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  1. I'm glad you guys liked them. As for when and if I'm going to get to the later mentioned teams, I'm not sure. This is more of a random creative spark type of situation, so I have no idea when I'll make those concepts. With that being said, here is my take on the Denver Nuggets. Although I found their latest redesign to be somewhat disappointing, I really liked the idea behind their city jerseys.The execution tho, left a lot to be desired, so I tried my hand at improving them. I'm pleased with how the navy uniform turned out, but I feel like the white one lacks something. I'd appreciate your help with fixing it. Here they are:
  2. Ever since Nike took over the league there has been an overabundance of new jerseys released every year. Although this has led to figuring out which teams are even playing being pretty confusing at times, this plethora of new designs, fresh takes and constant updates has been a great source of both creative inspiration and frustration. This is where I'll be trying to combine those two and hopefully produce some quality jersey designs. Starting of with the Phoenix Suns. For me, their 90's set is the defining look of their franchise, but it is too outdated to be outright brought back as primary jerseys. Their recent city jerseys had the right vibe to them,and it felt like playing around with them could lead to a great 90's update. So this is what I came up with: Next up, the Houston Rockets. I love the Olajuwon era jerseys, and seeing them back on the court this season just made me dislike what the Rockets have been doing for the last 20 years even more. Even though they would work on their own, some elements introduced in the later years (like the logo and the word mark) have become a Rockets staple for me. By combining the two, I've made a clean set, that encapsulates both eras pretty well, and lets the vibrant colors do the heavy lifting instead of random loops and black panels.
  3. These are nice football uniforms, but they don't really portray the Jaguars correctly. When going ultra simple, you need to have at least one color that "pops". Without gold, black makes teal( a vibrant color on it's own) appear very dull. They have a great design that could work very well with some different colorways , but here but it feels as if they stopped mid-process and decided to use an unfinished product. I've tried making a mock-up of what I mean. Original: My take: What I did: -Added outlines; -Made all Nike logos gold for better color balance; -Added a thin gold line between black and teal on socks and around the neck. I've changed nothing major. All of this still keeps the uniforms very traditional designwise( which is what I think is the thing they were going for), it's just that the colors here are used as the tool that makes them have character. They were a few quick fixes away from having a great uniform that is in line with how the fans view the Jaguars. I do think that they'll look great on the field and have already grown on me a bit, but like a lot of redesigns in the past few years it leaves a lot to be desired.
  4. I tried to make a mock up based on what the reddit guy said. Though, I'm not sure what he meant by angled stripes on the pants, so I took my best uneducated guess and used something similar to what the Jaguars use currently.
  5. I agree with everything regarding what was said about the resemblance to the Texas Longhorns , and have already stated that I'm open to suggestions regarding the color scheme. I didn't intend for it to be similar, but it just naturally progressed there. I do however like how the overall concept looks, and I like to think that in an imaginary bubble where the University of Texas doesn't exist, this look would fit the Texans well.
  6. Houston Texans For whatever reason I always associated color orange with Texas. It's a prevalent color in the palette of many western movies and it just seemed to catch the vibe of the state's wilderness perfectly. This, coupled with the fact I generally dislike the use of navy in pro sports, is why in this concept I decided to change the colors of the Houston Texans to orange and black. In my eyes it fits them much better, however I do realize that the resemblance to Texas Longhorns is notable and I am open to some other color scheme suggestions. The main logo is composed of interlocking letters H and T, where the letter T has horns resembling those of the longhorn cattle, which are a symbol of Texas. Moreover, the Texans already use a bull as their main logo, so this wouldn't be straying too far away from what they already do. This is the main logo: And this is how the logo would behave on different colored backgrounds along with the new wordmark: Originally, I had started this project with the idea of the logo being a head of a longhorn and the interlocking H and T being the secondary logos. However the longhorn ended up having a look more appropriate for a college mascot logo,rather than the one of a primary mark of a NFL team. On the other side I really liked the horned H and T logo, and it looked fitting for the main logo. I still like the bull logo but I don't feel like it fits in with the main logo and the uniform, so I taught that it could maybe be used as a logo for a fan section of the stadium, kind of how the Browns use the bulldog logo for the Dawg Pound. This could add some character to the brand without devaluing the main identity marks. Here is the logo. The most prominent design element on the uniforms are the helmet horns, whereas the rest of the uniform is pretty traditional, with a custom font being used as a way to bring it a more modern feel ( similar to what the Vikings did). C&C wanted and appreciated.
  7. Here's the update to the unis with the recommended standardized striping.
  8. I agree that the logo is not very well done and in all honesty it might not be suited for a NFL franchise the way it is right now. However, this is the first time I've tried my hand at making a logo so I'm not yet that good at it ( hopefully that comes with time and practice). All in all, I've made this for fun, and using the same old logos felt a bit redundant, so I took a shot at making one of my own. As for the consistency in the uniforms, here's what they'd look like if the colors were just switched from one uniform to the next (with the exception of the road uni's grey pants,because red pants didn't fit in with the look I was going for).
  9. Atlanta Falcons The Falcons are long overdue for a visual refresh. They are still holding on to the busy, outdated look of the early 2000's that no longer looks good. They've had a lot of solid looks in their past, and that is where i have drawn the inspiration for this concept. I've tried my hand at updating their original logo, as it is a cool logo but feels a bit too dull for today's standards. My aim for the uniforms as to keep them traditional while still having a modern edge to them. The red one would serve as the home uniform, white would be for the away games, while black would be the alternate uniform.
  10. There's a lot of questions and critiques so I'll try explaining my thoughts behind the concepts a bit better. Jaguars: I like both their current and original colors, but feel like the original colors are more suited for a traditional design. I had started designing the uniform with their current colors in mind , however I found the old colors were a much better fit for this particular design. The helmet is supposed to be extra glossy, and i didn't use gold as I thought it was too aggresive for my taste. The modern font is also something that really brought this uniform a step forward, as a basic traditional font that I was originally planing on using made the uniforms look a bit too bland. Browns: The color balance was really tricky to figure out ( especially with the pants stripe) and this was what I ended up with after countless variations. The white uniforms are lacking the yoke because it overpowered the white too much. It didn't look like a white uniform anymore, instead it looked more like a colored uniform that just so happened to have some white on it. I've made this design about 3 years ago and wanted to come back to it and try to improve it for quite some time now, but in the end I concluded that this was as good as I could make them look without having to use three different pairs of same colored pants with just slight changes in the striping.
  11. Cleveland Browns Cleveland Browns are a team that has been around forever, but has never developed an identity they can call their own. They've shared their look with a team in their state and have a basic helmet as a logo. They desperately need to adapt something unique. It seems like their identity is no identity at all. I like the idea of keeping things traditional while at the same time making a look unique to them. Here is what I envisioned.
  12. Watching the NFL playoffs over the past few weeks has put me in the creative mood, making me want to try my hands at bringing some uniform ideas to life. I'll be starting with the Jaguars and Browns. Jacksonville Jaguars Jacksonville Jaguars have all the right pieces to make a great identity ( unique color scheme, great logos, iconic looks in the past ), but have managed to botch it with the horrible helmets and a uniform design that is a bit too much cutting-edge. That being said, here is my take on their uniforms. I've also slightly tweaked their logo, making the eye white and increasing the size of the pupil.
  13. When Minnesota unveiled their new logos at the end of the last season, they instantly became some of my favorite in the league. Unfortunately, they were accompanied by a very disappointing set of uniforms that failed to deliver the same excitement that the logos provided. This is why I tried my hands at making the uniforms for the Timberwolves. I've changed the colors a bit, turning the original light blue into royal blue reminiscent of the teams first colorways, while also making the lime color green. The tree pattern is the same that the team used to promote the new logos. as I found it too beautiful to not include in the concept.
  14. I have, but sadly the material is barely noticeable when it's on a white background so I went with the black instead. The name of the font is Justice League.
  15. Here is the full set for the Orlando Magic. I wanted to keep it grounded in reality in the sense that there are 4 jerseys, just like Nike is doing. That, as well as the fact I'm not a fan of grey jerseys, is why I ended up making two black jerseys.