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  1. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I have found that its best to not use the 100% black shade of black, not just for this template but for most templates. I always use a shade of black that is around 10%-15% lighter, that way it allows the creases and shadows to become darker and still show. Its also how you would view uniforms in real life i believe. Okay friends, for those of you on photoshop who cant use this template, i have saved and uploaded every layer from the template to my photobucket. So all you would have to do is save all these layers, and import them into your file in the correct order. The only issue is there are 2 layers which on GIMP are set to multiply, but hopefully your photoshop has a multiply layer setting or something similar. Album here: The order of the layers should be as follows: top pieces base multiply 50% (set layer to multiply at 50%) base multiply 100% (set layer to multiply at 100%) facemask color shell color collar color jersey color arms color gloves color pants color socks color shoes color background Good luck! Let me know how it goes and C&C please.
  2. Looks great, but i think it would look better without the circle around the bird head.
  3. Can I just say, I am very, very, very sorry about the late reply. Since this post I have been really busy with school and haven't been on the laptop for a whiiiiile. So if you're still up for it, I would love to send it again, just when summer break starts fro me, which is just around the corner. Once again very sorry, not only for the late reply but also for the unwanted bump. No problem at all man. Send me the file whenever you are ready and ill take care of it for you. Regards.
  4. Thanks, i missed that. Ive updated the link with this fixed, sample here: Not sure what you mean here. The helmet layers are inside the folder named "helmet" located at the very top. If you're not able to access it, i could pull them out of the folder for you.
  5. Gentlemen, For the past couple months i have been studying & learning from the brilliant & skilled contributors on this forum on how to create and use templates. I feel i am ready now to take the training wheels off and try to make contributions of my own, so i present to you my first ever completed template made from scratch. This template is on gimp which is what i use, i dont have photoshop. If this doesnt work on photoshop, please let me know how i could convert it to being photoshop-friendly. C&C is greatly welcomed and encouraged, both good & bad. download here: sample of template:
  6. I like the brown facemask better than the gray facemask, but i liked the gray facemask better than the white facemask.
  7. The East is bad, REALLY BAD. This is the worst eastern conference i can ever remember, by far. Only team finals-worthy other than the Cavs were the Bulls, and they completely fell apart. Indiana was a strong runner-up to Miami the past few years, but their season was a waste without Paul George, as Miami's season was a waste without Chris Bosh. There were only 5 teams in the East that had a winning record...Just let that sink in. The Celtics made the playoffs without even trying to. If before the season someone told you the Cavs would reach the NBA finals without Kevin Love and with Kyrie Irving on one leg, and only lose 2 games in the entire eastern bracket, you would have them fitted for a straight jacket. Cavs have no chance against Warriors, will be swept or semi-swept (losing 4-0 or 4-1)
  8. As soon as i read about a uni set being referred to as an "abomination" or "worst of all time", I immediately know it will probably be something i like.
  9. What is it about Adidas uniforms that makes them so terrible? I am guessing you are referring to more than just the visual aspect of the unis.
  10. Thanks for the replies. From the time i posted this topic, ive learned even better ways of cropping to create the desired layer masks. The main step is finding a layer within the template that contains a good outline of what we want...whether its filled in and the outside is blank, or vice versa. If no layer like that can be found, we would have to mess around with all the layers until we create an image that can be cropped the best. Could you post what templates it is you are working on? Would make it easier to show you, or maybe i could just fix it for you myself.
  11. I can open it with GIMP, but it doesnt work right. It doesnt allow you to fill in specific areas of the uniform, it only colors the entire uniform.
  12. I wouldnt say your colors are too bright, i would say they are very accurate, and look great. My favorite color scheme of all time.
  13. My favorite edit from this is the one you didnt mention, you improved the shade of orange.
  14. Hello everyone, new member here. Long time listener, first time caller. Been a fan of this great site for a long time, finally decided to sign up. After finishing my pocket pro collection, and NCAA teambuilder collection, my latest uniform obsession is using & making templates. There are some amazing templates here, but many of the best ones are not usable by GIMP. The file & layers will open, but you wont be able to do anything with it. I have discovered why that is, and how to fix it. Sometimes, the problem is just the order of the "filter" layers (texture, shadow, reflection, etc). You might find the player is missing body parts, or the background is messed up, or its a completely solid image. To address this simply move the filter layers/group to the top. After doing the above step, sometimes there is another problem, that no desired colors are "flowing" through the filter layers to color your cant change the color of the uniform. To fix this you must find the group containing the filter layers, take each of the layers outside the group, and place them at the very top, in the same order they were in. Evidently they dont work on GIMP when they are contained within a group, unless the desired color layer is also in the group. After doing all this, sometimes there is still another problem, that you cant separate the colors into individual items...the entire image blends with the same selected color. This happens because apparantly all the layers that were intended to color specific areas, are instead showing as a completely solid color...the entire layer blends one color. I am guessing that the "cutouts" (cropped individual selections) intended to mask the layer are somehow lost in the process when opening a PSD file with GIMP. So we must create the layer masks ourselves, and place them either right on top of the layer, or next to the layer as a layer mask. Fortunately, some files contain layers containing elements that are already cropped, or that can be easily cropped. But it still requires some work to make them fit perfectly so the image looks right. More specific elements would require more specific cropping. If the file contains no crops we would have to make the layer mask from scratch, which is obviously alot more difficult. Might post some images of the steps or examples.