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  1. Now this is beautiful and a great concept. Good to see something other than logos in the concept section. Are you planning to vectorize it? Add color?
  2. I like the color scheme as well as the script, but I agree with TheGiantsFan that it needs to be thickened up. Also, I try to make a new "B." I understand that what you used is the old Brooklyn Dodgers logo, but in this day and age it brings to mind the iconic Boston Red Sox "B." Great start!
  3. ejcooper31

    CSU Rams

    Here's an update on the eye I absolutely agree! The ram head is perfect and will probably never change
  4. ejcooper31

    CSU Rams

    Finally had time to work re-work this concept and i'm pretty pleased with out it turned out. The eye is still causing some issues, so if there are any ideas or suggestions it would very helpful. I also did one with an ear, but i'm not sure it needs it. Happy new year!
  5. If I can find some hq photos of Byron White i'll definitely consider him more. I considered Dan Issel as well because of his duality of his10 years playing and 4 of coaching for the nuggets. But for the same reason I didn't give him and David Thompson a second look was because there are so many more successful Nuggets ahead of them
  6. Kordell Stewart is definitely up there, but I have a few Broncos to consider: Terrell Davis, Shannon Sharpe, and now Champ Bailey. I also need to be aware of how much room i'll have on the canvas, don't want it to be too clustered
  7. Also having the classic nuggets skyline jersey that English wore would be an awesome contribution to the poster. Thanks again!
  8. Chauncey is undoubtably more of a piston than a nugget, but winning 3 state championships in high school and taking CU to the tourney twice is pretty damn significant. As for Dikembe, he played for six teams during his eighteen year career, five years on the Nuggs. I also feel like the highlight of his nuggets career was when they beat George Karls no.1 seed sonics. I think i'll try to include Alex English as well
  9. I'm really trying to find the best of the best when it comes to "Colorado sports." If there are one or two same sport players that are so good, then i'll add both. For the Nuggets, I agree that both Melo and Mutumbo are top of the list, but for "Colorado Basketball" I feel that Chauncey Billups and Becky Hammon are top tier. For Hockey I think I am going to stick with Patrick Roy and Joe Sakic Thanks for the input
  10. Great work. My only comment would be that some of the line widths and densities are inconsistent. Clean those up and the logo will look much more unified!
  11. Thanks for the input. I remembered Becky Hammon and I feel that her and Chauncey Billups are more representative of Colorado. I had Larry Walker, and I'll definitely keep him in mind when I am arranging the players!
  12. Hi all, i’m planning on making a poster/accolades project for Colorado Sports Legends. I’m trying to get at least one or two athletes per sport. A lot of athletes were before my time and I was hoping to get a little input from you. Here’s who I have so far. Bold indicates that I am planning to use them. If someone is not bold and should be please tell me! Also if I missed anyone please let me know! Football John Elway Terrell Davis Basketball Chauncey Billups Alex English Bill Hanzlik Baseball Todd Helton Hockey Patrick Roy Joe Sakic Peter Forsbert Biking Davis Phinney Connie Carpenter Phinney Skiing/Snowboarding Hank Kashiwa William W. “Billy” Kidd Willy Schaeffer Wallace “Buddy” Werner Running/Track Glen Morris Frank Shorter Frank Potts Joe Vigil Bill Toomey Coaching Doug Moe Sonny Lubick