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  1. The Jaguars are so close to good unis (outlines and a pant stripe. Oh and bring back the flaked helmet) but what pisses me off about these is that they took the time to outline the numbers anyway, just in the same color as the jersey, why not make those outlines black or gold here? And teal on the black and white jerseys)
  2. At the very least, it's proof they need to switch to black pants and helmets immediately. Even if they don't touch the jerseys.
  3. The Flyers definitely need to go back to that shade of orange instead of the traffic cone orange they wear now.
  4. 1. Titans 2. Cardinals 3. Rams 4. Falcons Those four for sure. Not sure who I'd put at 5. Maybe the Seahawks, I guess. The Jaguars could use a few tweaks (teal/gold number outlines and a pants stripe.) I think the Broncos are fine, unless they're switching to the color rush jerseys, they should keep status quo.
  5. The only problem with the Stars jersey is the numbers. They need to be filled in either neon green or white. I couldn't make them out watching the game last night. Other than that I love those uniforms. But I love lime/neon green especially against black.
  6. I remember when news first leaked of the Vikings moving on from the Reebok look, the source called the uniforms that were coming "retro and awesome."
  7. Why are they so reluctant to put the WEagle on a jersey? It would make these fantastic.
  8. Have a feeling we're going to get something similar to the color rush set but with a custom number font or one unnecessary element somewhere, whether that be the pants stripe, piping, forced "tiger-like" font, etc that drags down the whole look.
  9. As long as it's only worn on Fridays and they keep black trim off the other uniforms, I'm ok with the Mets black jersey. Hopefully they use the blue brimmed hat instead of the all black one.
  10. Only problem with the hornets uniforms is the lack of purple. The font outlines are barley noticeable. The collar and sleeve cuffs should be purple.
  11. If they really want the Panther in the shadows effect they should paint the back half of that blue.
  12. These should all be promoted to Alt status: Bruins Capitals Coyotes (assuming they go back to Kachina full time) Flames (cut the cord on the Reebok Edge jersey already) Golden Knights (I actually like the gold ones, but these work just as well. Kings Panthers (put the new leaping cat on it if you must) Rangers