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  1. I hate the one helmet rule more than anybody, but the Titans only have themselves to blame for stupidly switching to a navy helmet.
  2. The Broncos are still kinda consistent with their past though. Even before the change in 97 the roads featured more blue than orange. It's just more prominent/noticeable now because of the side panels.
  3. Come on, you know very well that they're going mono Navy twice a year now.
  4. When I say “worked” I really meant legible from a distance than good looking jersey. Those would also be greatly improved by filling everything white or another contrasting color. The Braves already corrected this. @aawagner011 pointed out why they worked,
  5. I really like the new Marlins identity but those Black jerseys are a mess. And if they just fill in everything in white or blue those jersey go from trash to very sexy. The same color numbers/wordmarks somehow work(ed) for the old Braves alts and the red Angels, but don't here.
  6. -West Virginias unis are good. Thank god they dropped block and the awful font. Hopefully they don't make the mistake of wearing the white helmet with anything other than the white jersey like before. It just doesn't match. -I think I prefer Baylor in metallic gold than yellow. -And my god, that Michigan STATE uniform is terrible. I'm a lime green fan, but when it plays off like black or navy, not darker green. But that's not even the worst part of this unnecessary uniform. The giant wordmark is.
  7. Hopefully they don't where the city (or earned) jerseys like they did last year. I liked last years city and it fit the theme. But I don't need to see them in gray at home all postseason, and the earned jerseys are completely pointless and the standard whites are so much better.
  8. Jets are probably a C. I don't hate them beside the mono black and the leotard look with the socks. IDK what I was thinking giving the Titans a C, but after seeing them on the field this year, they're a D+ at best.
  9. Pit-NYI will be my favorite matchup.
  10. The Soul should play in street clothes before stepping on the field in those, Looks like the MLB TATC unis.
  11. Cardinals have a schedule too: cream alts for Saturday home games powder blue jerseys for Saturday road games - new for this year. bid hat for Sunday home games navy hat against other red hat teams on the road for contrast So other than Saturdays, you’re getting white or gray. I believe the Orioles have a schedule too. They only wear alts on Friday’s. Black at home Orange on the road. I know the Mariners only wear the teal on home fridays and the fauxback on sundays, but I think it’s a free for all with the navy road alt.
  12. Watching Sixers-Bucks tonight and if I was someone who didn’t know better I’d be so confused by who was playing with both teams in city jerseys. The blue and red Sixers in gray and the green and cream Bucks in 2 tone yellow and red.
  13. If those are real, they actually aint bad. I kinda like em, but kinda don't. They give off a more North Texas/Marshall vibe than a NFL team vibe, or better yet Saskatchewan, but are pretty restrained for what Nike could have done. I do hate the mono-black though, of course. The black jerseys wouldn't be bad if worn with white or green pants (they won't ever or rarely will be) or at WORST green socks (they won't be, because, for some reason the Panthers are the only team who understand contrasting socks and even they started to forget how to do at the end of last year.) This goes for black socks with the green pants too.