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  1. well i did get rid of it so why do you keep bringing it up? im trying to do a series here can i move on or what!?
  2. but then that's just the early 00's look, i'm trying to combine to make a new look.
  3. i love what they wear now too, i was actually kind of skeptical about the new orange jerseys but they look good too. I just always loved the smyth era jerseys cause it's what i grew up with and just wanted to include a little bit of that to the current look without losing the cup era feel.
  4. but then wouldn't it just be what they wear now minus the orange yoke?
  5. Alright guys i had to drop the shoulder patch cause i was told i didn't get proper permission to use it so i just have plain shoulder yokes on the avs jersey now. So to continue I'll do the next team which is the first Canadian team of the series, edmonton. It's just a combo of the original look with some of the late 90's/early 00's era oilers. Nothing new really, but i think it's a nice meeting of eras.
  6. not a bad logo, but outside of getting rid of the circle in the background my logo and yours don't really have much in common.
  7. my only complaint is the star. I think on the green jersey there should be a white outline going around it, and on the white jersey there should be a green outline going around it like how they had it on the actual north star jerseys.
  8. Ok, here's my florida panthers jersey. I decided to make the new leaping cat logo (fixed the feet too) the main crest and bring the shield logo to the helmet. I also made the gold color more prominent to distinguish them from the other red/blue/white teams.
  9. i just wanted to use a slightly brighter red since a lot of people were complaining that the current third they wear has bad contrast in terms of being able to tell the dark red and dark blue apart so i figured i'd play it safe and go bright like the original avs jerseys.
  10. i mentioned that im using a recolored version of that logo, but i don't know who made it to give them credit.
  11. im not sure i understand. Do you mean the mountain stripes on the arms wouldn't align with the ones on the waist?
  12. Ok here's the update. Added the silver line to the home jersey, and added more blue to the main logo to resemble the original a little more. Also here are the logos so you can better see them.
  13. Alright guys I've been working on this series pretty hard for the past couple days and haven't had too much time for anything else so I hope you guys like the work. The first team I'll be doing is the hotly debated colorado avalanche. Some people have differing opinions as to where the avalanche should take their look. I feel a combo of both the old and new would work best so that's what I attempted here. First thing I did was try to simplify the current logo by eliminating the circle from the background, reducing the amount of outlines and clean up the avalanche. I also added a similar looking mountain top design like the new avs logo and I straightened out the bottom edge. The striping pattern is a further attempt to try to include more colorado/denver flag items into the look, so i took the denver flag pattern and made it into the waist stripes which I think works as a nice way to bring back the classic mountain pattern while incorporating colorado branding which is apparently popular with the fans. The color scheme I used is just the new blue from the third jersey with the red from the colorado flag, which I think helps create some more contrast between the two colors as opposed to what we have with the current third. I also got rid of black outside from the puck in the logos which I think most people want to see.
  14. all this is talk is really getting me in the mood to do my own nhl series. It would probably be the most anticipated series in forum history.
  15. i'll take this as a compliment as well.
  16. I'll take that as compliment, i think...
  17. I'm assuming you're talking about something like the logo on the third jersey.
  18. Nashville has easily had the best rebrand in the past 7-10 years. They kept all the core elements of their original look but cleaned it up and have a unique color that they really own now. Dallas came close to doing the same had their template been less generic.
  19. it's a terrible point, that stripe is not even close to the same shape. If you can't see that it explains everything.
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