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  1. Sorry, meant name on back and meant not having the primary logo, but having a different logo.
  2. Is there a requirement for a NOB? Also, does the primary logo need to be the logo on the uniform?
  3. Currently it's a custom font that's littered all over their social media, so if you have the patience you could theoretically get what you need. However, the previous font was Coliseum and the one before than was Aachen.
  4. Scripts are always difficult because there's a lot of nuances, but Parkside is similar.
  5. The first link I see when I search that font is a free download...
  6. I'm not sure I know what you're referencing... Any pictures?
  7. Deep in the bowels of Inspect Element, you can find the assets used on a website including the font files, and download them. Planet Kosmos
  8. Looks like the NFL #OB block font for the Penguins #OB, the NFL TV number block for the Penguins sleeve numbers, and the Raiders' condensed NOB block for the Penguins NOB.
  9. Like... an italic M does? Does the CCSLC needs a quick crash course on italic fonts?
  10. There you go, a valid typographical criticism. I feel like the A in the RAMS is the actual custom font, and the one in the logo had to be made that way to connect with the horn better. This is only going to bother you if you're actively trying to look for it; I think it's fine.
  11. THIS IS HOW LETTERS WORK It's been said plenty, but this is exactly how L's and A's work. It's fine.
  12. Hey man, this thread is 323 pages long, I come and go, so I didn't see it before, sorry for adding to the fire, but it's definitely relevant if Angelo State has the money to fight it.
  13. What italic font has a parallel L and A other than ITC Avant Garde and printing fonts from the 1800s?