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  1. First off, love the ASU unis. Second, I'm trying to get clarification: Is Oregon officially a Jumpman school now, or is this a one-off for the weekend? I remember reading somewhere that the Jumpman brand wanted a school in each P5 conference, and with the SEC (Florida), ACC (North Carolina), Big 12 (Oklahoma), and Big Ten (Michigan) covered, I wonder if Oregon will be the PAC-12 team.
  2. Sweet! Thanks. And I love your FCS board. Keep up the kick-ass work!
  3. I was wondering if you were going to update the FBS schools that have swapped brands (Florida and Oklahoma to Jordan, South Florida, South Alabama, and Southern Miss to Adidas). I'd love to see your take on them.
  4. It does, but without the black that WV insists on having (although, it's much less noticeable on your version, which was awesome).
  5. So much better than what Nike actually made for them!!!!!
  6. These are fantastic! Too bad New Jersey didn't look at your design before signing off on whatever crap they debuted the other week.
  7. Love the UTEP set. Speaking of the MAC, are you having to redo Toledo, since they switched to Nike?
  8. Really like the North Texas set. Wish Philly would go to something more like this.
  9. After seeing the new Utah uniforms that were revealed a couple of weeks ago, I was wondering why you didn't pursue a white helmet option for the Utes. It looks really good.
  10. I agree. FIU isn't too terrible, but the striping throws it into "eastbay catalog" territory.
  11. I thought you knocked it out of the park with Notre Dame, until I saw the UConn set. That's pretty much perfect.
  12. Love love love the Notre Dame set. It's perfect.