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  1. Oh, didn't realize other jerseys besides the Burrow one leaked. Well, that's what I would have done then.
  2. Here's my way of making the number font (the current number font, but without a drop shadow and with sharp ends; haven't been following closely, didn't see BBTV's post): Overall, I'm agreeing with most of the thread in that this is an upgrade, and I can appreciate the attempt at bridging the gap between the current look and the 80s look.
  3. Fairly curtain it's a custom font, but its plastered all over the Ducks' social media in varying weights and widths. I'd recommend just finding the letters and numbers you need on their socials and magic wanding/fuzzy selecting them all and stitch them together to make the word or number you'd like.
  4. It certainly is a quite 90s looking Brewers, but I love their original 90s look. Any reasons you mismatched the 1994 bridge Brewers wordmark with the 1997 vertical arched Milwaukee wordmark, rather than going both 1994 bridge wordmarks or both 1997 vertical arched wordmarks? I personally would want the bridge wordmarks, but I think one of those wordmarks need to change to be consistent.
  5. Never been a fan of the navy-royal Brewers-Cubs battles, but now that the Brewers only wear navy on the road, those matchups will thankfully be less frequent. (Feb 29, 2020, only new look Brewers navy-Cubs royal matchup so far) (Sep 5, 2018) It's also possible the Brewers wore navy and the Cubs wore royal in 1997-1999, but I couldn't find it.
  6. It looks like it's a custom font that's based on Molde, somewhere between Condensed and Compressed. Here's the full alphabet for reference though (with a created Z, the only letter not found on a Rams jersey yet): Nike Total 90, but there's only awful traces out there unfortunately. I recommend using this above average trace for numbers and Marsden Slim Regular for letters.
  7. *chef's kiss* Byootiful My only criticism is that I don't think Milwaukee needs another brick texture shoehorned in; I think the existence of the cream itself suffices. Also, I feel like the wordmark on the uniform needs to be capitalized like the main logo.
  8. The easiest solution, to me, is to go vertically arched with a more condensed font and get as close to the armholes as possible, but these problems arise at colleges with long names. (Ignore adidas' abomination of shorts)
  9. Black is as prominent of a supporting color as blue is in terms of their appearance on the jerseys: But, blue actually makes an appearance in a tertiary logo, fittingly representing Wisconsin's water borders:
  10. Hey man, I don't like Brady either and there was definitely something up with the officiating in Brady's last two games, but at the same time, the Chiefs jerseys are different shades of red in the 2 pictures as well, so it's possible the lighting conditions and white balance and whatnot were different. The NFC Championship was MUCH closer than the Super Bowl, so if there was a game that could have a case for being stolen, it'd be the NFC Championship, not the Super Bowl (but yet I'm obviously biased and don't claim to know if the conspiracies around Brady's career have any merit). However, this isn't the 2020 NFL Season thread, this is the LVI logo thread.
  11. Game balls almost always use simplified logos with less colors:
  12. Alright, I don't usually comment on News or Sports in General anymore because these parts of the boards are just a cesspool of opinions fighting to be the loudest just like most of the rest of the Internet, but a couple things: Every Super Bowl jersey patch since the jersey patch was introduced in XXV then brought back for good in XXXII has had color to it, I'd expect no difference here. There's the logo on black and the logo on white in this thread, and there was no difference; I highly doubt if the Chiefs or Bucs make it back that they would produce a logo with white letters. The most that would be done is adding a stroke around the whole thing like in XLIV or on NFLShop LV jerseys: I have no connection to California at all, but with the crapshoot that is 2020 to present and the yearly reoccurrence of "generational" wildfires, I don't see how you couldn't make that connection. Some may see it as a stretch, but the fact that even one person made the connection to diminish a joyous event is a legitimate problem. I'd say it's similar to glass, in that it's transparent but also has a reflection. Or, it could be stained glass I suppose. Standardized vs. Unique: I am aware that I am but a child compared to most people on these here boards, but I absolutely prefer to have the logo be a celebration of the host city and a representation of a festive moment, rather than a cold, corporate regurgitation of Roman numerals and the trophy. Splashes of color from the past few seasons have only introduced hints of joy, while LVI at least made a bigger stride to toss in some local flavor. I think LVI is moving in the right direction, but there is, of course, a while away until the Super Bowl logo gets back to being exciting. Font Choice: This is the first time since XXXIX that Orbit/Endzone Tech or Endzone Slab has not been present in the logo. Font choice is a fantastic first step in going towards a more personalized logo. Granted, the font LVI used is an even more generic sans serif, but at least it's similar to the Rams' use of Helvetica knockoffs. Progress. Overall, the Super Bowl logo went from a solid 4/10 to a 6/10, and that's just fine by me. Looking forward to what LVII+ brings.
  13. Found this high quality picture of it, but couldn't find an exact match of the brush script. Broneo and Brother are similar to it, though.