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  1. Decided to try my hand at the 2016 uniforms based off what I've seen and heard. Below are the 4 links to my mock-ups. 2016 Home Uniform 2016 Road Uniform 2016 Alternate 1 2016 Alternate 2 -Joe
  2. Just for the record there is an active WHL (I think) team in San Diego named the Gulls....
  3. I wish pro sports could go back to the days where teams were free to pick the manufacture of their jerseys.
  4. That is very interesting. Will give it a try
  5. White Jersey w/yellow pants: I personally like White on White alot more:
  6. I'd like to get into this. Is it too late?
  7. Rumor that they want to bring the red back to San Diego....
  8. I would like this template as a psd as well please. Thank you