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  1. I'll add this. Not possible currently cause of the satin helmet.
  2. The rule before 2013 or whatever it was, was that a different helmet was only allowed for throwbacks. The NFL has loosened its uni rules recently but I think they care about the brand enough that I don't see them alowing this to become the NCAA either.
  3. Fingers crossed that he knows something and isn't just saying things. Paul Lukas said he spoke to a source who said it is under consideration for 2021 but nothing was decided yet. 2020 is status quo.
  4. Wow kudos for the Chargers for getting it right, now lets hope the unis are just as good.
  5. The Ram head is fine, not as good as what it replaced, but fine, and should be the primary. The LA one is still garbage and looks pretty bad on hats. They're gonna ruin the best helmet in the NFL with that garbage gradient horn too, aren't they?
  6. Maybe these are just coming back as an ALT and not a full revamp?
  7. If those are it. The giant logo still sucks and it's a shame to see orange go but their a solid 8 or 9 out of 10. Humongous upgrade from the alarm clock font and too much not-so-pewter set.
  8. All the jokes have already been made... but I will say as alternate logo, meh ok. As a primary replacing the beautiful Ram head that just needed to recolor? puke. Did no one in charge of this notice how easily that could be a Chargers logo? If the horn on the helmet looks anything like the one in the logo fans might protest the team back to St. Louis.
  9. I think any change the Broncos make (and hopefully it would just be color rush with white pants) they have to keep the Navy (with white pants) 97 set as an alternate/throwback.
  10. That Tottenham home is horrific, but I actually like the gradient gray and volt one.
  11. The other problem with these besides the number font and obnoxiously big helmet logo (that was "cleaned up" but actually downgraded), is that theres too much pewter and on matte fabric and it never looks pewter, depending on the lighting it looks either brown or anthracite. Then there's the Bucs on one sleeve and ship logo on the other (this sucks for the Lions too) and not to mention the ship logo is botched since it has the mast in front of the sale in the back.
  12. This looks more Iowa State than Tampa Bay Bucs.
  13. Except that one time Nate Robinson wore the St. Patrick's day jersey for some reason.
  14. This is worse than the "throwback" college jerseys they sell with a former player on the current style/design/template. Other than template, schools like Michigan, Oklahoma, etc who never change desgin can get away with it, but for example Michael Jordan never wore this: