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  1. I need help... This is not my design. A high school is wanting to use this and I was asked to vet it for authenticity not design. Question is, does this look too much like any other logos out there. I cannot say that it does but I want to be sure. The high school had students submit designs and this one was voted on to be the winner. Not the best way to do this in my opinion but...
  2. Yeah I tried that too but didn't like the lower part of the L.
  3. I did that on purpose so it would reflect back to the original bolt but without the curve.
  4. It needed something. Here is my take on what they did. Thoughts?
  5. artsho

    Redhawk Concepts

    Found this one. A is too similar to not pass. Cant use this one.
  6. artsho

    Redhawk Concepts

    I am trying to make sure that these submissions are not in copyright violation. They were supposedly designed by students to replace the current one. I know "A" is a lift of a current logo but the other two I am trying to search for. Please let me know if you have seen these before.
  7. Thanks everyone for the comments. I appreciate them all. I hope to contribute more to this board soon.
  8. Thanks, I have been following this board for a few years and respect the opinions here. This is my first thread here.
  9. The Steeler logo is one of those logos that it is said is timeless and can't nor shouldnt be redesigned. As a designer it is considered the ultimate mountain to climb. I gave it a shot and I agree, the current logo is untouchable. Let me know your thoughts... Here is Version 1 the previous is Version 2.