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  1. Full credit to designers of logos made. No disrespect.
  2. More.... New San Diego Chargers (Always loved their powder blue uniforms. This helmet makes that powder blue the more dominant color) Indianapolis Colts ( Adding some shine to the Colts rather boring blue and white. The silver makes the helmet and logo pop more and again finally buries that old Baltimore Colts look.) Kansas City Chiefs (One of my favs here. They are the CHIEFS after all, so make em look like CHIEFS!) New York Jets (Always wondered why the Jets didn't have an actual JET on their helmets. Again, borrowed logo, but I love how it incorporates city buildings into the shape of a Jet. Also brought back the old colors from the 80s-90s Jets. Looks more fierce.) Detroit Lions ( I have ALWAYS thought the Lions logo was WEAK. The leaping Lion doesn't instill fear. Again borrowed logo here that is much better. Added a brushed circular steel look to the helmet that looks a bit like a disc break to represent "Motor City." Atlanta Falcons (Okay so the Falcons changed their colors to dominant black to reflect Jerry Glanville's wardrobe choices back in the 90's! Well, he is LONG gone. Let's give the Falcons their original colors back but updated in a cool way.)
  3. Here are some helmets of some teams in the NFL that I think need updating. Check em out and let me know what y'all think. New Los Angeles Rams (Incorporated silver to reflect "Tinsel Town" while still paying homage to the original colors of blue and yellow) New Oakland Raiders. They call themselves the silver and black, so why not make them actual SILVER. New SF 49ers (Borrowed this logo from something I found online) New Buffalo Bills. (Again borrowed a logo from something I found online) New Cleveland Browns (Isn't it time to add a logo to their helmet? This logo pays homage to the FANS in the Dog Pound. Again, borrowed logo) Arizona Cardinals (The team redesigned their uniforms a few years back but yet did nothing to their helmets. This incorporates the black they added to their uniforms and will finally bury that old, tired St. Louis Cardinals look.)
  4. @mgdmhl Yes, I have seen this one. But I'm looking for this exact helmet, with layers, on exact profile by itself, not with two other looks. Thank you though.
  5. A couple of notes about this template, which is found here: http://rezland.deviantart.com/art/Revolution-Speed-Template-280301179 I am BEGGING anyone with the skills to design a complete PROFILE version of this helmet in a template. I love the template, just wish there was a complete profile version and not slightly off center. Also, the thing I loved about this template compared to the one that started this thread was the fact that there are TWO separate layers for the Face Mask AND the Helmet Color. Makes things SOOOO much easier when playing with colors because you can now use the "Color Overlay" tool in effects and are not locked into playing with the RED and BLUE in "Color Replace" that come with the template that started this thread. I am no Photoshop Pro by any means, but I do know my way around layers and basic design. If you would like me to design a helmet for you for your fantasy team or anything else, just drop me a not here and I will do one up for you, no charge. I have already done 4 leagues this year, and I just dig doing it. Just let me know your team name (doesn't matter what it is, I can come up with something creative), and the colors you would like to use (or if you have a favorite NFL team you'd like to base it on). All the best. Ty
  6. And here's 3 more: DeMarco Polo The Sex Panthers (My Team) All Men Must Die
  7. Here are some more: LA AirWolves (This guys is a huge Ohio State fan, Van Halen fan, and flies Helicopters for a living) Thunder Wolves The Batman Team America The Spidermen Speed Racer
  8. Hey gang, I'm new here, but I have used the templates mentioned on this site and I'd like to share some of the designs I did for multiple fantasy football leagues. Here they are, lemme know what you think and your favs. Da Sho Nuff Warriors Sharknadoes Insane Clown Posse HoneyBadgers HeHateMe (This guy just wanted a cool flaming helmet) Evil Jesters