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  1. This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I always liked the way these looked. If the Nuggets chose not to make an entire set based on the modernized skyline uniform, this would be a good starting point.
  2. I will never not say these.
  3. This may be a top 5 uniform matchup for me since the introduction of the Nike era to the NBA.
  4. To each their own, but I wouldn't call Rev 30 bad material. I love Rev 30. I own ~10 Authentics myself and ~30 swingman. The number quirk was a 1 year deal on some of the retail ones. They got it right from there on out though. If we're going off of bad material, the ripping Nikes take the cake. With a few exceptions, (Lebron sleeves, Marc Gasol, etc.) Adidas Rev 30 kept its integrity over their tenure. However, that first year of Nike was especially bad.
  5. To answer your question, the first season of rev30 retail authentics all had incorrect number outlines. You can see in this detailed shot that the correct number thickness would reach to the edges of the underneath yellow applique. It's a shame that they didn't have a gamer or anything else lying around. A Mitchell & Ness Authentic would've worked perfect. Oh well. Here's some more pics:
  6. Some weren't great, but others were amazing.
  7. The Coogi on white looks so clean
  8. A better look at the Sixers shorts and gold side "Liberty Bell" accents
  9. I posted that this morning and @Conrad. assured us it wasn't. A lot of good stuff was posted today. You should check it out.
  10. A final hoorah for the redrocks.
  11. I never know what to believe anymore, but there's this...
  12. Give me that Dallas wordmark on a jersey
  13. Oral? Are we really sticking with that?
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