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  1. I am a Dodger fan and have always been a fan of the brown/yellow & blue/orange that the padres used plus the swinging friar logo. I have been rooting for the friars to switch to brown/yellow or at least some kind of unique color scheme since 2009. I officially give up! I hate the Padres more than I hate the Giants now! Its a pathetic organization that continues to not listen to their fans and that is trying to be as boring of a brand as possible. You guys suck padres!
  2. What people forget is that the Denver Broncos also got steamrolled 39-20 while wearing white in Super Bowl XXI against the New York Giants at the Rose Bowl in 1987.
  3. I think the Chargers would be embraced a lot better by Angelinos if they switch to the NFC West and rebrand as either the Gladiators, Avengers, Stars, Condors, Knights (They could wear a silver and black combo with a touch of blue if they enter LA with the Rams instead of Raiders) or Dons. I know that the Chargers started in LA but they were there for only one season in a league that no longer exists AFL and that was over 55 years ago. It would give Angelinos that feeling of newness that Baltimore experienced when the Browns became the Ravens.
  4. I am not a Padres fan but would love if they returned to brown and yellow. I realize though that Padres management would never do it so if they want to stick to navy maybe they should consider keeping the same uniform template but just add maize to it? Nobody in MLB sports maize and blue. It would be somewhat unique and less bland. The yellow could represent the SoCal sun. Heck maybe the could even add powder blue as an accent color under the current PADRES script? Or they could just go back to a modernized version of the 1998 World Series unis blue and orange. BTW the current Padre uni is another one that bothers me.
  5. I might be in the minority but i wish the browns would just abandon the whole Cleveland Browns moniker and become the cleveland bulldogs and put a bulldog on the helmets. That would be awesome. Besides Paul Brown ended up in Cincy in 1970 so this would be a great way to break away from their instate rivals down south in which the Brown family is still involved.
  6. I agree with you about the Angels. They need to be red and blue. I disagree. I dig the "red vs blue" deal LA baseball has going on right now.The red vs blue thing in LA is awesome I agree but the angels could still use a navy crown with a red bill, slap white numbers on the red jerseys and replace the angels script on the front of the red jersey with the Big "A" logo. The red just needs to be toned down a bit. It would be like the Dodgers wearing blue lettering on top of blue jerseys and blue hats. It would be a giant blue mess.
  7. I would love to see somebody take the old school red Arizona plate with the little white cactus and modernize it similar to what Colorado did with the Green mountains plate. This would look so much better than the Kenny G 90's backdrop on the current Arizona plates. Time to make a change.
  8. This idea and concept is so freaking cool that now I am going to bang down snyders door to change the name!! I love this idea and uniform!!!
  9. Washington fans/ownership seem pretty adamant about keeping something "Skins" related, so I don't know how "Potomacs" would go over with them. However, the NA community across the country would sleep a little easier if the new name was a little kinder to them I think this could work. The university of Utah used to be called the utah Redskins and in the 70's the name was changed to the Utes with the blessing of the local tribe. The ute tribe takes great pride in being named after by the university.
  10. Take your crazy takes on uniforms back to Jacksonville. Gold/yellow jersey? White jersey with gold/yellow numbers? C'mon... Is that really what you come up with to bump this thread? EDIT: Sorry sorry if that sounded mean. Sick, can't sleep, and on prescription medicine. Sounded pretty ridiculous to me. Understandable on both parts, But the yellow jersey is apart of the Rams history ( not. St. Louis ) but the Rams non the less. It would be unique to the league I honestly believe it would give it a simple and clean flux back look. I will agree yellow trimmed in royal is still probably to bright for numbers on white jersey. So flip those and the 3rd would have modern yet classic with just the royal and white ( just the helmet would stick out because of the new rules.) oh nuke the thunder blue just doesn't work for the rams. The Rams' gold jersey/white pants uniform is one of the greatest looks in football history, any era, any level. Take this 94 uni modernize it and you have a winner for an alternate home uniform.
  11. This would be so awesome as a one off combat uniform if the NFL would allow multiple helmets again.
  12. I wonder how good it would look if the canucks infused college navy and action green a la seattle seahawks into their home orca set??? Then leave the stick in the rink combo colors alone. Could anybody do a mock up of that?
  13. Furer goodell would never allow that. Him and his more than one helmet makes players more prone to concussions excuse.
  14. Absolutely true. They go from one of the best uniforms in the NFL to one of the dullest. Why are threy still wearing those? Burn them. Agreed. I like the grey pants. I also like the white away jerseys with red numbers and stripes. I completely disagree. The white pants should go back to full time. The Giants identity is a mess. They have no red on the blue jersey, no blue on the white jersey, they are inconsistent all the way through. The Giants are one team with classic uniforms I don't like.I think it would make a world of difference on their blue jersey if they added white stripes on the sleeves kind of like the red stripes they have on the sleeves of their white jerseys. Yes the white pants look better.
  15. I might be in the minority but I think the dbacks look much better in predominantly black than Sedona red. I wish the dbacks would relegate sedona red to an accent color. They especially looked sharp in those yarnell Fire black jerseys. Those were sweet!! When they wear sedona they look like any other mlb team that wears either red or navy caps. Also I think too many arizona sports franchises are going for that Sedona/desert rock red look now and it is tiring. The cards, dbacks and coyotes all look a like now. Only the Suns have individualilty when it comes to colors.