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  1. RT @HelmetAddict: With Dolphins wearing their throwbacks against the Bills on Sunday, it would be a dream scenario if the Bills also wore t…

  2. @OmarKelly we need more unicorns

  3. RT @That70sFans: RT if you want to hang out in Forman's basement! https://t.co/4pmjRUPGLD

  4. RT @OliCool13: Never ever for me I want my team to tank...I don't wait 8 months for my team to play again and then root for them to lose ht…

  5. RT @Super70sSports: Name me a decade with a stronger font game than the 70s. Impossible. https://t.co/U2M5iVHIyr

  6. RT @Nani0130: Yassssss UT yasssssss!??❤️ https://t.co/f1QvEhrVrb

  7. RT @MiamiHEAT: Thanks, @OrlandoMagic! https://t.co/GHe5nFlplD

  8. RT @Super70sSports: Would it be wrong of me to commandeer that Bears helmet and lead police on a 10-mph chase? https://t.co/erxfqjRf4B

  9. RT @ChristianYelich: We went through a lot together this year but I wouldn't have rather shared it with another group of guys. Our bond wil…

  10. RT @SliceMiami: Honest Dolphins headlines ? https://t.co/Kcv1BYDURJ https://t.co/LByqR05Gog

  11. RT @ochocinco: You never realize the kind of impact someone has until they're gone...

  12. RT @davehydesports: The Marlins were all Jose Fernandez on an unforgettable night. My column: https://t.co/S4fs2n278Q

  13. Today the world lost a great role model. The most entertaining man to watch. One of my favorite Marlins. A potential HOFer. RIP

  14. Through the tough times stay loyal... Trust the process... #FinsUp

  15. Lets go Dolphins? #TNF

  16. Ill leave this here for when it happens underdog super bowl... Bucs 27 Raiders 21

  17. I believe that.... I believe that we just won... #fightingfish @Marlins

  18. RT @ArthurTbfh: RT til we find the full video https://t.co/ybvDGr3wOU

  19. RT @NFL: Did someone say... #NationalWaffleDay?! ? https://t.co/izSV08CclC

  20. @KDx32 prove to me that you were worthy of that 3rd round pick.

  21. RT @Marlins: @HeyLynnie https://t.co/cTZhVa4N3d

  22. ok I had a dog and he broke my ipad and my baseball glove but I didnt get mad and hurt him because he didnt know

  23. RT @HornyFacts: How he treats you is how he feels about you ...period

  24. go the distance- fod