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  1. It counts and so does that Postal Inspector show that CBS runs Saturday mornings.
  2. Those Vet Saving Pets type of shows are so the local affiliates can reach their FCC mandated E/I content hours, stations usually run them later in the morning since those 7AM to 10AM local newscasts and network morning shows bring in revenue.
  3. If it's the likes of Ohio State and Michigan they'll easily shoot back up.
  4. Governor Whitmer isn't going to be the reason Michigan and Michigan State don't play football this season, the beat writers are either morons or have an agenda and want to make her the scapegoat. Governor Whitmer ok'ed high school sports a few weeks ago and football games start this Friday, so why would she block Michigan and Michigan State football who'll be able to take way more precautions than high school teams. Like the second article stated the reason UM and MSU will opt out of playing is due to their school presidents having medical backgrounds who understand the risks of playing compared to the presidents who don't or have villagers with pitchforks at their door.
  5. Is there any city in North America that would kick in over $750 million to help finance a stadium for an NFL team? $750 million is what the Raiders got for their stadium so that's now the jumping off point.
  6. Would Kansas City dropping the Native American imagery and going with a Fire Chief theme work? They wouldn't even need to tweak the colors, just switch the arrowhead to a shield and crank a siren after TD's.
  7. Pitt never had a rivalry with Cincy, sure the old Big East gave them a trophy to play for but no one cared. Pitt's rivals are Penn State and West Virginia and thanks to the nonsensical alignment of conferences they no longer play yearly. Outside of money it makes no sense for Pitt to be in a conference with Florida State, Penn State to be in a conference with Nebraska and West Virginia to be in a conference with Texas Tech, part of me wants the tv money bubble to break in the next few years leading to everything being reset to make more sense geographically. On conference expansion, don't South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and maybe Kentucky have a pact blocking any school from their respective states from joining the SEC? Both the SEC and B1G want to expand their footprint so don't be shocked if they strike at the ACC with the SEC taking Virginia Tech & NC State and the B1G taking UVA & North Carolina. If the SEC and B1G are able to pull that off the Big 12 will swoop in and pick apart the ACC's bones, FSU and Clemson if they only want to expand to 12 then Pitt, Louisville, GT and Miami if they want to jump up to 16. Also there's been talk recently that the Big 12 would raid the PAC-12 but I can't see the likes of USC, UCLA, Oregon, Washington and Colorado wanting to be in the same conference as West Virginia(distance), TCU & Baylor(secular), the Arizona schools get a ton of students and athletes from California so it's hard to see them cutting ties with the four California schools.
  8. It’s going to be changed and don’t be shocked if there’s a press release tomorrow or Monday announcing they’re changing the name. Nike and FedEx want it changed so it will be changed, the potential lost revenue from those two companies is too much for Snyder to be stubborn and it’s too much for the other owners to stand by and allow another franchise to take a drastic hit in value.
  9. Cincy had new head coach, the Pats spied on him for future reference.
  10. There's also the California University of Pennsylvania in California, PA.
  11. Did any of the reports say home courts would be used for every game? It seems like swapping out the courts would start to happen in the playoffs, maybe in the round of 8? The nerd in me would love to see courts and arenas themed to the Disney Parks, have Animal Kingdom, EPCOT and Hollywood Studios for the regular season games and playoffs then Magic Kingdom for the Finals.
  12. The near penniless con-man the NHL allowed to purchase the Penguins actually wanted to change the name of the team!
  13. Ummm the Pens were extremely popular even with home games moved to ppv, they weren't at the level of the Steelers popularity but no other team in pro-sports has that level of fandom. The Penguins issues have always been due to the sting of penniless con-men like Howard Baldwin the NHL allowed to purchase the team, the only times they had legit ownership was under Eddie DeBartolo Sr. in the 80's and the current Lemieux/Burkle Group.
  14. Didn't the craziness of coaches working 20some hours a day and sleeping in the office start with Joe Gibbs?
  15. You could actually start that doc with the 1984 Supreme Court case that broke the NCAA's hold on college football tv contracts since that's the catalyst for all of conference raids. The initial ACC raid on the Big East was really sleazy since the plan was to announce BC, Miami and Syracuse leaving the Big East at a point on the calendar where the Big East would lose their status as a football conference since they'd be under 8 teams. Since no one could keep a secret the plan got outed politicians in Virginia got involved to hold up UVA's vote so VT could replace Syracuse which allowed lawsuits from the Big East and gave them time to line up some new football members.