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  1. I'd buy it in a heartbeat. --Roger "Time?" Clemente. Actually Clemente's version is an approvement over the new version of the logo I've seen. Like I said I hope they at least "teak it" some before the big reveal.
  2. I believe hes saying they will introduce them, and hype them for next season. This is actually pretty good, because they will be on the new Reebok jerseys, so we will get a sense of how all the teams jerseys will look next season. I actually kind of like the sound of orange/green, if done right, it could lock slick, but the logo is kind of scaring me. Now that this guy is actually providing some descrpitions, hes gaining some credability...good job bro, I hope your not jerkin us around. Hey, thanks for having my back bro. Trust me, I'm not here to F with anyone.
  3. As far as my "inside" information... its a full re-branding reveal after the break. But thats a good question. I'll have to get back to you about that.
  4. Yep, and as far as the Logo. Imagine a webbed foot on its side with the heel facing the "ucks". Tell you truth it looks kind of lame. Hopefully they revise the version I've seen.
  5. Yo Astro, wish I could provide more proof but as of right now info all I can drop.
  6. Trust me you won't like it when you see it either. No one within the organization really likes the logo either, but the logo and uni's are hand chosen by the Owner. They where going to wait till next year to reveal, but the NHL commissioner wants it done during the Olympic break. For what reason? I can only guess the attention it will bring the NHL.
  7. Not a joke or a gag. Like any other good reporter I can't reveal my source just yet, but you have to trust me on this. I'll even give you a description of the logo. Slanted Text much like the 3rd jersey, with Anaheim stacked on top of Ducks with a webbed foot making the letter D in ducks.
  8. After the Olympic break the Mighty Ducks will be now be offically "the Anaheim Ducks". Changing the name and the unifroms to a Bright Orange and Green.