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  1. A condensed LHF Egyptian with a stroke might work well:
  2. So, for my uses, that jersey is high enough quality and minimally warped, so I just fuzzy selected (or if you're using Photoshop, magic wanded) the wordmark. As for the numbers, I used the Marquette logo as a base and used all the social media pictures available to make these: (gold and navy number colors are confirmed, 6 through 9 are inferred and wouldn't be used for basketball, and white and championship blue alts are also inferred)
  3. Futura Bold Condensed (as also featured in my signature)
  4. I came up empty on both, but I assume the numbers are custom anyways because they're based off of Marquette's logo.
  5. Sorry man, I came up empty. Looks like a lovechild of Gridnik and Millie. A more stylized ITC Garamond Bold. Rockwell Condensed Bold with extra serifs might do the trick.
  6. You're right, not a lot of pixels to work with, but I'd just use a normal athletic block and elongate (NOT stretch, the horizontal and vertical weight looks to be equal) it to size. An elongated MLB Block might fit the bill nicely.
  7. For SNF, they use Ringside, not Arial. Good work on the rest of it, though.
  8. Yeah, you're right it is the 40th Anniversary of the 1964 NFL Championship. Couldn't find a flat logo with that coloring, but here's a textured logo from a poster that shows you at least what the details are:
  9. Dolmen with a linear crossbar on the A.
  10. I think this font is the one being used on their team website and digital materials as well. As a result, the "ATLANTA FALCONS" in the endzone and the field numbers are probably both Kairos Sans Condensed Bold.
  11. It isn't in a nice sortable table, but most football media guides have an all-time roster by number section.
  12. The current image issue I have right now is that sometimes the images aren't loading, but if I open the image in a new tab, they appear just fine. This doesn't happen a lot, just on some threads, most notably pitt6pack's NFL Fields Concepts thread:
  13. Well, since 3 and 4 are retired, and 1 and 5 are unofficially retired, it's kind of easy to keep the single digits off the field. The current single digits are Mason Crosby (2), J.K. Scott (6), and Tim (Freaking) Boyle (8). Another point with the single digits is that the media guide only counts players who have played a game, so that means there might be a bunch of back-up players in the single digits that just never made it to the field.