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  1. I'm meh on the Heat's new trix yogurt city. This is definitely my least favorite of the 5 Vice unis, with last years being my favorite.
  2. I'd amend this to just the jersey or pants being white. I don't think it looks good with a white helmet. The new Chargers kinda pull it off, probably since the powder and yellow are so bright but it still doesn't look as good as the white pants.
  3. The Colts have been basically wearing their color rush all year since the font change. Unless you mean you just mean they go mono-blue in which case, lets hope not.
  4. I agree with most of these besides the bolded. I'd put the Chargers in the tweaks category. I think blue jerseys need that white panel/background behind the bolt or the reverse on the white but a blue panel (Similar to the Tomlinson era.) I Think the Bucs belong in good, even with nike ruining pewter, Broncos in mediocre and the Jags probably in mediocre too. Jags are a few tweaks/additions of teal/gold away from being good.
  5. I think all the Bengals have to do is lose the side panels and straighten up the pants stripe and they're fine. Number font, yoked white jerseys and all. But what they really should do is throw some orange in the color rush set and make black and orange versions and you're done. And I actually kinda like the Broncos unis. Unless they're going to the color rush (with white pants) I'd say stick with you have because the grass isn't always greener.
  6. The striping on the Rams jerseys looking especially atrocious on the cut Matt Gay was wearing. Unfortunately I couldn't find a better pic than this.
  7. Those Grizzlies jerseys are fantastic.