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  1. Font is Antique Olive, which is what the Chicago Bears use, if anyone was wondering.
  2. The only real route to make something that doesn't look like the 1940's Baseball Giants would be to recolor the 50's uniforms: Maybe make the home all blue and the away all red with no outlines, and just put red double stripes on the away where the orange-black-orange is and no stripes on the home. Maybe recolor the hat to be red on blue or white on blue Of course this is up to you though, congrats on a solid thread!
  3. Not a lot of pixels to work with and it's possible that there's a specific minor league team that wore a similar B, but here's a rough purely calligraphic look at what the B could look like:
  4. These are all really good, but yeah, you're using the old look for the Brewers (that I don't happen to hate). My recommendation for most of these though is that instead of making outlines by offsetting inwards, make them by offsetting outwards. Offsetting inwards is resulting in thin looking numbers.
  5. Score is Franklin Gothic Heavy, everything else is Klavika.
  6. Aw man, I really hope Ueck gets a Brewers ring soon.
  7. I have no problem with the concept of the font, just the execution. For example, the C/G, J/U, and O/Q are 3 different capsule shapes, whereas in FF DIN, the font the Bengals font is based on, they are nearly identical capsule forms. It's just sloppy to me, but I'm in the realm of noticing much more than the average person. (FF DIN Condensed Black on left, BENGALS 2021 on right)
  8. At first, I didn't mind the number font, I even extended it to see how good it was. Then the rest of the font got released including an alphabet... A National Football League team released this, not an amateur on DaFont: (as retrieved from the Bengals' "New Stripes" page, presentation put together by me; if you know, you know) You got paint splatter claw mark alternates, weird curve stretching on the B, P, and R, inconsistent letter widths, and weird letters with both flat and sliced ends like the C, S, and 3.
  9. Watermark, watermark, watermark, or create a complex render for your own sake. I can say with confidence that all of these will be sold on sweatshirts on Facebook Marketplace within a year, because this happened to me and plenty of designers that have made mashups. That being said, Wisconsin one looks pretty great, I would just swap out the 2001-19 Brewers barley for the current wheat as found in the Wheat Ball alt logo and put it in Packers colors for simplicity (green for Packers and Bucks, athletic gold/yellow for Packers and Brewers).
  10. There was also these grayscale rainbow guts in 2015: Rainbow guts seems to be the most copied, I think: Looks like adidas and Under Armour had their own flavors you could recolor too, since UWM and Louisville are identical, and Northwestern and Hawai'i are identical.
  11. This is not the most accurate jersey, the real font is Barge. Not a lot of pixels to work with, but DFC is quite close to FF More Wide Bold, and ONS ORANJE is ITC Souvenir Bold
  12. Good start, love me a late 20's circle Packers. When it comes to throwbacks, you could change the throwback to modern standards or change the modern template to throwback standard. Personally, I prefer the latter, which would mean that the circle in the front is 2010 massive rather than the 1929 size. But I'm also okay with that circle size, but my only criticism then would be to slap on some boxtop 1's like you did for the Bears. The Packers had the quintessential 20's number font that I wish could be reproduced for the modern-day throwbacks, but the Packers refuse and slap on their normal block instead.
  13. The Giants' numbers and NOB is based on an extended and condensed ITC Machine, if that's what you mean.
  14. Having done a lot of recreations of vintage NFL number fonts, I think this is definitely on point. If I were to make it though, the 4 would be like the 1960's Colts with an angle on the horizontal and the 5's notch would be angled like the Packers. But, you do have a lot of right angles in the wordmark, so in this scenario, the only change I'd make is making the small notch on the 4's horizontal into a right angle like Michigan. Also, the perfectionist in me wants either the counters of 3, 6, and 9 to be the same as 8's counters, or 8's counters to be the same as 3's counters.