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  1. Any chance you could finish your MLB Expansion series? I really wanted to see your Omaha team!

  2. Well i'm back. It's been a while, but I took a graphic design course last semester and learned how to use illustrator. For part of the final project, we had to make something go from physical to digital, then back to physical again. I chose to draw a Colts logo, scan it in and color it in illustrator, then spray paint it onto a helmet. The stages of this are below. Feel free to give some C&C, but I won't be able to edit it for a while since I don't have illustrator at home. Thanks for looking! I apologize for the fuzzy images, they are just screenshots off of my final presentation.
  3. I have a logo done for an Omaha team. School has been really busy, but I was able to complete it. I'll try to make a complete set for them soon-ish.
  4. The home and away jerseys have little to no green. I'd fix this for consistency purposes.
  5. So I went back to the drawing board with Mexico City, going in a completely different direction with the scripts and logos. I think it looks better, but I would appreciate some C&C. If you look at the T logo, there is a subtle bull head in there (I did that on accident, but thought it looked good).
  6. Sorry for the delay, I had some family vacations and a laptop malfunction, but I did finish a new team. I didn't have time to edit Mexico City, but I'll try to do that today. Well I followed everything except the carolina blue, here it is. They will be joining the AL east, so maybe some new rivalry for Baltimore.
  7. I guess these are better than what they rolled out this year, but like just about everyone says, try using a different design for each one, rather than just changing the colors and name.
  8. I think the 4 caps really work with the identity and it seems like something a Miami baseball team would do. Nice work on the herons.
  9. The cardinals sometimes wear this with their home whites.
  10. Ok, so the astros will move to the NL West. Team 3 will join the AL west. Team 3 is below- Logosheet Uniforms- home, away, home and road alternate.
  11. Thanks for the compliments everybody. You are correct, the Suns will join the AL west and the Expos will rejoin the NL east.
  12. Expos Update- Roundel removed as it doesn't appear on the uniforms at all. Pinwheel caps added to alternate uniforms. Fleur-de-lis removed from "Montreal" wordmark on powder blue alternate..
  13. Updated the suns and removed the fauxback. I decided to make a short series out of this, I will add 6 mlb expansion teams. The next up is Montreal. I decided to leave them as the expos while somewhat combining eras. C&C appreciated. Template credit to diamond uniforms. logosheet: Primary home and away Alternates- home, away, canada day.
  14. I tried to make fonts consistent before I posted, but I just didn't think it looked as good. I'd like to keep the black, but since the fauxback isn't getting much support, i'll eliminate it. Thanks, and the fauxback will be gone in the next update.
  15. In 2015, MLB executives decided to place a team in Las Vegas. Ownership decided on the name Las Vegas Suns, an homage to the heat of Las Vegas, as well as the name of the local newspaper. On the logosheet, the "LV" is the hat logo, while the sun/poker chip is the primary. Here are the default home and away uniforms. and the alternates- home, away,Thanks for looking and C&C is appreciated. Font credit to Conrad and Typodermic fonts. Uniform template credit to Diamond uniforms.