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  1. ....... i kid i kid. although this was a Plan B move so i'm partially correct.
  2. Anybody know why the Prudential Center has two sets of Devils retired numbers? here's the best picture i could find
  3. i hate the use of alternate jerseys in sports.... except for baseball. with 162 games you need to switch it up occasionally
  4. Not sure how unpopular this is, but i hate Color on Color matchups.
  5. That season was a slow progression for the endzones. Week 2 had slashes: Week 4 had unfilled diamonds: Week 5 had alternating diamonds filled white: Week 11 began alternating blue and orange diamonds: I've never seen a team change its endzone this many times in a season, but it was definitely a unique progression to watch! Denver should go back to the blue and orange diamonds full time. great look
  6. that vikings all white look is really good, why they even have purple pants as an option is beyond me
  7. I have no idea if this thread has be done or not, so if this has been done i apologize. But what are some NBA/NCAA court designs and NFL/NCAA endzone designs that were extremely short lived or just really unique/weird. One i can think of was the New Orleans Pelicans first court design that only lasted that one season
  8. i own an orange isles practice jersey and see a couple handful of practice jerseys at games
  9. i like that the isles and mets share blue and orange cause i can wear a mets hat with a isles shirt and it would still be matching.
  10. i was gonna post this one hahaha. im happy for Timonen though.
  11. i hate color on color matchups... and i dont know if this next one is unpopular, but i think the NBA should consider wearing darks at home