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  1. I got a wild idea to tinker with the MLB logos a bit, just for fun, to create a consistent look that's nevertheless personalized to each team. So far I've gotten the AL East + Nationals + Rockies done, and I'll update this post as I finish the others. Here's an album of the first seven. They're definitely a tad rough around the edges, but overall I'm happy with how they came out. C and C is welcome!
  2. I wish I could create logos that good... But as for my actual feedback, the last logo you posted with the two bats hanging off a very nice tweak of the original. Perhaps introduce some more yellow? The thin outlines seem a little out of place.
  3. Now if only the NHL would consider relocating some of their failing "non-traditional market" teams so that these cool designs could see some light...*cough cough* Arizona Coyotes *cough cough*
  4. This design looks pretty solid! I'd love to see some of those ideas integrated into their new stadium.