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  1. And so yet, here we are, another season has started, and how does it begin? Losing 5-2 to the Flames at home. A Flames team that just played last night. A Flames team that is currently consumed with rudderless leadership, a desire to build a goon squad, and was already playing a back-to-back game on the second night of the season. Defensive zone work still looks like a tragedy. Two goals in the first four minutes of the game last night. I know that Scrivens did well in Los Angeles and everything and he's not really my biggest concern, but he's going to put up stat lines just as terrible as Dubnyk most nights if that's the defensive zone work he has to deal with. It was keystone cops kind of madness out there.Would it kill Dallas Eakins to not have stupid looking hair for, you know, just one night? Did I mention that last night was just the first game of the season? 81 more of these to goWish us luck.