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  1. Idk man, being named the Most Valuable Player in the league three times (tied second most in league history) while consistently having a high quarterback rating and touchdown-to-interception ratio doesn't really say "pretty far from the Mt. Rushmore-esque figure he's portrayed as" to me. I think having Tom getting his 7th ring has spoiled the general consensus of what a great player looks like; there's plenty of great players in the Hall of Fame that don't even have one ring. Sure, the goal of athletes is to win championships, but to diminish Rodgers from being a face of the league while he's the reigning MVP and playing his best football just because he has one ring is ridiculous.
  2. Aaron Rodgers was smiling and talking with a bunch of coaches at camp and Randall Cobb is coming home. Absolutely wild day at Lambeau this morning.
  3. If they bring home number 14 after an MVP season, there's clearly an extension to be considered and Jordan Love gets dealed off and Rodgers plays until he's 50, retires from the only team he's played on, and then I can die happy. He's a Packer now, he'll be a Packer in February. Business will happen when it happens. QB1 is on the Packers socials again, it's time for camp.
  4. I don't know man, I watched him on the Pat McAfee Show the past season and I've obviously followed his career, and he's the most laid back chill dude I've seen. Private contract negotiations and business matters shouldn't really turn into a media circus witch hunt that's borderline stalking. I don't claim to know what's happening behind the scenes and that's really none of my business. I just think there's a big disconnect between Aaron Rodgers and the media's portrayal of him, and it's mind-numbing to see report after report of something some dude's uncle who's a janitor at Lambeau said to farm some Rodgers drama clicks. His career isn't over, he's going to be the longest tenured Packers quarterback, he's the reigning MVP, he's a future Hall of Famer, he'll have a free drink in Green Bay for the rest of his life. If there's some issues due to the front office trading up to draft his replacement and trading away players like most people are speculating, then I feel like Rodgers has earned the right to at least voice concerns and push for change, and that's what I think is happening right now. Season 17 of Rodgers in green and gold is coming up, and the drama can be reevaluated in February. I'm biased tho clearly
  5. Well, I'm gonna go see him in person Wednesday at the first day of camp and I dread hearing the inevitable boos from all the emotional fans clinging on to Schefter's Draft Day "accumulation of ... listening to people talk and observing." Sports media sucks.
  6. Your Pats alt, Saints, Steelers, and Bucs look a tad off to me; however, 49ers have some jerseys to use to build the rest of the numbers, Bengals have their number font embedded in their New Stripes page (some extra font file conversion and offsetting for the outline needs to be done though), Rams I've posted a reference for, and Lions there's a Behance page with a decent sample for raster to vector, otherwise traditional jersey samples and Instagram graphics is how I got all the numbers a while ago.
  7. Well the Dropbox link I sent you for the Vikings has 80% of the current league numbers, and for the rest, I gather from team socials or the youth jerseys in NFLShop
  8. My go to for NFL numbers is going to the youth section of NFLShop and take them from jersey screenshots. However, for the Vikings, the actual logoslick with all the numbers is here, and I used this picture with some outline consistency adjustments (the outline is thin on the top for some reason) for the Titans. As for the Chargers, I worked a little backwards and found some jerseys and made the rest of the numbers by italicizing the Vikings' numbers, chopping off a serif on the 5, and adding an outline, because that's what they are. You have decent reference pictures, so it's not too much effort to make the numbers.
  9. Well, like you pointed out, the 1971 banner is a recreation. The 1971 is in Rockwell to match the font of the Milwaukee Bucks wordmark. The actual 1971 banner uses Rockwell for the Milwaukee Bucks wordmark as well, but that's not accurate, so in this recreation, I used the actual wordmark which could make the 1971 even more out of place. As for the new banner, I even created what I thought the new banner would look like by mirroring it exactly, but the information fits nicer the way the actual 2021 banner is designed. I honestly don't mind it, it's like having period specific retired number banners. Also, there may be a chance this means the 1971 banner gets redesigned to look similar.
  10. Hated Walker as a County Exec, hated Walker as a governor, but this isn't a politics board so I'll leave it at that. It's interesting to look at the lean years for the Bucks and how it's matched up perfectly to their time at the Bradley Center, so maybe the change of scenery helped reinvigorate the team and the fanbase. My heart is full after seeing the packed Deer District and I can only imagine how big the sprawl of people will reach tomorrow at the parade and celebration. Can't want to enjoy Milwaukee's first championship parade in 64 years!
  11. I think alternating greens and red/purple makes this a bit busier than it needs to be. Granted the current Bucks stripe is rather busy, but the reason the original Irish Rainbow is so great is because the colors were similar so the rainbow was more subliminal than obvious. I know this move was probably a way to remove blue, and I respect that, but to make a nice rainbow, I think it needs to be lime green-forest green-Great Lakes Blue-purple-red. Or, you could try a cream to original Bango orange to red to purple route. Bringing back the MECCA M court is a fantastic move though, hate the M camo court they have now.
  12. Bucks socials had a gif of the 2021 banner, so here's what the rafters are going to look like in Fiserv Forum next season:
  13. And just like that, the NBA Store is full of Bucks in 6 shirts haha, this is unreal.
  15. Quintessential Admirals Fauxback Recoloring Post: Original green and blue; 80s-90s royal and red; Calder Cup maroon, navy, and copper
  16. Blue is barely used, the only blue uniform in the current Bucks look's span is the current City uniform (the water one). Black is only used on the Statement (black with stripe across the chest) and as a supporting color on the Earned (green antler sides). So the Bucks colors are mostly the green and cream, which I don't mind. Sure, the green and red is historic to the organization, but I understand the change because green and red are both bold colors that clash when used together without much separation. Cream has a city connection, and green and cream together makes a nice outdoorsy vibe for a team named after a game animal hunted up nort'. Most of these playoffs, the Bucks have worn their normal Association (white) unis, which is fine by me. However, if Bucks in 6 occurs, we'll have a Cavs situation where they win it wearing black, and black might be put in the identity more, so who knows. The only Bucks unis I hate are Nike one-offs, the traditional home white and away darks haven't been that bad throughout the years; from Christmas Celtics to Irish Rainbow v1 to Irish Rainbow v2 to 90s Purple to Christmas Resurrection to now. Clearly biased though.
  17. Bucks In 6 is only used by the organization as the name for their pre-game fashion socials for the culture. As for the relevance, I'm unfortunately not old enough to remember the 2001 miracle run, but I loosely know the Bucks history and from late 80s to the 3 years ago, it's been first round exits except for 2001. My youngest Bucks memory is the change to green-red from purple-green being a big deal, and I think I have some purple Bucks bobbles from games I went to, but I am aware that more people are older than me on these boards.
  18. Bucks haven't been relevant for 4 decades, I feel like at this point Bucks in 6 is a way to make fun of that. We're just trying to have a good time, there's some passionate fans around here.
  19. I'm gonna absolutely lose it if Brandon Jennings' stupid 8-year-old prediction comes true in these Finals. This is ridiculous.
  20. Fun Fact: The Milwaukee Admirals wore green and blue for their first 2 seasons after renaming from the Wings, before going to blue and red for the next 25, so really the fauxback logo should look even more like Johnny Canuck.
  21. Definitely an improvement, but I feel like the Club is a bit close to a Shamrock, and the Celtics have used black and gold as supporting colors before on alternate jerseys, so this identity may cause confusion even though they'd only play each other twice a year.
  22. Ringside is a font that modernizes the geometric wood types of boxing posters of the past, so I feel like a swooping leg off of the R in a similar curve as the end of the S wouldn't be that much of a deviation. Also, the football team I see when looking at this isn't the Rams, its the Seahawks with the color scheme and extended font. That being said, that's a good looking ray and a good looking aquatic color scheme.
  23. Plus I'm pretty sure his knee isn't 100% to put this Finals performance on a even higher pedestal, but definitely a complete effort from the whole team and exactly what was needed by the Bucks to bounce back.
  24. 2015 NCAA D1 Men's Basketball Championship, still feel cheated when I think about it
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