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  1. This reminds me of the Work shared in this forum last Bowl season.
  2. In due time. Do it right or don't do it at all. I haven't gotten to a point with uniforms yet where I'm satisfied with the output, so for now just caps.
  3. This link to the making of the Final Four court seemed appropriate to share: A long hardwood journey: How the Final Four court was built from scratch - ESPN https://apple.news/AcQ2wRVQjTIech5GOAnB14g
  4. Funny how much changes in less than a year. Martell decommitted from A&M and then committed to Ohio State.
  5. I had done the PAC-12 a few months earlier and considered them a different portfolio. I will probably do the SEC next.
  6. Wrapping up the PAC-12 with the Battle of Los Angeles. For USC, I used their secondary for a more modern feel, then added Trish-stripe through the facemask. For UCLA, I went with a Bruin Blue chrome helmet, gold metallic facemask, with the Rose Bowl in the reflection. The response was lighter than the Big Ten, but I appreciate the C&C (especially Wazzou).
  7. For the Arizona/Arizona State rivalry, I wanted to play off of two themes: The Copper State and Desert Battle. ASU honors Pat Tillman with a Desert ACU pattern, which got me thinking of desert camouflage, which ultimately resulted in a diamondback hydroskin.
  8. Pairing Utah and Colorado together as a rivalry pairing is a stretch, but these two were essentially the only two programs without a formal rival in the PAC-12. For these two programs, I went with a Fauxback theme: the Double U decal on a gray shell, with metallic red facemask; and for Colorado, a nod back to the Sky Blue era from the early 80s. Response from Colorado fans was really spirited. Mostly, "can we all just forget Sky Blue ever happened?" IMO, they've done a good job with the alternate helmets recently, so I'd rather go different and get some heat on a color scheme that nobody ever really loved. I admit I outkicked my coverage on that one. ? The 8 is a nod to Sal Aunese, who didn't wear Sky Blue when he was there but is held in high regard as the heart and soul of the national championship team, posthumously.
  9. For the Cal/Stanford rivalry, I kept Stanford fairly close to their current alternates: cardinal shell, silver decals and facemask. I wanted to play up the gold for Golden Bears, so I converted their new logo to a headshot and then used it for a gold decal to match the facemask. The Cal script appears on the visor. Fun fact on Stanford: their de facto fight song is "All Right Now" by Free.
  10. Alllllllrighty. Glad I haven't relied on my lack of geography for the next two. ? The Civil War pretty much is self-explanatory: my take on the iridescent galaxy white, and a ghost beaver (with all credit due to Mr. Davidson):
  11. I received some great C&C on my Big Ten helmet project, so I thought I'd follow up with the work I had done for the PAC-12. Same as the Big Ten, this project is intended for alternate helmets to be worn for 1+ games. I am going to post in pairs, in most cases calling out the rivalries. Washingon is a move back to the 90s purple helmet, chrome decals, purple facemask. Wazzou is a play off of the Tennessee Smoky Mountain design.
  12. These are great. My only constructive feedback is to consider using one reflected image for the chrome helmets (preferably, a single stadium). It adds to the photorealism of the shot. Keep up the good work!
  13. Wrapping the Big Ten concepts up with OSU, who has had a number of alternate helmets. I wanted to kept it close to the silver shell, but for something different I went with a halftone hydroskin which displays their classic block o and buckeye leaf logo. Eight buckeye leaves for the eight national championships. To compliment the neckline on the jersey, which has eight buckeye leaves, I added "TBDTITL", which is a play off of the nickname for the marching band (TBDBITL, or The Best Damn Band In The Land). I don't see the program actually putting that on a helmet for a game, but that extra feature would make a lot of 17-year old recruits pumped at their visit. Thanks to everyone for their compliments and feedback. I'll be back with the PAC-12.
  14. Second-to-last helmet revealed is Michigan's. This was the most polarizing reaction I got on Twitter. A Detroit journalist and Talk Radio host both retweeted and it was a house divided. At one point, a designed attempted to openly chastise me for the collective sins made by concept artists on IG. It was fun when he asked me, "What is a 'Design Partner of Nationally Ranked Contenders,' as you list in your Twitter bio?" And I explained that I'be done work for two HS national champions. ?️ ANYWAY, I kept the shell a matte blue paint job, but with maize chrome wings. Big House in the reflection.
  15. I've liked what State has done with their alternate helmets the past few years, and wanted to stay within the realm for consistency. To do so, I went with a hydroskin using the same Greek pattern which is featured on their jerseys and pants, then capped it off with a light bronze for the decals and facemask.
  16. Now we get into the really fun, out there concepts ... Rutgers announced this past season they wanted uniforms which would be easily distinguished as Rutgers uniforms. I disagree with the notion of scaling back as the onlya means to do this. The Scarlet Knights concept marries the Rutgers alternate logo with a hydroskin featuring chainmaile and a variation of the battle scuffs they used in prior seasons.
  17. Iowa has both worn several variations and had several concepts done. To be unique, I went for a gold chrome helmet with black decals. To tip tip the hat to the Hayden Frye era, I wanted to work in the "America Needs Farmers" design into the concept. It's an end-around, but I used a reflection of Kinnick Stadium holding a collective sign which reads, "America Needs Farmers".
  18. Illinois has worn gray uniforms the past three homecomings in honor of "The Galloping Ghost" Red Grange. I wanted to create a helmet which better fit the uniform, so I went with a gray shell, gray tonal chrome numbers (Grange wore #77). For the stripe, I incorporated the chevron logo, so that when opponents lined up, there was no question who they were facing.
  19. Dear traditionalists: I built this as a concept for a Spring Game. Nothing for the fall. ? Blue matte shell, chrome decals, two-tone face mask. The numbering would be unique for each player, but for the design I chose to honor Heisman-winner John Cappelletti.
  20. Thanks! They actually used that helmet before. I wanted to try something along the lines of black-on-black, as if to suggest black shirts are assumed to be omnipresent.
  21. For Nebraska, I wanted to find a new way to celebrate the black shirt tradition. Black-on-black Decals, a red chrome stripe that carried into the facemask, and a Husker red visor to provide a bit of contrast.
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