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  1. If the Vikings must wear that color rush trash, might as well add a yellow facemask too it.
  2. With yellow socks, I can live with it every 3 years. But the current purple head to toe? Na just look like grimace. And even if you ignore the purple=grimace low hanging fruit joke, mono just always sucks in general. Need at least contrasting socks to break it up a little for it to be an ok occasional thing.
  3. Love that Bulls jersey. The red pinstripe set from the 90s is one of my favorite jerseys, but I think it actually looks better with the white, as it doesn't get muddled from afar.
  4. I just don't like the chest stripes (hate this on the Browns too) and how much they love mono-navy. Those two changes make them perfectly fine uniforms, IMO. Also I always questioned why the connecting logos on the helmet pointed down instead of up, you know like the logo does.
  5. I wish the Seahawks would wear navy pants with the lime green jerseys and socks. It would actually look good. But alas they'll do what the Seahawks always do and wear ugly mono, only this time scorching everyones retinas.
  6. "Faithful to our colors" Wears white instead of silver.
  7. What is this new thing the Panthers keep doing where they wear the black socks with the black pants? When they first introduced the black pants, they always correctly wore blue socks with them. The last two years it seems the prefer the yoga pants look. I guess having contrast and looking good doesn't result in enough fire emojis these days.
  8. What's with the floating black boxes? It's almost like they called the Titans for pointers. Same thing with the Hornets, kind of. I hate this new trend of unfinished stripes/panels in basketball and football.
  9. Every time I see a basketball jersey with a just logo and no wordmark it makes be think of like Create-A-Team in the PS2 days before the game could handle custom wordmarks, and it always looks awful.
  10. I wanna thank the Browns for wearing orange socks. Broke up the mono a little bit and save us from leotard nonsense.
  11. Tranquilo..Assen na yo
  12. They're probably just starting to sell the Mitchell and Ness versions of this in the team store. I know they already make Bledsoe and Martin, and I think Bruschi and M&N's twitter has said a Ty Law is coming eventually.