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  1. To be fair, the actually jersey that "leaked" was 100% a picture of a Chinese fake. But it seems that the design itself is an accurate representation.
  2. Sorry @Conrad. I just saw this.
  3. Via NBA Store Europe. Not going to lie, I don't hate it.
  4. Agreed completely. If you can't appreciate the design of a specific uniform, that's totally fine. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But that doesn't mean it shouldn't be celebrated by people who do appreciate it. In the case of the Jazz, they literally made back to back finals in the purple mountain majesties. Utah had their best seasons in those uniforms. They are an important part of Jazz history.
  5. I love how the 5 for the Fight patch always matches.
  6. I'm honestly a little bummed that they didn't throwback to the home whites. I always loved how much cleaner they felt.
  7. I guess it'll be diehard fans wettest of dreams. Go stats!
  8. According to Conrad, they are not in fact legit. Carry on.
  9. There's no way that's real, right? Yikes man, who's approving this stuff?
  10. Came here to post, so unbelievably happy!
  11. I'll bump this thread everytime I come across it. I'm hoping that it will be revived someday.
  12. Fwiw, your concept is loads better than what they ended up with.
  13. It looks like San Antonio has added the Spur logo back onto the shorts in place of the SA secondary logo.
  14. Yeah, I know at least the Jazz and Bullets also wore white preseason numbers in the early 90's. Pretty fun uniform sighting!
  15. I'm ready for the Jazz to just embrace every color as their own. Give me a Jazz rainbow.
  16. Hmmmmmm you know, I might be all in on this
  17. Why can't they both embrace it?
  18. This isn't the unpopular opinions thread.
  19. According to a Jazz connection I have, the team is keeping last season's City court. That tells me that we're likely getting a white version of the Southern Utah set. I also wonder if there's a chance that they'll designate last season's City set to Statement status. Just speculation.
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