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  1. I think any change the Broncos make (and hopefully it would just be color rush with white pants) they have to keep the Navy (with white pants) 97 set as an alternate/throwback.
  2. That Tottenham home is horrific, but I actually like the gradient gray and volt one.
  3. The other problem with these besides the number font and obnoxiously big helmet logo (that was "cleaned up" but actually downgraded), is that theres too much pewter and on matte fabric and it never looks pewter, depending on the lighting it looks either brown or anthracite. Then there's the Bucs on one sleeve and ship logo on the other (this sucks for the Lions too) and not to mention the ship logo is botched since it has the mast in front of the sale in the back.
  4. This looks more Iowa State than Tampa Bay Bucs.
  5. Except that one time Nate Robinson wore the St. Patrick's day jersey for some reason.
  6. This is worse than the "throwback" college jerseys they sell with a former player on the current style/design/template. Other than template, schools like Michigan, Oklahoma, etc who never change desgin can get away with it, but for example Michael Jordan never wore this:
  7. I still can't look at this logo without getting anxiety over the back pole being somehow in front of the sail. How was that missed in the design process?
  8. The snapback and flex hats look like an EKG.
  9. From a distance this is gonna look like Louisville.
  10. They're nice, but another team hoping on the powder blue trend. The hats are sexy though. Who's that with a powder blue fauxback jersey now (excluding the Rays/Royals alts and Phillies' true throwback)? Cardinals Twins Rangers Blue Jays Am I missing anyone? Of those 4, the Rangers are probably the least necessary and also the least good looking.
  11. It took 6 years but they finally fixed all the issues that should have happened from day 1 when these uniforms were designed (well besides shiny pants) -gold numbers to garnet on white jerseys. check. -Mustard looking helmet back to gold. check -facemask too purple looking needs to be more garnet. check -gold numbers to white on garnet jersey. check, finally.
  12. These are so bad. Looks like that have a dinner napkin tucked into their jerseys. Avs version of the turd burger.
  13. The Ravens uniforms are perfectly fine. They just need stripes on the black pants and a purple sock option to wear with them. So are the Panthers, Panthers are a top 5-10 uni in the league, IMO. In both of these cases, it's careful what you wish for situation. Look at the Titans. The Patriots are dated but the best of the worst from the Reebok era. They should go to the color rush jersey with silver pants, or white pants and make the helmet white. The Cardinals, Falcons and Eagles I agree all need to be changed. Cardinals and Falcons are extremely dated and I've always hated the midnight green, although it looks better with nike. The reebok jerseys looked especially bad in certain lighting.
  14. I think the Wild are in the same boat as the Wings and Rangers with the testing. They were supposed to have black jerseys I think.
  15. Or the Tampa Bay Mutiny
  16. Those all-star jerseys are bad.
  17. When it comes to purple on purple, what the Vikings wore Sunday is by far the lesser of two evils when compared to color rush. As long as they continue the pattern of only breaking it out once every 6 years I don't mind it. But after Sunday I'm sure we'll see it once or twice next year. I've said this countless times, but I do want to see white over white more often.
  18. Hopefully they only have white and orange pants. Don't need Brown. But you know they'll have brown and wear mono-brown a couple times per year.
  19. Of that list. can't imagine it would be PIT, DAL, CHI, KC or GB. Would hope it's the Falcons, but I also wouldn't put it past the Vikings or Bills organizations to do something stupid and ruin nice uniforms.
  20. Favorite: Some teams going back to retro/modern retro looks. return of powder blue to the MLB Least favorite: Ads on jerseys in the NBA (and this will be coming to more sports in the 20s, it's inevitable) One Helmet rule The rise in monochrome and yoga pants look in football NBA's stupid naming convention/revolving city jerseys Gimmicks/custom fonts in uniforms with some marketing speak as to how it pertains to the nickname/city. Jags two-tone helmets Sleeved NBA jerseys Loss of shiny NFL pants. Templated event logos. Fanatics takeover Weird can't think of many things I hated in the MLB/NHL.
  21. I think in the NFL, I'd actually prefer it on the chest, if it meant they'd stop cutting off sleeve stripes to make room for it.
  22. Agree. I like the purple pants, but more as a novelty, once, twice per year thing, than as the standard road look. Maybe I'd feel different if they didn't have solid purple socks. And I'll repeat, they should never ever be worn with the purple jerseys again and the color rush trash needs to be buried back wherever they dug it up from this year. Mono, still sucks, but if it must be worn, it should always have contrasting socks. So this will be as passable as mono can be. I don't mind it. Not as good as Black/White, but still better than mono-black.
  23. Of course. But it's really a shame that that even needs clarified these days.
  24. Hoping the Vikings break out all white in LA. My hope will most likely be for naught though.