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  1. Both are custom, but you could build your own versions fairly easily. Here's what I did: Rams: all numbers but 4 made using tweets and jersey listings, and 4 made from pieces of existing numbers and the Madden hype video for reference. Chargers: some numbers from jersey listings, the rest made from slanting and slightly condensing the Vikings' numbers and adding a border, because that's what they are. End result:
  2. I'm just being overly critical because they're my alma mater, I would have to get used to the yokes but I'm glad you kept them a two stripe team. While the hidden arrow in the Forward stripe is cheesy at best, the best thing Under Armour did was make all sports have a double stripe, and you kept that, so that's all that matters. Solid concepts, keep em coming!
  3. Not sure building an identity around a one-off adidas fauxback that was hated is the best idea. That being said, the execution is pretty good and I appreciate the attempt to differentiate the reds that consume half the Big Ten. Dropping the black shadow is a nice touch too. My only issue here is that I would put the vertically arched Wisconsin on the basketball jerseys in order to make the wordmarks larger and to call back to the Bo Ryan days. I think Under Armour's Forward stripe with the unified rounded condensed Aachen font was an attempt to differentiate the Badgers from the pack, but it's pretty subtle. If you were to go down a new path, you could try emphasizing the arrow more or by designing around a forward arrow, but keeping it fairly traditional and tasteful like you've done here with the yokes and stripes.
  4. I beat you to it 4 months ago, bud, but you're right.
  5. I'm pretty sure I know what you're asking for, but just to confirm, is this an league for people playing fantasy soccer or is this just a fictional soccer league?
  6. Thank you all so much for the votes! I'm still bummed I missed the first event, but I absolutely love Logolympiad. @pollux, you always do an amazing job putting this all together. And congrats to @Josef_Bretones for continuing to fill your trophy case and @scottyeagle for getting to the podium again!
  7. How predictable shall I be? Way too many Wisconsin sports anniversaries this year.
  8. Sorry, meant name on back and meant not having the primary logo, but having a different logo.