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  1. It was mainly race and a generation of sportswriters who saw Ruth as a god like figure.
  2. There's also Pitt-Johnstown, Pitt-Bradford and Pitt-Titusville, the official names are University of Pittsburgh at campus location.
  3. The Bears haven't had a great QB since Sid Luckman.
  4. One their owner put them in because he wants to be the owner of the London Jaguars not the Jacksonville Jaguars.
  5. They’ll most likely make it a placement game with the other conference, AFC teams host even years, NFC hosts odd years, they’d rotate which division plays which so there’s no overlap with the regular inter conference rotation. How is that unfair? Everyone would have 9 home games every other year, owners of teams that actually sell out their games want that 9th home game.
  6. They have but the Lakers rings take it to the next level.
  7. The ring ceremony was on before the game the other night, those rings looked comically huge on the players fingers.
  8. Plus a lot of owners will want that 9th home game every other season.
  9. Yeah the old school bowl system was frustrating but still way better than the mess we have now, having all of the big bowls on New Years Day with different scenarios for who could end up National Champion made for a fun day of football watching. If the old school system was in place this year we'd most likely have #1 Alabama vs. #2 ND or Clemson in the Sugar Bowl(the ACC didn't have an auto-bid until the early 90's), Cincinnati would still be shut out of the National Championship Game but there would still be a sliver of hope that a Bama loss and a overwhelming Cincy win in the Orange Bowl or Cotton Bowl would give them a fraction of the National Championship.
  10. Missing both Maurkice Pouncey and James Connor really hurt the offense and people seem to forget that Washington has a really good D. Also the Steelers still have the tie breaker over KC for the first round bye due to their loss being to an NFC team and KC lost to Vegas.
  11. It looks like most of the Fox owned and operated stations east of the rockies are showing the game, those stations would be in Chicago, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Detroit, Milwaukee, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Philadelphia, Orlando, Tampa-St. Pete, and Washington DC, for some reason the FOX O&O's in Atlanta and Houston aren't carrying it. The other cities were probably slated to show it before the scheduled got trashed thanks to the Ravens. I'm a Steeler fan(moved away from Pittsburgh) living in Detroit and we weren't getting the game if it was played on it's original date since the Lions were playing at the same time. I can see two reasons why the game isn't being shown in more markets, the first being the NFL doesn't want to devalue Sunday Ticket more than it already is by making the game national and local stations not wanting to give up the revenue from their ad slots during syndicated shows and local news.
  12. The Ravens-Steelers being a division game is also a reason it was treated differently than the inter-conference Broncos-Saints game, don't be shocked to see the Ravens-Steelers booted to this coming weekend if the Ravens can't play tomorrow, with their scheduled games against Dallas & Washington being the ones that are cancelled. Sure four teams only playing 15 games isn't great but getting in the divisional games then conference games would seem to be a bigger priority than the inter-conference ones.
  13. Also a rare appearance of the Bicentennial patch!
  14. The Camellia Bowl is the first Christmas Day bowl game in ages, I guess that's due to the NBA not playing until January.
  15. If Chrysler would ever resurrect a luxury brand they would most likely bring back the Imperial name, it bounced between being a model of Chrysler and it's own brand before being phased out.