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  1. That Saints picture is what I'm talkin' 'bout. Is that Jim Taylor with the football?
  2. I have to say, though, that the Bills' current look would be at least in the same neighborhood as the K-Gun look if their helmet stripe weren't tapered.
  3. AFC: AFC East: Boston/New England Patriots---Super Bowl XX-era. Honorable mention to first year of Flying Elvis. New York Titans/Jets---My favorite era for them is 1990-97, although I'm sure that's a minority viewpoint. Miami Dolphins---1989-96. Although I like white-over-white better than white-over-aqua. Buffalo Bills---K-Gun. Current set is pretty good though. AFC North: Cincinnati Bengals---1980s Super Bowl-era, when the stripes were new and they didn't try to clutter their look like they do today. Cleveland Browns---1980s. They've never really looked bad, though. Baltimore Ravens---Yuck. I guess before they added the black pants. Pittsburgh Pirates/Steagles/Card-Pitt/Pittsburgh Steelers---Current. AFC South: Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts---Not totally sure. Maybe the white-facemasked look that Dickerson and George wore. I liked their previous shade of blue better than their current, though I hardly noticed the change. Houston Oilers/Tennessee Oilers/Tennessee Titans---They've had so many good looks. As the Titans, I like Columbia blue monochrome, which we're not likely to see again. As the Oilers, maybe the early 1970s, with the silver helmets. The Oilers never looked bad, and the Titans have only occasionally looked good. Jacksonville Jaguars---Probably original set. Or the tealish-black helmet with the teal jerseys over white pants, if they ever wore that combo. Their current look wouldn't be so bad if they were based in Vegas instead of Jacksonville. I actually sort of like teal jerseys over black pants with their current helmet. Houston Texans---Another unpopular opinion: red-over-red. AFC West: Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders---Probably their current look. I like their old logo, but their current unis are so classic and well-designed. Dallas Texans/Kansas City Chiefs---Priest Holmes and Larry Johnson. I just like that they still had normal sleeve stripes. Los Angeles/San Diego Chargers---Not sure. Not a big fan of the numbers on the 1960s helmets. My favorite helmets of theirs are either current or immediately previous. Favorite jerseys would be AFL-era powder blues. As for overall set...either late-1960s or 1988-2006. Denver Broncos---Elway-era pre-1997. The jersey-and-pants combo wasn't too special, but the logo was incredible and the helmets seemed to change color based on the lighting. They looked great. NFC: NFC East: Dallas Cowboys---Current, although I don't care for the black outline on the sleeve stripes. New York Giants---Current, although their 1980s-1990s set looked really good too. Boston Braves/Boston Redskins/Washington Redskins---Either the Joe Gibbs look (burgundy-over-white and white-over-burgundy with burgundy helmet) or the Vince Lombardi look (yellow pants, yellow helmet, burgundy or white jersey). Steagles/Philadelphia Eagles (not counting Frankford Yellow Jackets)---Their previous look to this one had a great helmet but so-so jerseys. The Jaworski look had more interesting jerseys, but those weird stripes on the sleeves...I've never been a huge fan of their old green-and-white look; they need grey. Hmmm...either Jaworski or Cunningham. NFC North: Decatur Staleys/Chicago Bears---Favorite helmet: Current. Favorite jersey: navy with orange numerals. Overall look: I guess navy with orange numerals and a plain navy helmet, even though that particular combo only exists because of the NFL's one-helmet rule. Green Bay Packers---Lombardi to present day, any of them except for the stupid navy blue throwbacks. Portsmouth Spartans/Detroit Lions---Barry Sanders. Minnesota Vikings---1990s, because of the shoulder stripes on the roads and the purple facemasks. Otherwise, 1970s or even 1960s. NFC South: Atlanta Falcons---Dan Reeves and the "Dirty Birds." Minimalist logo was awesome, and black helmet-jersey combo work better over grey pants than red helmet-jersey combo. Reeves added a splash of red that completed the look, including road numerals. New Orleans Saints---Whenever it was that they wore their bright gold helmets. Carolina Panthers---Current. All-black look, or blue jerseys over any of their pants. Tampa Bay Buccaneers---Loved the last days of Bucco Bruce, but their 1997-2013 set was clearly the best they've had. NFC West: Cleveland/Los Angeles/St. Louis Rams---From the moment I became aware of the NFL in 1993, I always loved the Rams' look. I guess the 1990s home and road, with the 1994 NFL 75th-anniversary yellow throwback jersey as an alternate, would be my pick. So, specifically, they looked best in 1994. My favorite look for them ever was the white-jersey-over-yellow-pants combo that they had from the 1970s up through 1999. San Francisco 49ers---Probably 1980s-early 1990s. Kind of bland then but VERY bland today, and then they had to throw in that stupid all-black alternate. Seattle Seahawks---Original logo, blue fasemask, logo on sleeve stripes. Racine Normals/Racine Street Cardinals/Chicago Cardinals/St. Louis Cardinals/Phoenix Cardinals/Arizona Cardinals---I'll be in the minority here again, but I actually liked the use of navy blue as an accent color for them. Also loved the Arizona state flag on the sleeves---it was a unique way to pay tribute to their home. So, late 1990s, I guess. I found the Pats' weird pinstripe-looking pattern on their jerseys a bit unsettling. I think their 1993 look would've been perfect had they not had a grey facemask that year.
  4. I'm sure this has been done before. Mods, please merge this with another thread if necessary. I'll start off with the NFL. First I'll give y'all a blank template to copy/paste; then I'll give my own viewpoints. AFC: AFC East: Boston/New England Patriots New York Titans/Jets Miami Dolphins Buffalo Bills AFC North: Cincinnati Bengals Cleveland Browns Baltimore Ravens Pittsburgh Pirates/Steagles/Card-Pitt/Pittsburgh Steelers AFC South: Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts Houston Oilers/Tennessee Oilers/Tennessee Titans Jacksonville Jaguars Houston Texans AFC West: Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders Dallas Texans/Kansas City Chiefs Los Angeles/San Diego Chargers Denver Broncos NFC: NFC East: Dallas Cowboys New York Giants Boston Braves/Boston Redskins/Washington Redskins Steagles/Philadelphia Eagles (not counting Frankford Yellow Jackets) NFC North: Decatur Staleys/Chicago Bears Green Bay Packers Portsmouth Spartans/Detroit Lions Minnesota Vikings NFC South: Atlanta Falcons New Orleans Saints Carolina Panthers Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFC West: Cleveland/Los Angeles/St. Louis Rams San Francisco 49ers Seattle Seahawks Racine Normals/Racine Street Cardinals/Chicago Cardinals/Card-Pitt/St. Louis Cardinals/Phoenix Cardinals/Arizona Cardinals And...go!
  5. Wait... what? Maybe you meant to post the version of the Dolphins unis that came right before the Oilers move to Tennessee, but these uniforms were in circulation together for quite some time. Using pro-football-reference, I was able to date this photo to November 17, 1996. Karim Abdul-Jabbar is the ballcarrier, and James Roberson is the defensive lineman on the ground.I thought this was a joke at first. I looked it up and much to my surprise it is not.Yeah, you don't remember Karim?! Granted, he was no Kareem...
  6. A bit off-topic, but I always thought that Chargers set was a bit underrated. The one they have now is better (especially the logo/helmet), but I think the 1988-2006 set was better than the one that it followed. Yes and no. You're right that set was underrated. It was incredible. But the current set is an atrocious mash-up of crap, worse than its predecessor in every way. See, I think the Chargers' current logo is incredible. I love the incorporation of powder blue into their color scheme even when they're not wearing that color jersey. I'm not fond of the jersey template or the pants template. I like that they still have the bolts on both the jerseys and the pants, although the sleeve-ish bolts don't look nearly as good as the huge shoulder bolts that they wore before. I just think the uniform template is too mid-2000s bland and safe and generic. Plus, while their white helmet looks good on its own, it doesn't fit nearly as well with their unis as a navy blue one would. They should add a yellow or white outline outside the navy blue one on the very outside part of the logo, and stick it on a navy helmet. Then they'd look pretty good, I think. I'm generally not fond of dark-blue-and-bright-yellow color schemes without any other supporting colors, because they make me think of That School Up North. I liked it in the Chargers' case for some reason, but I like their overall color scheme better with the addition of the powder blue. Sorry for posting this on the wrong board. lol A bit off-topic, but I always thought that Chargers set was a bit underrated. The one they have now is better (especially the logo/helmet), but I think the 1988-2006 set was better than the one that it followed. Also, the Cardinals' current set has been blech! from day one for me. Only the black alternate looks decent, and they shouldn't even have a black alternate!
  7. Good one! That's the second biggest "wow" moment for me on this thread after pewter Bucs vs. old Jets. PS: How good do the Lions look here? So very, very good. Of course the Lions look good here. Any team would against that Bills set. Still, though, that Lions set was great. Nothing they've worn since the introduction of black to their color scheme has come close to how they looked before.
  8. So this trading card is from the 1996-97 UDCC set? It looks very, very similar to their 1995-96 NBA set, of which I once bought a box.
  9. Wait... what? Maybe you meant to post the version of the Dolphins unis that came right before the Oilers move to Tennessee, but these uniforms were in circulation together for quite some time. You mean the same year the Oilers moved to Tennessee. The Dolphins' logo change and the Oilers' move both happened in 1997. Using pro-football-reference, I was able to date this photo to November 17, 1996. Karim Abdul-Jabbar is the ballcarrier, and James Roberson is the defensive lineman on the ground. The then-new-look Dolphins hosted the Tennessee Oilers early in the 1997 season, which is where I'm guessing the picture posted as a response to this is from. (Guessing because it's not showing up, so I can't look at it.) Side note: Once I realized this was the pre-1997 Dolphins, I thought the running back was Sammie Smith, but the only Oilers #90 Smith's Dolphins played against was Ezra Johnson, a former Packer first-rounder who by now was 36 and in his final season (and who registered 55.5 sacks despite his first six seasons coming before sacks were an official stat), in 1991. Sorry for the bunny trail.
  10. A bit off-topic, but I always thought that Chargers set was a bit underrated. The one they have now is better (especially the logo/helmet), but I think the 1988-2006 set was better than the one that it followed.
  11. I think every Dolphins logo prior to this one was underrated, and it's borderline criminal that they took away the helmet and the facial expression from the dolphin. What? WHAT?! How dare you! (Just kidding ) It wouldn't bother me if anyone said it was overrated. That being said, I like to think it's one of the better logos in sports. The logos that I think are underrated and overrated both come from the same franchise. I think the Brewers current logo is underrated and their retro logo is overrated. I think the script the Dolphins currently use---the one that's at the bottom of your posts, Dolphins Dynasty---is bad.
  12. Making the logo bigger and adding chrome facemasks were both upgrades to the Buccaneers' helmets. Don't get me wrong, everything below the helmet looks terrible, and I liked the color of the old helmet better. However, I love the huge logo and the chrome facemasks.
  13. Or maybe the painting is based on our logo. Anyway, here's a link to the logo: https://chsclassof1978.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/chillicothe-cavaliers-logo-article1.jpg Apparently I'm crazy, because I can't find the painting and no one seems to have heard of it (need to talk to more people). Anyway, here's a pencil drawing that's sort of similar; the original pencil drawing dates to 1991 and was presented to then-President Clinton when he visited Chillicothe in the spring of 1993: http://www.titlewavemusic.com/pix4.htm But anyway, the painting of the logo dates, I believe, to the 1960s.
  14. My alma mater (Chillicothe High School, Chillicothe, OH) goes by the frequently-used nickname Cavaliers, but our logo (not sure whether it's primary or alternate anymore, I think the latter) is based on an old painting by an alumnus. Our other logo is fairly similar to a recolored and re-lettered Virginia Cavaliers, though, with swords crossing underneath the letter C.
  15. Love these! They're so much more appropriate for the "storm" theme that the name conjures up than what the team currently wears irl.
  16. All those bright colors and they choose black for the base of the jersey? Blecch.
  17. I did a quick edit of my Mets' uniforms. I just did Color Replace and some paint bucket fills so it is a little rough. Sorry, but I didn't want to spend much time but was happy to do a quick recolor. I have been working some on the Indians when I have time, but I'm not yet happy with what I am coming up with. I'll tinker some more and may post some potential logos to get some feedback before too long. There's only one logical thing to do here...pink alternate!
  18. Question---how many posts do I need to have before I can start my own thread?
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