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  1. As a bit of an aside, props to the promotional video team for finding (perhaps accidentally) a way to include the '84 jerseys in the montage:
  2. This new Blue Jays uni makes me wonder -- isn't there a team still out there going to unveil a road-only powder blue uniform? I thought after the Rangers unveiling that there was a team with a powder blue alternate (maybe it was Toronto?) and a team with a powder blue road in the offing.
  3. The Blue Jays were, in my opinion, a team that made sense having a powder blue option, so I like. I'm still wary of the full powder blue-at-home thing -- I still think that look should be reserved for the road -- but since a lot of Blue Jays fans have been clamoring to see the team in powder blue, they might as well wear it in front of said fans at home. (And there is that precedent from 2008-2010).
  4. I've been pondering if they take a cue from the '05 Steelers and wear the white-over-navy combo since they would have won three road games in that look to make the Super Bowl and consider it their "winning" look/emblematic of winning on the road.
  5. For the road uni...the only ones that seem to make sense to me are the Blue Jays (are they the other powder blue pending?), Royals (same?), Mariners (same?), Marlins (I dunno, perhaps a change in the script color?), Cubs (they do have a history of tinkering with their roads), or maybe the Pirates (just 'cause, I guess).
  6. When teams gradually started bringing back powder blue over the past decade, I was wondering why it was always worn at home. Then I wondered if we're dealing with a new approach by the teams to where the color is most-visible to fans. Consider: of the six teams currently wearing something powder blue in the regular season, only one (the Cards) wear it exclusively on the road; I believe four (Royals, Rays, Phillies, and Rangers) exclusively at home. I imagine they're doing this -- even wearing the full uniform -- at home because they know the people who most want to see the teams in powder blue are, well, in the stands at home. If a sizable group of a team's fan base is wearing powder blue merch and saying they want to see the team in that color, you might as well do so in front of those fans, rather than on the road away from the fan base. Also, during the bulk of the last powder blue era -- the 1970s and '80s -- if you were watching your team on a local broadcast, you'd likely only see road games due to local over-the-air blackout rules (at least that's how I recall it in Wisconsin in the mid-late 1980s, where I practically never saw a Brewers home game on TV from County Stadium). That in a way led to two things: 1. it embedded nostalgia for the powder blue and other colorful road looks of the era with a lot of younger folks watching their teams on TV -- and who are now buying the jerseys and season tickets, and 2. since now every game is on TV via cable/streaming, a team can think about using their home games to show off special looks to fans watching at home, instead of just the road games -- thus, one more reason to wear powder blues at home in front of the fans.
  7. I also wonder: with the Rangers wearing the powder blue alt for all Sunday home games, what if some team actually does what teams used to do, and wears powder blue full-time on the road? I know the natural answer for Sunday games in Arlington would be for the road team to wear a different-colored alternate jersey. But, what if some team decides to not even bother with a road alt? Powder blue vs. powder blue? This actually isn't a rip on powder blue; look at most of my comments on the board -- I'm clearly a fan of the color on baseball uniforms. This is more the way it's presented. To me, powder blue *uniforms* are a *road* look. When the Blue Jays had the full powder blue throwbacks at home, it bugged me. Kinda the same for the current Phillies' Throwback Thursdays. And, I certainly hope the Twins keep their new powder blues mostly to the road and rarely break them out at Target Field. I'd make the same complaint if a team tried wearing all-grey at home. Maybe the only exception in my opinion was the mix-and-match Pirates of the late-1970s, just because that was so different -- and perhaps because powder blue, like grey, has come to be associated with a road uniform look in baseball.
  8. With the primary road uni being the one with the brown jersey, I believe this is the first time a team has officially had a primary road jersey that didn’t match the pants since the ‘89 Cubs?
  9. Yes, I do believe it's the first non-throwback powder blue road full uniform in any capacity (regular road or alternate) since the 1991 Expos and Royals. So, in a way, yesterday was kind of a milestone in road uniforms. Of course, if/when a team goes regular with road powder blues, that will be a bigger deal than a Saturday-only road uni that'll get worn fewer than 10 times this season. For what it's worth, I thought they looked good. Of course, if you look at my post history, you can see I'm a fan of powder blue roads, so I'm biased. However, I think the concept works in a non-pullover/sansabelt/form-fitting uniform setting. The color contrast of the light blue with the red and even some of the yellow worked to my eyes. I did spend a good amount of the game (I'm in Wisconsin, so I was able to watch the game on Fox Sports Wisconsin like every Brewers game) trying to soak in the different angles, and it is still a bit of an adjustment seeing a team on the road nowadays not wearing grey and/or a solid-color alternate, but I think they're fine. I do wonder, though, if some of those teams more-associated with the color -- the Royals, the Blue Jays, the Brewers, the Rays -- were keeping an eye on yesterday's game (and levels of online reaction, besides their own in-house focus grouping) to see if they could look good pulling off something similar full-time or as an alternate.
  10. I seem to recall one of the Mariners execs responding to a fan question about if the M's were going to do something with powder blue (I wanna say it was on Twitter) a couple years ago, and the exec giving a tease that made it sound like they were planning on doing something. I know that sounds real vague, but that comment stuck with me, and so I'm not too surprised that this came out (although I was guessing they'd do a regular season uni/jersey). I'm also curious: I keep reading references to a powder blue *uniform* -- does this mean they're breaking out the same-colored pants in spring training as well?
  11. Hadn't heard that -- what was the possibility, as an alternate jersey, an alternate Cardinals-style road uniform, or the full-time road uni?
  12. Was that a prototype for what ended up being the 1982 introduction of the grey racing stripe Mets roads?
  13. Interestingly, upon seeing the full Cardinals uniform photo, one of my first thoughts was that it reminds me of 1940s-era experimentation (i.e. the Cubs' vested powder blue, the Dodgers' satin unis), probably due to the headspoon, the "St. Louis" script, the loose fit, and the exposed socks. Obviously, "Victory Blue" reference means the team is intentionally recalling the '82 Series and that particular era, but all the other aspects of this uniform make it seem like not an explicit harkening back to the '70s and '80s (if they'd really wanted to do that, they'd just clone that uniform with the neck/sleeve-end/pants stripes and maybe dump the sansabelt and pullover). I'll give them props for designing a road uniform that isn't basic grey, yet isn't also an intentional throwback. Also of note, I think this is the first time a team has had a regularly-scheduled powder blue *road* uniform (not just a jersey) since the '91 Expos and Royals (who, of course, wore nothing but powder blue, not just weekly alternates like what the Cards are doing).
  14. Interesting, first I'd heard of Denver. I wonder if this is an update of the striping design, or something more-dramatic a la that memorable subreddit post from four years ago that talked about making the Broncos the "Oregon of the NFL" (remember this? -- https://www.milehighreport.com/2014/2/6/5385952/out-with-the-orange-is-a-new-broncos-uniform-design-in-the-works ).
  15. This may be a moot point considering we saw the Rams last night wearing the white pants with the thick gold stripe, but...what are the rules regarding introducing new pants in a given season? (Apologies if this was addressed earlier in the thread.) I think we've seen teams break out new pants mid-season, like the Ravens with their gold pants of late. Could the Rams -- if they wanted to further emphasize the '60s-era blue-and-white look -- start wearing white pants with just a medium blue stripe, like from the 1964-72 image?
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