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  1. Is this the first appearance of the new Hickory throwbacks?
  2. Why's that? In my opinion they had one of the best uniforms to come out of the Thursday night games.
  3. The partial striping is driving me mad. I wonder if this is the trend we will see on the City uniforms.
  4. Agreed. The collar is the worst part in my opinion. The front is charcoal while the back involves orange and blue. That in addition to the yellow outline on the numbers makes this completely unpalatable.
  5. Yeesh. At first glance I'd swear Adidas still outfitted the league.
  6. I liked the use of the electric blue to outline the dragon on Golden State's jersey, but the shorts are a little bit harder to stomach. I'll still reserve judgement until game-time.
  7. The Wiz really missed a golden opportunity for a red vs green Christmas matchup. Blue vs green is so hard to follow.
  8. So I tend to disagree with a lot of your takes, but besides maybe the pinstripe Pacers, I agree with your list completely. That being said, I do love the new OKC alt. It will be interesting to see if Nike creates other uniforms with that as their template. By the way fins, good Jazz game last night.
  9. Dang, this looks to be a little more red than burnt orange. I'm hoping that the actual uniforms are closer to Conrad's mockup.
  10. I imagine that they will end up with the curved bill style soon. The statement hats are now offered in that variety. https://www.neweracap.com/search/?text=STATEMENT#
  11. Ha ha I knew that my opinion on that would be unpopular. But I would love a uniform in homage to the early Iverson days. A guilty pleasure take for sure. However, I do love their current identity.
  12. I believe this is the tee in question. Is it bad that I don't want to see these on-court? My guilty pleasure for a community Sixers uniform would secretly be a black Iverson era set with some sort of "Trust the Process" motif.
  13. This logo on the ball has flipped colors. It also has their current wordmark in those colors. I wonder if we will see that in some capacity on the uniform.
  14. Kings just posted this on their online store calling it the "Hyperlocal" basketball. I'm betting they will use this logo on the community uniform.
  15. Yikes, those are bad. For the most part on eBay, you are getting what you pay for. The officially licensed jerseys run anywhere from $70-$200 depending on the quality that you want to pay for.
  16. Pacers wearing their Hickory throwbacks last night.
  17. I feel like this is confirmation of the Nets leak from earlier this summer. It could also be an indicator that the grey Cavs shorts from this 2k screenshot weren't just fashion shorts.
  18. I'm pretty sure the Jazz had a darker shade of yellow to begin with. I could be wrong, but when Nike took over the NFL a few seasons ago, didn't some teams need to adjust their colors to match Nike's palette? I can't find the news article that I'm thinking of. But it seems to me that the Celtic's would probably have been in a similar situation.
  19. I personally am hoping for a light blue alt. I doubt it will be though.
  20. Can I ask where you found this ad? I feel like I need to nab one of those jerseys. Perhaps Swaggy P?
  21. That all-white Hickory turned out nice. But what's with the green leggings? St. Patrick's Day throwback games?
  22. Hmmmmm ???
  23. The 2016-17 swingman jerseys were meant to replicate the rev 30 material so it looked closer in design to the authentic rev 30 jerseys. All of the Mitchell and Ness Swingman Jerseys are open hole mesh, similar to the picture I posted.
  24. What do you mean by soft mesh? I believe the Mitchell and Ness Swingman Jerseys are really similar in design to the Adidas ones.
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