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  1. Hit the link in the tweet: https://www.nba.com/lakers/nike-jerseys It shows more detail. It's a black sidepanel.
  2. Looks like CONCACAF just watched Black Panther and REALLY liked it.
  3. From the video above, it looks like Nike had a prototype where the armbands stripes didn't end under the sleeves. Compare that to Lakers authentic:
  4. First look at 2K18 with Nike jerseys:
  5. Took a screenshot of my snapchat from last night, definitely wasnt as nice as on the seats. This is right at the start of OT.
  6. 2016 NBA All-Star court
  7. nkay

    2016 MLS Jerseys

    Interesting note, the logo was designed by the same guy that did the NYCFC logo. http://www.matthewwolffdesign.com/
  8. They took out all the dark blue in the application of that logo. Looks very Golden State-ish now.
  9. Are those CMYK shoulders!? Hat tip to the designer who snuck that in there. Laughed a bit when I saw the CMYK in there. Good on the designer!
  10. Like them all except the Lakers. Looks weird in cream/white.
  11. Quick shop of a purple jersey with contrast waistband like on the white shorts seen a few post up.
  12. Surprisingly not as bad as I thought...?