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  1. Mike D'Antoni's time in the NBA and ABA ... Kansas City-Omaha Kings The Spirits of St. Louis (ABA) San Antonio Spurs
  2. It does kind of feel like a 'players in the wrong uniform' thread.
  3. Agreed. Besides their current uniforms are modernized version of these jerseys. The shadows on these make the numbers look clunky.
  4. I am scouring the 'net and this is about the closest thing I could find ... but, now I have to go hunting!
  5. That was the year the Coliseum was being renovated so the Warriors played their home games in San Jose.
  6. Actually ... the Pistons wore their road blues for that game.
  7. There is also this rarity -- the elusive Pistons' silver jersey worn (I believe) during Isiah Thomas' rookie season in 1981. What I am not sure is whether or not this was for all games or select games? If select then of course this would be a secondary jersey.
  8. I know this is kind of an obscure topic, but it's one I kind of find fascinating, because of the rarity of both happening and documentation when the internet was just Al Gore's pet project. But, in the 80's there were a number of instances of secondary jerseys and color vs. color match ups. The Utah Jazz for instance wore their green jerseys at home a couple times for St. Patrick's Day -- once against the Lakers, whom were wearing their purple roads. Then again in 1986 during Karl Malone's rookie season. The unique thing about this occurrence was that the Jazz didn't wear their green jerseys as their main roads -- they switched back to the purple jerseys the previous year. But, the match up again was on St. Patrick's Day and this time against Detroit wearing their road jerseys. I know there were a couple instances of teams wearing secondary jerseys -- I believe the 1983-84 San Diego Clippers wore both red and blue road jerseys and I believe the Pacers wore white and gold home jerseys (maybe on the road too?). I was wondering if anyone had any other examples or were familiar with this era's history. Again, it fascinates me, probably more because it's a real hunt to find documentation.
  9. And, might I add ... by far NOT the coolest warm ups in franchise history. These from New Orleans are by far the best ...
  10. I love Color vs. Color, but this should never happen ...
  11. Nope. Never used as a throwback. Which is a shame, because it would have been the perfect tie-in. Heck those socks would have KILLER!
  12. And, if the Chargers move back to LA and into the Coliseum until the new stadium is built that will have been a 56 year gap.
  13. I don't know how I feel about this? I mean, I guess it works? But, they're so drab.
  14. I kind of like that element, because it works in a abstract kind of way.
  15. No Color Rush -- just eliminate the stupid one helmet rule and allow a little variance on Monday night games for alternate helmets. That I could support. No Color Rush.
  16. I'm not sure if these were alternates or not? I believe they wore them in the early 80s as their full-time set after wearing the black jerseys after a year and returning to these in 1984-85?
  17. Right. I am aware of that game. There were a couple other games in 1985 for Malone's rookie season that the team wore them. Not sure of the dates. But, here's a screen grab from the Pistons/Jazz game ... green vs. blue!
  18. Fun fact: The Jazz wore their green jerseys a couple times (namely St. Patrick's Day) after they switched back to the purple roads in 1984.
  19. I am trying to confirm this, but I believe the Pacers had a gold home (maybe road too?) alternate in the early 80's.
  20. If you go back a couple pages you'll see that they're using the old court while some changes are made on the new one.
  21. That's an understatement around these here parts ...
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