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  1. I just meant that you are among the top members of this forum who have contributed the most & best artwork. No offense intended.
  2. Hello everyone. I have uploaded 7 more templates, the new ones are colored in red, I attached here a sample of one of them. https://www.deviantart.com/gridiron00/gallery Remember to only edit the layers below "full color" layer. Let me know what you think about them, and feel free to use them as you wish. For the next update Im going to upload some raster templates Ive been working on.
  3. Very nice concept! And thanks, you are one of the legends of this forum that I learned how to make templates from. I do them in this vector format because I can make them very easily, using the clone tool isnt as fun for me, though Im trying to get better at it.
  4. That actually worked perfectly, many thanks, and great job on the template.
  5. If you want to fix it, its easy, open up a new window of the template, and copy/paste over the shell layer bases (shell b, shell b copy, and screen helmet) But it still looks good to me Are you going to make them a teal alternate?
  6. That is nice work! Love the incorporation of bronze, the font, and the background. I think something went wrong with the helmet however, the black shine isnt showing....unless you meant it that way for a more matte look.
  7. Can you upload this in .PSD format? I think the .PDN format you posted only works if you have Paint program, and I cant find any sites that convert the file.
  8. Hello all. Many here like creating uniform concepts, but I for some reason enjoy more the creating of the actual templates, and I end up making alot of them. So I decided to start uploading some of them to my DeviantArt page, in case anyone would like to use them: https://www.deviantart.com/gridiron00/gallery/all I run them through VectorMagic which I purchased and downloaded, then clean them up and layer them in GIMP, but I export them in PSD format since most people use Photoshop. Every uniform part can be colored just by dragging & dropping a color into the corresponding layer. Let me know what you think of them and feel free to use them as you wish. Also I can gladly take requests if you have any templates you'd like to see created in this format. I uploaded one to this post as a sample.
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