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  1. Something about the bottom lip is bugging me and I’m wondering if it would look better without it. Also, maybe angle the eyes a bit? I also see a medium depressed dog there. The Jerseys are pretty great!
  2. Congrats to the Raptors and Pascal Siakam in particular. Game 6 was the only one I watched and it was fun. Here's hoping Klay Thompson's injury isn't too serious (it looked like a tear, though).
  3. I'm the opposite here. I was getting sick of hearing how LeBron had no help around him, true or not, and if the LakeShow had made the playoffs this year, that's all we would have gotten. I don't think I'll mind not hearing it this year. -Bucks, Celtics, Sixers, Raptors -Warriors, Rockets, Thunder, Nuggets
  4. Alright, last two. Bigger and blacker outline or no black outline?
  5. Agreed with NicDB on the snowflakes, but that owl head and the updated Kwing logo are spot on. Also the color scheme is pretty perfect and fits in better with the other minor league team in Kalamazoo.
  6. Some different forms of the 8th one. I'm not sold on the black outline on the ball, but I'm not sure if using the other colors works either. Thoughts?
  7. I liked the bottom one as well, so here are a few different RWB designs.
  8. That's a good point. Here's how it looks with the tweaks you mentioned. I think i like the third one the best, but I'd still like some more opinions on it. Still just black and white for now. I'll experiment with colors once I'm satisfied with the design.
  9. Looking for a little help here. I made this logo the other day for a personal project, but something about it feels off and I can't really put my finger on it. It's for the United Basketball Association, 12 teams from other leagues came together and formed the UBA in the late 90s so I want to keep the 12 stars, but other than that anything can get chopped or altered. It's black and white for now because I don't have a color scheme in mind yet. Anyway any C&C is welcome!
  10. 2 for Houston. It's unique and I love it. For Atlanta...Is it possible to do 2 without the A in the middle? If not, 1. If so, 2 with the A as a secondary logo.
  11. Dunno if it has been mentioned, but the lions have fired their head coach. Maybe I’m too much of a fan to understand why so could someone try and explain this to me?
  12. EVENT 4 Looking at the other entries for this event it wasn't a surprise that my entry yielded zero votes. It's pretty plain, nothing special about it at all.
  13. I got a bit of that, too. I saw Peridot from Steven Universe, but that may have been because my niece was watching the show at the time. I think had you'd been able to work the ball into the shield that would have helped with that. It's a good idea and great color scheme as others have mentioned already.
  14. G- 21 S- 4 B- 13 HM- 19. loved the idea
  15. This one isn't going to be as extensive as the others since I'm unable to participate in all of the events, but I would like some feedback on the events I did enter into. I'm a beginner and mostly self-taught so I need all the help I can get. Be blunt, be brutal. EVENT 1 I wanted to go with something a little different in shape and style, but I think I swung and missed pretty hard here. Since I started with the acronym I had a hard time figuring out how to make the full text look good within the boundaries I had already set and it shows. Also, looking at the silhouette I used, it looks more like basketball in football pads than a depiction of "the catch." Anyway, what do you think?
  16. I also thought this was a little bit busy and would have been a solid look without the blue stripes.
  17. Caught the end of the Battle for the Victory Bell (Miami vs Cincinnati) after work. A pretty epic collapse by Miami leads to two touchdowns in less than 3 minutes and a 4 point loss for the Redhawks. They can (and probably will) say something about the officiating at the end of the game (there were a couple of pretty questionable decisions), but when you're up 11 with less than three minutes left, you should win that game. If you're up 4 with less than 2 minutes left, have the ball, and need a first down to seal the game, you should also probably win that game. Instead, Miami took a delay of game penalty because the HC told the ref he was going to call timeout and then didn't actually do it, I guess? 3rd and 2 becomes 3rd and 7. Miami throws a pick 6. Even with that, Miami had a chance to win it right at the end. The refs waved off a PI call in the endzone that was questionable (the defender had his arm around the receiver long before the ball got there.) The Bearcats have won this thing for 12 straight years.
  18. This looks interesting. I look forward to seeing more. A few questions: -Is that Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati? -what kind of collegiate universe is this? Are there multiple levels (division 1, 2, 3, etc.), bowls? -echoing ItDoesntMatter, what -does- 06,10,15 mean? Good stuff so far!
  19. The Suns set is amazing! I am loving the Warriors and the Kings sets and I'm digging switching the Wizards colors back to the late 90s-early 2000s scheme. I also like the LA set, but I think the Clippers white alternate is well executed but the wrong look for them. I know it's inspired by the flag, but it has too much of a Caribbean vibe to it for it to work for the Clips IMO. One thing I can't be on board with, though...Unless you're going to return the whole scheme to the late 90s, adding black to the Pistons just seems like BFBS the way you've done it. If you added it to maybe the outside of the blue and red stripes instead of in the middle, that could maybe work, but I don't think you need it at all to have a solid set. Keep up the good work!
  20. I see IT and LBJ and I think Durant and Westbrook v2. Anyone else agree with that or am I crazy? I just don't see the two staying together long-term. IMO their styles are different enough for it to be an issue.
  21. It definitely pops more with the outline, but it isn't needed. If we had to vote, my vote would be for the outline.