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  1. Oh hey, you guys hear the Bucs were getting new unis?
  2. I agree, and that article is a good one; I never claimed that the Colts are the Triangles. Just thought a picture was a little easier to digest than a 6 page article. Even though the Indianapolis Colts actually were the Baltimore Colts, old Baltimore fans probably have little stock in the current Colts, similar to Houston fans not caring about the current Titans, Chicago and St. Louis fans not caring about the current (football) Cardinals, among other examples across multiple sports. Relocation happens a lot in sports and even though it's a continuation of a franchise in a new place, it essentially becomes the equivalent to the beginning of a new team regardless of semantics. Having a Rochester banner hanging in Sacramento or a Seattle logo painted on a wall in Milwaukee is extremely weird.
  3. A while back u/garethom on reddit make this infographic to visualize the shreds of history that tie the Colts to the Dayton Triangles: The Miami Seahawks, though, folded after the 1946 AAFC season and was bought and became the first iteration of the Baltimore Colts in 1947. The Baltimore Colts I joined the NFL after the AAFC was absorbed in 1949 and then folded at the end of the 1950 NFL season, being sold back to the NFL. The Baltimore Colts I are only related in name to the Baltimore Colts II that would become the Indianapolis Colts.
  4. Most Q's look like O's with accents as a tail, and serifs on the Q's tail are incredibly rare. The extension of the font on your jacket seems to have similar serif placement to that of a Roman type (Times New Roman, Trajan, etc.), which leads me to suggesting an adaptation of the T's beak or creating your own tail that doesn't match anything.
  5. For the Q, I'd just do a sans serif diagonal tail, similar to the MLB Pirates font:
  6. In the year 2386, the Super Bowl comes to Denver... Only critique is that that's not really how Roman numerals work, but it's obvious what you were going for. Good stuff.
  7. Sure it is, just Inspect around the logo box, find the logo box in the source code, and voila, you got a logo; I've done it plenty.
  8. Have you guys heard of Inspect Element or just plain screenshotting?
  9. And 40 years before Lombardi's only postseason loss, NFL games were being played in a small Green Bay public park.
  10. Well, TruColor has the Badgers wearing the same cardinal since the Motion W was introduced in 1991, which is the second darkest red (not counted Minnesota's maroon, Indiana's crimson is the darkest red) in the Big Ten (and somehow the same color code as Ohio State?). However, I do think Under Armour's University Red is darker than adidas' Wisc Red implementation, even though Wisc Red, UA University Red, and the Motion W's history all use Pantone 200 C. In an attempt to find similar lighting conditions, this is what that looks like: 2001-2015 adidas Wisc Red: 2016-present UA University Red: But, then again, if you watch the games, you can tell which team is Wisconsin and which is Nebraska by how they're playing... Gonna be a while until the the Freedom Trophy goes to Lincoln for the first time.
  11. This will become a rare uniform match-up now
  12. Always loved the Packers' use of the notched 5: But, I wish the middle bar of the 5 was higher like it used to be: Obviously biased here, but I honestly prefer the rounded numbers Under Armour made to unify the dominance of the football and basketball programs in recent history and, as a result, the rest of the athletics have a unified look. And in the Big Red Ten, you need as much uniqueness as possible to stand out from Indiana, Maryland, Nebraska, Ohio State, and Rutgers when you're a red team. Maybe if the Big Ten didn't add Nebraska, Maryland, and Rutgers; Wisconsin could rightfully own a Packers-esque block.
  13. That's close, but I think even closer is Good News Sans SemiBold Condensed, but with various tweaks to the G and S among others. Also, I find What Font Is to be a tad more accurate than WhatTheFont, which is where I found Good News Sans for you.
  14. That's definitely a custom font. But on's New Logo page, they use it a lot. And there are ways to download fonts used on websites. But I didn't tell you that.
  15. I feel like to make a mid-season tournament relevant, the NBA could pull a page from their eSports league, the 2K League, and give the tournament winner a locked spot in the Playoffs. Otherwise, I'm not the biggest fan of complicating the season to generate more revenue.
  16. The Packers in Milwaukee worked so well, they put Milwaukee in their (alternate) logo: In addition to the Packers' Milwaukee games, another good Milwaukee second home (albeit for just one game) was two years ago when the Bucks recreated their beautiful 70s-80s court and played in their 70s-80s home to celebrate their 50th:
  17. Sorry to interrupt this argument discussion, but watching the Admirals game, and the Milwaukee Admirals (AHL, Nashville, owned by a group including Brewers owner Mark Attanasio) added the new Brewers 50 patch to replace the navy and yellow old ball-in-glove they had before today: Pretty awesome that there's been so many 50 year anniversaries in Milwaukee sports around the same time with Green Bay's 100th on top of it all. Also, fittingly, they won the game 5-0.
  18. Also, the same problem is on mobile (in my case: Android 8.1.0, Google Chrome), but you can scroll much faster, so it isn't as cumbersome.
  19. According to TruColor, it's the same light navy.
  20. The "Taboola Feed" at the bottom of an article makes it impossible to scroll to the comments unless you scroll faster that it loads: (Windows 10, Google Chrome) ...yes I have a Packers Chrome theme
  21. So, I just wanted to address the off-centered wordmarks: -With the serifs, the B becomes wider than the S by a serif, shifting the W slightly right of middle. -The BRE is spaced out more than the WERS are on the actual jersey: (BRE has some space between the yellow border) (WERS are touching at the yellow) -As a result, on the uniform, it appears like the wordmark won't be as off center as it looks. In the case of the road MILWAUKEE: -The placket removes the kerning between the W and A causing the MILW to be shifted left. (Side note: This is very likely the reason the A looks the way it does; if it was a traditional triangular A, the space between the W and A on the uniform would look awful) -As a result, the AUKEE is spaced out a bit more than the MILW: -Again, on the uniform the wordmark is centered. The spacing corrections are barely visible and aren't that big of a deal. I'd rather have inconsistent spacing than this placket garbage:
  22. This looks extremely legit, but what's the source on this? (just curious)
  23. Flipping the scripts and numbers made everything more yellow-centric, so the yellow front panel alt hat seemed more appropriate to go with it:
  24. Well the Braves were in Milwaukee so that might not be a bad thing. Yeah... I tried to make it obvious that that was an r and not an n with the serif, but I see what you're seeing. If I connected the e and r a la 2000-10s Brewers scripts, it'd be some awkward white space in this tail-less application. I appreciate the rare compliment from you. The crutch of a Brewers Script is the nature of cursive r's and n's looking incredibly alike in structure, and cursive s's being hard to fit in. Plus there's a lot of curviness with the e's and w contrasting with the sharp edges of r's and some types of s's. But, as much as I love the throwbacks, as an orderly type guy, I prefer brand consistency, and I always thought it was weird to have a block home and script away instead of all block or all script. Obviously, I prefer the Brewers in a script or at least a font with some character, and you prefer the Brewers in a block, so you got what you like in the rebrand, and I felt compelled to make this concept to see what my preference would look like.
  25. For the script, I just used the existing e and w, created a r and s to match, and warped the B from the existing main custom "BrewersIndustrial" font that the new wordmarks are made of. And the number and NOB is the BrewersIndustrial again.