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  1. 2 hours ago, rattyrattera said:

    More helmet numbers, this time Clemson, latter half of 1957. I can supply more images if needed but those in their yearbook are of relatively poor quality.


    You're right, not a lot of pixels to work with, but I'd just use a normal athletic block and elongate (NOT stretch, the horizontal and vertical weight looks to be equal) it to size.  An elongated MLB Block might fit the bill nicely.


  2. 3 hours ago, pitt6pack said:

    I've got a Browns mystery logo from 2004 Week 1. I'd greatly appreciate if someone could identify this one for me. The logo appears in the right of each endzone. Looks to be a 40th anniversary logo, but I can't figure out what for, so my google image searches have been coming up empty.

    2 hours ago, cjpowerbomb said:

    My guess is it's the 40th anniversary of the Browns last championship in 1964 which was against the Colts

    Yeah, you're right it is the 40th Anniversary of the 1964 NFL Championship.  Couldn't find a flat logo with that coloring, but here's a textured logo from a poster that shows you at least what the details are:


  3. 6 hours ago, pitt6pack said:

    I have the endzone done so far, but I can't figure out the new number font; it's not from their uniform numbers. The "ATLANTA FALCONS" in the endzone also doesn't match any of their wordmarks, which is also interesting.

    I think this font is the one being used on their team website and digital materials as well.  As a result, the "ATLANTA FALCONS" in the endzone and the field numbers are probably both Kairos Sans Condensed Bold.

  4. Well, since 3 and 4 are retired, and 1 and 5 are unofficially retired, it's kind of easy to keep the single digits off the field.  The current single digits are Mason Crosby (2), J.K. Scott (6), and Tim (Freaking) Boyle (8).  Another point with the single digits is that the media guide only counts players who have played a game, so that means there might be a bunch of back-up players in the single digits that just never made it to the field.

  5. 9 hours ago, NicDB said:

    The Packers have 1 and 5 "unofficially" retired.  No one has worn 5 in a regular season game since Don Majkowski's rookie year in 1987 (he switched to 7 the following year).

    IIRC, the only player to wear 1 in Packers history is Curly Lambeau.  But it was one of many that he wore.

    The Packers do give out the 1 to some players in the preseason that you know are never going to make it to the regular season, like Jawill Davis last year:



    But you're right, the only documented player to play at least 1 regular season game for the Packers wearing 1 is Curly Lambeau from 1925-26 (and probably before 1925, as shown on these 1923 and 1924 programs, but the Pro Football Hall of Fame only has programs since 1925 and thus media guides only report uniform numbers since 1925).  Curly also wore 14 (1927), 42 (1928), and 20 (1929, NFL Champion).  Another rare number is the next one, 2.  Mason Crosby is only the second Packer to wear 2, becoming the first player since 1926 to do so.


    After crunching the numbers, here's all the Packers numbers numbers that no one asked for:


    Non-retired Packers numbers that were worn during the least amount of seasons:

    1 (2 seasons, as mentioned)

    6 (9 seasons)

    2 (15 seasons)

    9 (18 seasons)

    49 (21 seasons)


    Non-retired Packers numbers that were worn by the least amount of players:

    1 (1 player)

    2 (2 players)

    6 (8 players)

    94 (9 players)

    69 (10 players)


    Non-retired Packers numbers that were worn during the shortest careers:

    6 (1.13 seasons per player)

    41 (1.27 seasons per player)

    19 (1.28 seasons per player)

    49 (1.31 seasons per player)

    20 (1.44 seasons per player)


    Non-retired Packers numbers that were last worn the longest time ago:

    1 (1926, Curly Lambeau)

    5 (1988, Curtis Burrow; Don Majkowski did wear it during his 1987 rookie season as well)

    60 (2007, Rob Davis)

    49 (2013, Robert Francois)

    57 (2014, Jamari Lattimore)

    72 (2014, Garth Gerhart)

  6. 3 hours ago, rattyrattera said:

    If it's okay I'm going to be requesting a number of historic helmet number fonts for a project


    Boston College from the late 1950's to 1961

    For early 60's helmet numbers like that (Chargers and Broncos had them as well) I use a thinner LHF Egyptian with extended acute angles and higher middle bar on the 5.


  7. 1 hour ago, DTConcepts said:

    Another brand killed by lowercase, friendly fonts in the name of "simplification."

    Well, Intel's brand history has all been in lowercase sans serif, but still a valid point about the current brand landscape.


    I feel like a better option would've been keeping this font but lowering to "e" to evoke the original logo.  Quick and dirty mockup:



    I do have to say I like the diagonal squares applications.  Overall, I'd say a lateral move though.

  8. 8 hours ago, officeglenn said:


    I've run into something like this when images are loading. If you scroll to an area where an image is supposed to be, the placeholder is a grey square, and if the image is a different size than that placeholder when it loads, then the page will skip a bit to adjust for the newly loaded image. My guess is that the images aren't loaded right away in an effort to save on bandwidth/data usage/etc., but then again I'm not an expert on the forum software.

    I initially thought that was the problem, but it was happening after the images were loaded, so I assume it's the ads like @Sec19Row53 suggested.

  9. 8 hours ago, colinturner95 said:

    I don't know how you know so many fonts or how you find said fonts, but I'm not gonna complain

    80% of the time, I clean up the source and warp it back to as straight as possible if needed, then run it through What Font Is or WhatTheFont!; the other 20%, I know the font right off the bat.  I like that script as well, so I was happy to do the work to find it for you.  Love me some fonts!

  10. A solid update, and the horizontal bezels are perfect, but now the vertical bezels are mismatched; the lighting of the finial of the "a" should be flipped like Ted mentioned.  To elaborate further on what Ted was saying, the bowl of a double story "a" usually descends a bit, but so does the tail when it's curled like yours does.  I wouldn't raise the tail too much, but it could be raised a tad.



    Great work so far!

  11. I can dig this; however, I feel like rounding out the yokes on the shoulders and making the collar the same color to go full 30s-40s would look a tad better.


    As I adjust my glasses, I do have some problems with your abridged history of the Packers.  The Packers weren't a charter NFL club; they joined in 1921, the APFA's second season.  Also, the Packers have 13 league championships; 15 comes from counting both the NFL Championships and AFL-NFL World Championships in the 1966 and 1967 seasons which is redundant and inaccurate because the AFL-NFL World Championship was essentially a post-season exhibition game before it was firmly called the Super Bowl and represented the NFL championship after the NFL and AFL merged in 1970.

  12. I apologize if this theory has been said already, as I'm not following this civil discussion closely, but could the bone away unis be the result of trying to shoehorn Dodgers iconography with the Rams identity?  I feel like the navy-white experiment was attempting to be close to Dodgers colors, and now the bone away looking like an over-designed college baseball uniform that's been changed into a football uniform.  I dread enduring a game against the Rams these next 5 years...

  13. Came back and just noticed another thing: the lighting on the bezel doesn't make sense.  If this "a" was a physical object, it'd be impossible to have light and dark edges look like that from a single light source.  When adding a bezel to typography, a common way of making it look natural is having segments facing north and east one color, and segments facing south and west the other color.  Here, the top and bottom of the "a" has different lighting than the middle bar, which couldn't exist in 3D space.