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  1. Looks like @Brewers and @Pirates made a massive full team trade following today's game. @AP @fswisconsin…

  2. @NBA2kLab Did you happen to catch the box score for Bucks vs Cavs Reign and Kings Guard vs Bucks?

  3. .@sportslogosnet Is it too late to jump on the basketball jersey records bandwagon?

  4. @ForSureBurne Thanks for ruining my bracket lol, congrats on the W and being a part of tournament history

  5. @sportslogosnet @joshwood Something like this looks good too

  6. More rigged than the 2015 National Championship. Absolutely disgusting. Here's hoping for a Big Ten Tournament run... #MSUvsWIS #Badgers

  7. @sportslogosnet Interesting enough, the Brewers actually have a royal with gold bill Ball in Glove hat available to…

  8. @sportslogosnet Here's hoping that there will be a personalized alternate logo like this one for LA

  9. Nothing is longer than a night 3 hour lecture in a hot room #halp

  10. Welp, it was a good attempt at least. They'll get em next year #GBvsCAR

  11. RT @packers: @johnkrasinski @AaronRodgers12

  12. Is it December 17 yet? #NOvsGB #WeMissYouAaron

  13. RT @tae15adams: At home feeling great. Appreciate the prayers??????

  14. When your CS classes aren't in the CS building, but history is #FirstDay

  15. I guess all we can do is stay strong and still believe that not all people are bad.

  16. @AndrewShears @geoSteven @sportslogosnet @MLB Milwaukee Braves won it then, I believe, so they got the city right

  17. Few sports legends have their own drink. RIP Arnold Palmer.

  18. After further review, @BadgerFootball, 2 upside down N's in the north end zone and an upside down last N in the south end zone.

  19. @sportslogosnet Well, it could also be a modern take on the 1982 World Series

  20. Nice profile pic ;)

    1. TVIXX


      Thanks for making it

  21. It might not be the prettiest, but it sure is my most accurate and successful. Congrats, 'Nova! #MarchMadness

  22. RT @BadgerMBB: It was fun while it lasted but the season comes to an end w/a 61-56 loss to Notre Dame. Thanks for a great season. https://t…

  23. @BleacherReport The Maryland logo isn't entirely new anymore...

  24. @sportslogosnet If you didn't know already, the @brewers are bringing back their 90's jersey with crossed bat logo on #90sNight on 7/30.

  25. @conradburry Fair enough