is 500 qualifying rigged? Danica wins it in her first race, Austin Dillon wins it in the 3's first race back, and Jeff Gordon wins it in his last Daytona 500. It's interesting for sure. Not sure what to think about it Also: 500 picks?
  15. I hate to be a bother but could I PM you a concept I have?
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