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  1. G: 6 S: 2 B: 5 Lots of great ideas here! I had to go with logos that were fresh, clean, and felt like they could work in the actual corporate landscape.
  2. Rats. I think I got too buried working in my concept and and completely forgot about the "anniversary" part of it. Uh… whoops, I guess? That said: G: 11 S: 1 B: 4
  3. G: 18 S: 7 B: 17 Good work all around guys! Incidentally I got to this one super late, wish I could have spent more time, but was still pretty happy with what I put out.
  4. Everything you said you're not sure of, I'm actually a big fan of. The lines in the mane could use some smoothing, but I dig the stansition to the face. I would play around with the shape of the mouth, like GandolfofHoth mentioned it looks a bit like a "C" (unless that was your intention).
  5. Aww, you guys. Thanks everyone! Congrats to the winners all. Looking forward to more fun.
  6. I've been taking some time recently and trying some older NHL logos. I'm a bit stuck with the Kansas City Souts logo, stepping away from the Native American imagery, but I'm having trouble moving forward with where I am now. I'm not totally satisfied with it, so I figured I'd open it up to the populous at large and get see fresh eyes on it. Any ideas guys?
  7. Should we include the name of the team in the design, say, as a wordmark or otherwise?
  8. I like the idea of using the Richter scale readings, but I feel like it's an idea better utilized in a different way, it's causing some trouble reading San Jose well. The wreath seems superfluous to me; it doesn't speak to "Earthquakes" and causes the whole design to become disjointed (it reads "earthquakes" on top of the crest and "San Jose soccer" on the bottom, but they're not really tied together by anything other than proximity). Remember, with logos, less is more. Great first outing though!
  9. Yikes. Ye mighty hammer of judgment falls heavy on the denizens of the Logolympics. I'm a little disappointed at the stringency of the rules, but hey, not my call to make. I would give the feedback that the rules were are a bit vague for this one, and I'm still unclear as to why the logo on the back of my helmet warranted disqualification; the rules mention using any primary/secondary logo from the team, but was unclear regarding the inclusion of supporting imagery (not for nothing, that banner was pulled from an early Argos logo, but I digress). Just the same, great work all around! Alt jerseys aren't my strong suit so this was a good stretch.
  10. Not for nothing, but entry 18 was mine! I appreciate the kind words none the less.
  11. I'm sensing during voting a lot of people feeling a bit older than they thought they were…
  12. This was a lot of fun, pollux. Look forward to more.
  13. Gold: 8 Silver: 16 Bronze: 12 EDIT: Just saw the note about new accounts not being able to vote. That's what I get for lurking for so long!