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  1. I made this when the latest logo was first revealed 5 years ago. Looking back on it now I dunno how I feel about it but I don't really miss the purple.
  2. Hit the link in the tweet: https://www.nba.com/lakers/nike-jerseys It shows more detail. It's a black sidepanel.
  3. Looks like CONCACAF just watched Black Panther and REALLY liked it.
  4. From the video above, it looks like Nike had a prototype where the armbands stripes didn't end under the sleeves. Compare that to Lakers authentic:
  5. First look at 2K18 with Nike jerseys:
  6. Took a screenshot of my snapchat from last night, definitely wasnt as nice as on the seats. This is right at the start of OT.
  7. Interesting note, the logo was designed by the same guy that did the NYCFC logo. http://www.matthewwolffdesign.com/
  8. They took out all the dark blue in the application of that logo. Looks very Golden State-ish now.
  9. Are those CMYK shoulders!? Hat tip to the designer who snuck that in there. Laughed a bit when I saw the CMYK in there. Good on the designer!
  10. Like them all except the Lakers. Looks weird in cream/white.
  11. Quick shop of a purple jersey with contrast waistband like on the white shorts seen a few post up.
  12. Surprisingly not as bad as I thought...?