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  1. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, and you definitely don't have to agree with mine. But it's completely subjective to say your view is more valid than someone else's. The Knicks have updated their uniforms 9 times since their early 70's championships. The "history" and "tradition" of their current iteration (2012-present) include one single playoff appearance where they were bounced in the second round by Indiana. They currently have one of my least favorite looks in the league. If they changed their shorts stripes and design, that would be a good place to start. But again, that's just what I think; and at the end of the day it doesn't matter all that much.
  2. Does anyone else hate the current iteration of Knicks home and away uniforms? To me they're so associated with losing and mediocrity. I wish they'd take the City Edition branding and run with it.
  3. I'm always fascinated when teams do this. One that comes to mind is the sophomore Grizzlies set.
  4. I'm not going to lie, I instantly assumed that this was their new City edition. No more regular black then.
  5. I'm a little disappointed that it wasn't something like this:It would've been nice to keep experimenting with the flag colors. To me, no black alternate will beat out the original 90's alts:
  6. I hate every individual design element here. Hate the graffiti wordmark, hate the gray, hate the asterisk looking stars. Yet for some reason I love this uniform. Somehow it all works together.
  7. The Jazz all but confirming that they're keeping the yellow statement. I'm bummed, I think the regular red rock city editions are going away.
  8. I loved the 2013 set. I was pretty bummed when they decided to move onto the Nike set. The only redeeming quality in my opinion is the shorts.
  9. Well those are disappointing, but at least it reminded me of a Greg Esposito article about how the Suns nearly released an orange alt in the 90's: https://www.sports360az.com/2016/07/espo-brief-suns-sunburst-jersey-oral-history/amp/
  10. Here are a couple of interesting finds on Twitter.
  11. On Twitter, @Conrad. is saying that these aren't real. It's too bad, because I think I would've been okay with something like this. Did anyone else own the Nike Rewind?
  12. Lol, that reminds me of this.
  13. The Jazz should do a "church ball" inspired court.
  14. The Sixers really don't have a single uniform that just says Sixers anymore?
  15. This isn't fake. The team says it wasn't their new "statement" uniform for this season. If this isn't this season's "City" edition, I bet they'll have it on deck for next year.
  16. The thing they bothers me about this argument is that these players literally wear shorts and a tank top to work in. I'll miss the ninja bands, not gonna lie.
  17. I can't find the quote, but I remember Steve Nash suggesting that they should have sleeved jerseys for those that would want it, but leave the sleeveless as the standard. So then you'd have sleeved and sleeveless on the court at the same time.
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