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  1. These are awesome - keep 'em coming!
  2. RT @Fear_DaFro: Don’t say I didn’t tell y’all. ??? https://t.co/dKP5tDiIjM

  3. Forcing myself to finish Arrow on Netflix despite it getting more and more ridiculous. Nobody. Ever. Dies. Ever. https://t.co/4sdRmz25fq

  4. @Fear_DaFro @NBA Omaha

  5. @Fear_DaFro @DetroitPistons @grdrive @nbagleague @NBA @Gatorade You can use this as your profile picture so we can… https://t.co/V1fCdOrBkd

  6. RT @PAWSDetroit: Ready for #PinkOut the Park with the #ChevyDetroitWheels Cars! https://t.co/Dmm5JFpyZi

  7. In other news, Flint still needs help. But...let's try and sell newspapers instead. https://t.co/Js49ueCiru

  8. Over 43,000 steps on my vacation! https://t.co/9cqGqQPj6F

  9. “Something that started decades ago and was applauded and inoffensive is now politically incorrect. What can you do… https://t.co/u8yiiPzEZS

  10. -Debit card information was stolen four days before vacation. No debit card for 7-10 business days. -100% chance of… https://t.co/IBrKLcR7O8

  11. Thanks again to @1MrBigShot for signing my jersey this morning at @OaklandMall! @carysportsmem @cravetheauto… https://t.co/hvgBfGY1LX

  12. @dmakilakersfan $69 is a good price for a Billups auto, right? He's near me this weekend. I pretty much have to go… https://t.co/Krwg1TZSiT

  13. @facebook A group created a Facebook page to defame our business. Is there anything that can be done if we don't ha… https://t.co/oPqLGgXDuc

  14. Can anyone find out if the #RAW Tag Team Champions can end up on SmackDown?