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  1. So the Brewers unveiled new uniforms and personally, I think there's some positives and negatives, and I'd like to address the negatives. 1) New ball-in-glove: Garbage. Change for the sake of change and the lowered ball looks incredibly awkward. 2) Industrial script: Great. But, why have it when it's only on one jersey? I feel like to tie in both the 90s Ball-in-glove and 2000-10s M barley eras of Brewers uniforms into the current new uniforms a bit more, it'd be pretty cool to have it on all the uniforms. 3) Royal Blue only on a border of logos. Why have a hint of royal blue that no one can reasonably see? Either have only royal blue or no royal blue. 4) Infinite amounts of secondary logos. As much as I love the idea Wheat Ball and Angry Barrelman, wheat ball is too basic for a shoulder patch and Barrelman isn't even used anywhere. My solution: New Brewers script matching the new Milwaukee script: No royal anymore, changed it to white and put the proper ball-in-glove: Only shoulder patches are the anniversary patch and the proper ball-in-glove even though the Brick Wisconsin M is actually decent, but it's more consistent with just the ball-in-glove. Also, while I don't have a problem with cream home jerseys, I feel like white just looks better. HOME WHITE: FRIDAY HOME ALT: ROAD GRAY: ROAD ALT:
  2. Please use this picture from Twitter instead of the locker room to see all the uniforms: The new logo portion of the Brewers website AND Brewers Twitter clearly show that the yellow front panel cap is for the navy road alternate ONLY.
  3. Definitely something that would make me like the idea of AmFam Park better.
  4. As a hat connoisseur, I love wearing my yellow front panel BiG and have a white front panel M barley to match. Love love love the return of it, especially for the away alt, and I expect the Brewers to paint the batting helmets as such as well.
  5. Well, Miller Park turns into Wrigley North every Cubs game due to the price difference between ballparks and the Cubs own the Brewers-Cubs series. The Milwaukee-Chicago rivalry in all of sports is only relevant because of Green Bay Packers-Chicago Bears rivalry rooting an intense state-wide hatred to Chicago. Historically, the biggest rival to the Brewers is the Twins, hence always playing each other 4 times a year despite now being in opposite leagues. But, with that being said... the Cubs.
  6. That's just the angle, the yellow between the stems of the m is actually thicker than the old BiG
  7. This pic from Twitter makes it look like navy pinstripes.
  8. Solid uniforms, still not a fan of the unnecessary tweaks of the ball in glove. I doubt the throwbacks will be in the uniform rotation since they made pinstripe home alternates which is a damn shame, and I'm not sold on the font 100%, but it looks a lot better than I thought it would. Overall, I'd say it's what the fans wanted and despite my barley bias it might be a slight upgrade.
  9. Looks like an extremely stretched out Trajan.
  10. That's a custom font. What I do for new custom fonts like the Jets among others is go to online team shops and look for youth jerseys because those are usually not distorted, or the team's Instagram or Twitter and build it up from various graphics. In the case of the Jets, it's got a extremely elementary construction with a consistent-degree cut angles typical of most athletic blocks with the only "hard" part being changing the weight of the middle bar for 3 and 8 to be skinnier. If you want a reference, this is what I put together: . . . Or Chris posts the number font outright and makes it so much easier. Thanks for making it super easy for the Padres, boss.
  11. Hey man, I know you've been everywhere trying to find an exact font, but this looks like just a super generic athletic block that would be pretty easy to trace. That's just the serif version of the MLB block that the Brewers throwback and the Twins use.
  12. Looks to be a modified Avengeance.
  13. Bayshore Mall Bayshore Town Center The Bayshore.
  14. Brand new mural in a northern Milwaukee suburb by me in a "revitalizing" (but yet planning on being the exact same as it once was) mall: It's the only sports logo on it too... Oops
  15. I just have this feeling that most Brewers fans are going to try to clamor over the current hybrid alt and accompanying hat over getting new gear with the Botch in Glove. Definite downgrade if the leak is legit. Has there been any other confirmation of this being legit other than the Topps Opening Day card?
  16. You're really not going to allow me to say anything without criticizing it? Alright. I'm not sure I can take this criticism seriously when you're running down the absolutely gorgeous typography of the M barley scripts (note, I said typography, not design, because I know this board hates drop shadows AND borders for whatever reason) and then subsequently lifting up a simple block with new angles as a work of art. 1940s athletic blocks were pretty much only 45° angle-constructed (I made plenty of vintage blocks in my NFL 100 Throwback project) if they weren't a gothic (antiquated term used then to describe sans serif) font. The use of different angles in athletic blocks has became more of a thing in recent years where you have Nike making blocks with some program-significant numbers used for angles like Wake Forest football had and Washington football has. Obviously with the font choice and the seemingly unnecessary glove tweaks, the Brewers were attempting to modernize. That being said, stylistically, my point is that the font and the style of the ball in glove don't mix well for brand consistency sake. The Packers are a completely different situation where you have the most storied franchise in all of professional sports wearing a logo originally meant to be shaped like a football and the closest thing modern day football has to a vintage athletic block. The Packers will never and should never go to a "smoother" font because geometric sans serif football numbers are done by the rest of the NFC North, but most notably, the Bears. Both the G and the classic uniform are iconic in their own right and are never used together, literally separated on the uniform. Whereas, the Brewers modern block and ball in glove are in the same logo even. The 80s BiG had a nice sans serif to go with it that worked well, so it wouldn't be a stretch to say that the new roundel would look good if not better with a sans serif as well because it fits. Say what you want about the use of Times New Roman, but it matched the M barley and its brush scripts.
  17. Honestly, the font and tweaks are not great. The connection of the m and b just looks like a Chinese rip off ball in glove. A baseball glove looks more like the existing ball in glove than this new one. The spring training fields font has awful angles, exaggerated especially in the Jackie Robinson retired number statue outside the fields: If that is indeed the font in the roundel, those numbers most likely will be the uniform numbers which is a shame, but seems on brand for Nike. Also, in terms of brand consistency, the font and ball in glove don't match at all. You have a modern athletic block with unconventional angles matched with a still 80's vibe, very curvy and abstract logo. I feel like regardless of the history of the ball in glove uniforms, the ball in glove would benefit from a nice geometric sans serif font.
  18. Also, Photobooth-hosted pictures are previewed as blurry, so I recommend steering away from that too.
  19. That'll be a condensed Serpentine.
  20. WCU must've relocated from Colorado... Combo of Colorado state flag colors and Nuggets' pickaxes isn't the best look for a western Cal team.
  21. (my mistake... Looked wonky to me, almost thought you were using Arial)
  22. Fair enough, I guess you did answer my question earlier. I just thought I might have cracked the code with a reputation point threshold, and was wondering if any of you knew something about that. But, @officeglenn addressed that theory, so the mystery continues... Thanks guys, keep up the good work!
  23. I know, I'm not too worried, just wanted to see if you guys had any insight. I think it was about 9 before midnight, 2 after; I'm not sure. I just see 1 like posts at the bottom bottom of the list and was just wondering why they were there where mine and other posts aren't.
  24. I guess I should've been clearer, I meant I'm no where to be found on the daily leaderboard, even in the list under the top 4.
  25. Not sure if you guys can figure this one out either, but going along on the "How the Leaderboard works?" train, is there a reputation threshold to even be considered on the leaderboard? I'm not trying to be egotistical here, but I escaped my lurking and occasional Concepts posting and made a splash in the News forum (for better or for worse) and I'm still nowhere to be found in the leaderboard even though my M barley study got 11 likes. It seems like only the big names of the board get put on the leaderboard, any confirmation to that theory?