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  1. It's impressive that the gradient numbers are probably only the 4th worst thing about this uniform (Helmet horns, mono, patch/stitching)
  2. The blue looks awesome. The "horn" looks like
  3. I love almost all things powder blue. But the Rangers' just doesn't work. The Cardinals, Twins and Jays all look beautiful. The Rangers don't.
  4. I love the jerseys and that light blue color. Can give or take the logo, someone said it looks like Seagrams S, looks more like a Seahorse than anything kraken related. Still think Sockeyes would have been better. I'd definitely rock a light blue hat with either logo, but the space needle anchor is great.
  5. I didn't mind the volt, especially once it was reduced to trim. But these are a big upgrade and a classic looking set.
  6. It's not the logo itself, it's just that I feel wordmarks always look better than straight logos on soccer jerseys as ads. Also the fact that the logo is a number can get confusing, especially for the average fan. 3 on the front and then a completely different number/font on the back.
  7. Love this. Thinking I'm gonna get a Pulisic. The sponsor still blows, wish therer was a wordmark there or they just stayed with Yokohama but what are you gonna do.
  8. Lol, we all know if this comes to pass that it'll be worn with yellow socks.
  9. They should bring back the moon at center ice while they're at it.
  10. This is such an improvement. I hated the Boston College-looking gold number. It took 6 years but they've now slowly but surely corrected every mistake from the initial unveiling. Still prefer the pre-2014 look but this'll do.
  11. Looks like Authentic jerseys are gonna be $500 soon when you account for the extra $3 it costs to add ad patches to them.