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  1. I wouldn't mind the howler as a shoulder patch if the moon logo wasn't so good. It's also the best center ice logo of all time.
  2. Indians, the old Washington name, even the Blackhawks logo, ok I see the argument and the changes were/are inevitable as society progressed. But I still don't get how an arrowhead and a tomahawk are considered offensive? They're just weapons/tools, does it really matter what group of people they were used by? To me it just seems like perfect examples of the slippery slope some of the people opposed to those other changes were worried about. Some people will just find the next name or logo to be offended by and crusade about when/if those are changed. What is the Chiefs were the Archers and kept the same logo?
  3. Should have went with Spiders or Naps. Guess they were set on 'dians' staying. And that G/Baseball/Wings logo is AWFUL. Looks very create-a-team from like PS2 or something.
  4. The Phillies' have had them for a few years they've just in the back of the closet the last couple. They were the Thursday home day game alts but were since replaced by the powder blues for throwback thursday. IDK why at the time they didn't just change the day they wore them. And the Mets jersey has been in the works at least since Cohen bought the team. So I don't think they just decided a few weeks ago they want to add black alts.
  5. I'd rather them phase out the pointless road alts with the GFGS 'New York' and even more unnecessary gray logo hat. They can wear a jersey that says Mets on the road it's not a big deal.
  6. These immediately become the best jersey in the set (not that that's saying much) and should be elevated to primary away immediately with the bone ones thrown into a bottomless pit. If they would have done this from the get go and also never touched the helmet horn or used gradients, I don't think there would have been many complaints. I do lol at them comparing it to the original trying to get some goodwill back. No, no the original is still a 1000x better and that side by side photo they posted only accentuates that. Let's hope the uniform they unveil next year is yellow (hopefully not mono) and not black.
  7. I like the current uniforms, but the Vkings should look like this every game.
  8. This sums up my reaction to both the decision to do away with the regular jerseys for the ASG and the design of the jerseys they're going to wear.
  9. The White Sox city jersey aren't as good as Miami's and the hat leaves some to be desired but I still think they're nice.
  10. Celtics should bring back Cus Crise.
  11. It can work sometimes only when contrasting socks are worn. Like I think the Panthers look great in Black/Black/Blue but look like complete dog poop when they go head-to-toe black.
  12. Is it a minority opinion to like the Marlins current set? I hate the unreadable black jerseys and think they need to embrace the teal/"miami blue" a little more but other than that I think they're great. Maybe not on par with the originals but they definitely crap on the first Miami set.
  13. These are gorgeous. And while the shades might be slightly different it uses two colors that are part of their current color scheme, unlike the UCLA Red Sox. Bravo.
  14. Good. I think the black jersey looks better without the yoke. And I always liked the meth bear shoulder patch. Also it reminds me of Happy Gilmore, which is never a bad thing.
  15. Not that the current jerseys are bad, but these are both better than what they came up with. Gold > Silver.
  16. My first though seeing this was "When did the Jets sign Matt Moore and why are they selling his jersey?" The new number rules is really gonna take some getting used too.
  17. Didn't the MLS force Minnesota to add the FC at the end of their name because Atlanta was already coming in with United and they didn't want too many Uniteds? But multiple nickname-less SC and FC is fine I guess. Also I guess it was easier to ignore that Minnesota already existed and was just being promoted basically, rather than tell Arthur Blank to pick a different name. I very very casually follow MLS and Minnesota United, but just can't get into it like I am the PL. I'll watch a game every now and again if I'm bored and they're on FS1 or ESPN and I follow their twitter but that's it. And the only reason I even follow MNUFC at all is because when they were coming up I thought they had a great logo and colors and them being an expansion team I figured I'd be starting from the beginning, but just couldn't stick with it hardcore. How does the league expect someone like me to stick with and follow the league, or gain new fans when they're constantly doing things like renaming/re-branding teams and I hear more news about fan backlash to things than I do about play on the field? Too much trying to cosplay European teams as if they think that's going to get people to take the league more serious I feel.
  18. I think they're allowed to change them every two years but aren't obliged to like the city jersey (I think Utah had to get permission to keep the red rock gradients for multiple years)
  19. Aren't statements allowed to change every two years? If so, how the Lakers have kept those awful black panels this long and what looks like at least one more year is baffling.
  20. IDK why but a LB wearing a number in the teens just feels wrong in the NFL and I watch college football too. I guess it'll just take a little getting used too.
  21. The first Nike was set great too. The 2018 one was meh and I didn't like last years too much either, up close it reminded me of a hawaiian shirt. All of the aways and thirds have been good though (besides this years third). Absolute love the powder blue aways this year.
  22. Something about Washington's gold pants that I always hated for same reason. Is the yellow any different pantone wise than GB, PIT or the (previous) Rams? Cause I'm fine with all of those. They were especially atrocious with the white jerseys, I could live with them a couple times per year with the burgundy jerseys but I definitely prefer the white.
  23. When the Vikings broke out the white on white last year against the Bears Zimmer said something that made it sound like it was going to be their night game road look based on conversations he had with Bill Parcells. Wearing it again against Tampa was probably a combination of the Tampa sun + the players loving them. I bet we see them 2 or 3 times again next year.
  24. These are very good. Top 3 Nike re-design I'd say. If I had to nitpick the white parts in the pants stripe with the orange need to be filled in black. And the black pants should only be worn with orange socks (but they'll only be worn with black most likely.(
  25. The Cavs could have stuck with the LeBron set or the first post LeBron set and would have been fine with either. Both were nice even if the latter was a little plain. They then had to force black into the set cause they decided to wear those adidas sleeve abominations in the finals when they won and came up with the mediocre at best set they currently wear and are going to force black into thier color scheme now for the foreseeable future.
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