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  1. Fixed his mane and thickened up the lines.
  2. Yes, I was inspired by that logo. Since this is a non profit kid organization and not selling the design in any fashion.
  3. I still have a few tweaks to make. But a good start to the project. The local high school the club is attached to are the lions. The goal was to create something strong but still kid friendly for ages K-8th.
  4. Im loosely connected, I coach wrestling in the same league as them. But I'm a Graphic Artist by profession. I saw the current logo that was just a rip off of Tennessee. Figured a proper Logo was needed.
  5. what did you have in mind?

  6. Working on a concept for one of the local high schools in Bakersfield Ca. (img)http://(/img)
  7. Agree with this. That's a great set right there. Do you know where a can get a vector uniform template?
  8. (img)(/img) A few variations. Let me know what you guys think.
  9. Let me know what you guys think, feed back is welcomed. If some one can point me the links to the vector uniform templates Ill give a uni set a spin. (with thunder text on jersey)
  10. ok before I attempt to post again can some one tell me what Im doing wrong. I copy the code from Photobucket and I have pasted it into the insert media, image, and even the code buttons. Nothing seems to work. Please help before I go insane. lol
  11. This was my first crack at the word mark, I agree with the feedback. Working on a newer version as we speak. Striping it down
  12. I never knew what a flash point this topic would be. lol Again, thanks for feedback on the design, hopefully have the word mark done today.
  13. For the record I agree with dbadefense1990 the sonics had a great logo. The NBA should have had the guts to pull the trigger and move the Hornets to OKC but Stern is a little biiiioootch!
  14. Hey guys, I really appreciate all the positive feedback from everyone. Originally being from the great state of Oklahoma, I was greatly disappointed with the OKC branding. (Uninspired and generic) So I figured it was time to step up and rep OK properly. lol Working on the word mark as we speak, but to keep up with current trends I'm still trying to find the balance of stylized and simplified. Go Pokes!!!!