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  1. @colinturner95 nailed it, but if there was a 2015 media guide .pdf out there not hosted on issuu, you could potentially reverse engineer the font, but that's still a longshot. I'm not sure what your needs with Leahy are, but good ol screenshotting and fuzzy selecting/magic wanding might be the way you get the letters you need with what's out there.
  2. I usually don't particularly like bezels with random lighting, but since there's so many segments with different lighting, it's more like a patterned font than attempting to emulate a physical object which I think definitely works for a Seattle team. One of my favorites so far!
  3. There it is. Makes sense, they're both designed by the same foundry, so I assume that Prohibition is a sans serif Gin that I was describing.
  4. Not a lot of pixels to work with, but it looks like Gin is close, possibly without serifs and with square ends.
  5. After cleaning up the 0, 1, 2, 4, and 6 I was able to find, I wasn't able to find anything as well, but I think the closest match would be just to clean up Van Dijk a bit and make the 6 and 9 connected instead of a spiral, or just wait until jerseys hit online marketplaces for more numbers to come out and in higher quality. An italic sign painting font might help as a base as well. OLE MISS is a spurred Geometric Slabserif 703 Extra Bold Condensed (a great descriptive name for an extended Memphis) and the numbers look like Nike Kansas 2 with extra inverted spurs
  6. Looks like @Brewers and @Pirates made a massive full team trade following today's game. @AP @fswisconsin…

  7. @NBA2kLab Did you happen to catch the box score for Bucks vs Cavs Reign and Kings Guard vs Bucks?

  8. .@sportslogosnet Is it too late to jump on the basketball jersey records bandwagon?

  9. @ForSureBurne Thanks for ruining my bracket lol, congrats on the W and being a part of tournament history

  10. @sportslogosnet @joshwood Something like this looks good too

  11. More rigged than the 2015 National Championship. Absolutely disgusting. Here's hoping for a Big Ten Tournament run... #MSUvsWIS #Badgers

  12. @sportslogosnet Interesting enough, the Brewers actually have a royal with gold bill Ball in Glove hat available to…

  13. @sportslogosnet Here's hoping that there will be a personalized alternate logo like this one for LA

  14. Nothing is longer than a night 3 hour lecture in a hot room #halp

  15. Welp, it was a good attempt at least. They'll get em next year #GBvsCAR