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  1. Certainly very nice. Reminiscent somewhat of UCLA and Southern U.
  2. Speaking of socks, the Ravens appear to be wearing plain white ones tonight.
  3. They won’t be team-branded, but in my experience the best place to get colorful (plain, striped or patterned) athletic socks is epicsports.com. (I’m a weird guy who likes to match his outfits even when just going to the gym.) I’ve seen team-branded socks on other sites, but they tend to have the team name and logo rather than stripes. There’s probably a site out there that lets people design and order their own custom socks, but I can’t imagine it would be cheap to do. Even epicsports is kinda pricey once you factor in shipping costs, unless you’re ordering in bulk.
  4. Seconded. Please do all the teams!
  5. I like your thinking.
  6. Then they will just use and emojis with no words. Is that what you want?
  7. I could spray diarrhea out my butt onto a canvas, and they could photocopy that canvas into better uniforms than the Packers’ navy/tan abominations.
  8. Really? I think that’s a fantastic look for the Eugene Bay Duckers.
  9. Commanders sounds like something out of GI Joe. Other two are fine by me.
  10. Puumba - not in front of the kids!
  11. I don’t care much about the numbers, but I’m with you on the socks.
  12. If they would just wear blue socks and shoes with the color rush look, they’d be more or less perfect.
  13. Yellow (with forest green trim) I’d like to see. Navy, no.
  14. That Steelers hat is hilarious! Whose bright idea was that?
  15. Right. The Baltimore Ravens have a logo with red eyes and don’t use red AT ALL aside from that. Red eyes are menacing.
  16. ESPN’s Bill Barnwell: But running backs are fungible and should all be given one-year deals at the league minimum and used no more than absolutely necessary!!!!!1!
  17. Please tell me these aren’t for real...
  18. How about Clowns, as an homage to the Negro League team? I just like the way “Indianapolis Clowns” sounds, and they could partly base their look on that of the old team while going off in different directions as desired. Of course, I feel like the Negro League teams are all copyrighted and (rightly) regarded as relics of the past.
  19. I think the Browns should wear a white facemask with their regular uniforms. But grey works for throwbacks, and, really, it’s not THAT bad with the regular set. I’d still take it over brown facemasks, which just don’t look right to me.
  20. In yet another Disney tie-in: “Tastes like chicken!” (in Puumba’s voice of course)
  21. I’m not crazy about the name, or about them keeping the boring old color scheme, but it appears they’ll at least look better in the near future. That’s a win.
  22. Plus that would stop them from wearing white socks like they seem to want to do with the white fauxback. Win-win!
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