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  1. You are correct, I assumed incorrectly. The post will be updated shortly.
  2. I respectfully disagree due to the grounds that if I believed that, every single concept on this thread would have blank helmets. Sure the "asterisk" design isn't the prettiest, but if it wasn't for Michigan keeping the classic winged stripes alive, I bet that design wouldn't "work" either.
  3. Philadelphia Eagles: 1933 Throwback: Back In Baby Blue Going a different direction that what happened in 2007 and using the new knowledge the Gridiron Uniforms Database, we have this baby blue masterpiece. Logo comes from the mothership which comes from this letterhead and numbers are based off of the Heritage Sports Art's rendering of the 1934 uniform due to baby blue and yellow not contrasting well in black and white. 1948 Throwback: The Wingless Champions Towards the beginning of the "classic" kelly green and silver era, the first Eagles NFL champion team wore these nice serifed jerseys in addition to many variations along the same color scheme and design. This one was picked due to it being the most common home jersey in the season. Logo comes from the mothership.
  4. That's just a bolded version of the Bucks' custom font.
  5. Washington Redskins: 1933 Throwback: Die Rothäute? During the second season in franchise history, first as the Redskins, the team looked like what I'd imagine a German national American football team would look like (minus the logo of course). Another interesting early leather helmet design, and the logo comes from the Heritage Sports Art painting. 1937 Throwback: Sike! That's The Wrong Numbers! The team the current Redskins throwback tries to emulate; however, the surprisingly decent recreation of numbers actually comes from the 1938 Redskins, rather than 1937. Logo comes from the mothership but recolored to match. 1942 Throwback: Oregon, Is That You? The NFL champions sported rather large, but tall numbers that might give Oregon football some ideas. Again, logo comes from the mothership, but recolored.
  6. New York Giants: 1927 Throwback: Les Géants du Football de Montréal? The beginning of an era that made the Giants look more like the Canadiens and the uniform that lead the NFL for the first time in Giants history. After scouring through pictures on (Thanks so much for making the research process a lot easier), I came to the conclusion that the early Giants utilized the McAuliffe number font (or as it's more often referred to as, the Red Sox font). The logo is taken from this early Giants pennant. 1934 Throwback: Wow. Just Wow. One of the busiest designs of the 30s I've seen so far, this red, white, and blue masterpiece gave the Giants their second NFL championship. The helmet is an attempt to take the helmet design of the time and put it on a modern shell. There's no convenient Michigan shortcut, so I hope I captured the shell accurately enough. The logo is the circa 1933 logo as posted on BigBlueInteractive (again, literal lifesaver). 1938 Throwback: The Beginning of the Classic Uniforms At this point, the Giants are starting to look essentially like the current Giants (with exception to the three and a half decade intermission from the mid 60s to the end of the 90s). These Giants are only one of three teams all-time to defeat the Packers in a NFL Championship and the third Giants team to win it all. The logo doesn't change due to the only 4 year difference.
  7. My mistake, but as I originally said, I think I'm going to pass due to them being from Dallas. I think I'll probably do both the Gamblers and WFL Texans. I definitely am on that line of thought, I'm probably going to put outlines on the numbers though and make a basic sleeve stripe.
  8. Thanks! I don't really wanna do the Dallas Texans because they're the Chiefs and because they're in Dallas. The WFL Texans I think I'll do and maybe I'll do the Gamblers, but I think I'm going to refrain from dipping in to San Antonio. I also might make a prototype inspired fauxback.
  9. That's a great point and I, like you may have guessed, have been trying to stray away from non-NFL or at least non-NFL predecessors. But I know I'll have to for the Texans eventually and The Baltimore Stallions is a great triumph in Baltimore football, so here ya go: Baltimore Ravens 1994 Throwback: The Best American Canadian Football Team The most successful American team in the CFL and fastest expansion team to win a championship, the Baltimore Stallions were essentially the third-coming of the Baltimore Colts and led the way to bringing the Browns to Baltimore.
  10. Baltimore Ravens: 1947 Throwback: The First Colts Since Indianapolis has the Baltimore Colts II in their history, we go back to the Baltimore Colts I, formerly Miami Seahawks. Competing in the AAFC with the likes of the Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers, the first Colts lasted 4 seasons, and was only really successful in 1948, when they went on to the division playoff and lost. With an early Eagle-esque color scheme and classic block numbers, a solid throwback for the Ravens. 1996 Throwback: NFL's return to Baltimore After the Colts went to Indianapolis, Baltimore was left with a band desperately advocating for a new team. Then, the Browns moved east to become the brand new Baltimore Ravens, and this very 90s masterpiece was created.
  11. Thanks for the insight, I'll definitely fit them in. The Miami Seahawks became the Baltimore Colts I (current Colts being the relocated Baltimore Colts II), so I was going to make a Baltimore Colts I uniform for the Ravens (coming next). I think I'm going to make the Triangles for the Colts because it sort of makes sense franchise-wise and because there were plenty of options in Cincinnati. Unfortunately due to the high volume of early NFL teams in Ohio and only 2 Ohio NFL franchises currently, some of your favorite early NFL teams might not see themselves in a concept. If there is a high demand for a team I missed when this is all said and done, I'll certainly give them a concept. For instance, I'm not sure the Akron Pros will make it, but if there's a demand, it'll be a bonus at the end.
  12. Cincinnati Bengals: 1921 Throwback: The First Cincinnati NFL Team There were plenty of attempts at pro football in Cincinnati in the 20s and 30s, but none of them really stuck or had any success. The Cincinnati Celts lasted a single season in the NFL, but had plenty of amateur seasons before and after their lone 1921 season. I couldn't find any glimpses of the back of the jerseys, so I assumed the Celts used a block similar to the era. The logo comes from this which seems to be more legitimate than the Impact font modern recreation found everywhere when looking the Celts up. 1933 Throwback: "The Worst Team In The History Of The NFL" What I thought was an interesting look of a team in the 1930s turned into finding a lot of articles calling the 1933-34 Cincinnati Reds football team the worst ever. Managing only 3 wins in almost 2 seasons in the NFL before getting suspended for not being able to pay league dues is a compelling argument. Nonetheless, I found the all red look interesting and looks like if the Wisconsin Badgers and Michigan Wolverines had a baby. The wordmark comes from this game program. 1968 Throwback: The Last Of The AFL The AFL's last franchise was founded this year and decided the best thing to represent a Bengal on their helmets was just... well... "BENGALS." Be it uninspired compared to the current tiger stripe, it was the first wordmark on a football helmet I believe. Bonus 1981 Throwback: You're Welcome, @NicDB The closest Cincinnati has been to winning a Super Bowl came in these. These are the reason this guy is a thing we need to endure Sunday nights. These were revolutionary in the stripe game. These gave the Bengals their still unique helmet. You may have wished that the shoulder stripes went all the way around, though. Me too. But, with the Vapor Untouchable template, shoulder stripes get cut off at the top of the collar triangle and bottom of the nameplate (as seen on the Jets).
  13. Cleveland Browns: 1924 Throwback: Cleveland's First NFL Title Cleveland had a bunch of different teams floating through the early NFL: the Tigers/Indians I, Indians II/Bulldogs (merged with Canton), and Indians III. The most successful being the second go at pro football in Cleveland, and more specifically, the first season of the merged Cleveland Indians-Canton Bulldogs (called the Cleveland Bulldogs) team that had the best record in the NFL and thus the 1924 champions. The numbers are based off of the 1925 team and the logo is based off the 1924 Championship watch. 1946 Throwback: Cleveland's First Drop Shadow The Browns essentially had the same uniform from 1947 to 2015, so this is the only uniform that was remotely different and is more than likely the reason Nike gave the Browns a dropshadow in 2015. Also, this was the first of 4 AAFC championship seasons for the Browns. Brownie the Elf has been a symbol for the Browns since Day 1, so the logo is as such.
  14. All concepts have been updated to reflect this news.
  15. More than likely. Pittsburgh Steelers: 1935 Throwback: Wait, I Thought They Played Baseball? The Pittsburgh Pirates are the early version of the Steelers and are who to blame for the Bumblebee uniforms and whatever these are. With a stretched out serifed block that was fun to make and a helmet that looks like a upside down mustached smiley face, one of the more unique uniforms from the early days of the NFL. 1963 Throwback: The Away Throwback: Since the Steelers pretty much exhausted a lot of decent throwback options already, I just made the away version to the throwback that the Color Rush jersey hints at. Due to the constraints of modern jerseys, the yellow sleeve caps ended up turning into a yoke instead so that the TV numbers and sleeve stripes could both be in yellow.