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  1. The release does say “white pants (black stripes).” But you’re right, not sure which socks they’ll pair with them?
  2. You’re right. I cannot recall them wearing white/black at home, preseason or regular season, with the former set. I think they’re reserving the white/white for the home opener. Their former color rush, which inspired that white tiger look, has recently been the most popular with the fan base.
  3. Cincinnati in white jersey/black pants this week at WFT. https://static.clubs.nfl.com/image/upload/bengals/mn83kz4fbp6kr8ylkcas.pdf
  4. I didn’t check the archive but I think you’re right! Back in the day when they first posted the jersey schedules as a link available on the team website and not through social media.
  5. Adding the source for Cincinnati’s Preseason Uni Schedule. I don’t remember them posting preseason before. New precedent.
  6. Just a note that Buffalo has switched permanently to white face masks. No more gray.
  7. Zac Taylor and the players seemed to prefer the black/black look, especially in 2019 vs. SF at the 1 pm EST start in Week 2. Last year, vs. LAC, it was a 4 pm start in Week 1, so that could’ve explained it? But they lost both games, and these new white jerseys were inspired by the Color Rush, by far the most popular jersey in the last years of the previous set. Personally, I’m glad they’re WAH for the first home game for the variation—and because just maybe they won’t lose again in black.
  8. The Bengals’ preseason schedule was also posted. White jerseys for preseason weeks 2 and 3.
  9. The Bengals’ weekly release is usually the best source for their upcoming jerseys. Every once in a while, the players decide on a last minute change, but it’s reliable. https://static.clubs.nfl.com/image/upload/bengals/q6cpi0j0me5nybobq9qv.pdf
  10. Here we go: Cincinnati will be in black at Tampa but with the white pants/orange stripes.
  11. ^^^^ That’s what I meant on the Bengals TV numbers, that the new uniforms don’t have them. Thanks for the responses!!
  12. Canzman, I really like the new template and thanks for the awesome work. I could be off-base with these but here are a couple of notes: The front-facing central figure of the Bengals uniform has TV numbers. Is the Jets helmet dark and metallic enough? It looks almost like a solid, while teams like the Bengals that are solid look metallic, almost chrome. This applies to the Chiefs too. Is the number on the front-facing Jets uni too close to the New York? Is the Jets helmet logo too small? Should the Bucs helmet logo be larger? Is the Bears helmet C too big? (The Saints helmet logo might a touch big but don’t know for sure.) I really like what you did with the matte/satin helmets (Falcons, Titans semi-gloss, Seahawks, Vikings). Should the Browns be more matte too? Just some thoughts and I’m sure you’re the expert! Thanks again.
  13. Like the new template canzman. Thanks for what you do providing them. In-season, I check this thread multiple times a week—regular viewing since 2014. Any chance we can get a look at Cincinnati’s new unis in the new template early?? -John
  14. I like the thinking here on the white jerseys. The color rush were far and away their most popular jerseys for fans, and the white tiger concept was one of the best color rushes for those who knew about the Cincinnati zoo and put two and two together. I’m also glad they kept the orange jerseys. It’s almost as if, with Cleveland’s previous set, the two Ohio teams came to an agreement in which one would get orange jerseys, the other the orange pants. I don’t think Mike Brown goes for the orange pants either.
  15. According to The Athletic’s Bengals beat writers, they are keeping the “B” logo above. Their website features it almost exclusively now.
  16. Geoff Hobson of Bengals.com wrote yesterday in his Q&A that, with regard to the redesign, “From what I hear, classic is good.”
  17. The Bengals are scheduled to wear black/black according to their weekly release. It’s in the late afternoon window, I guess? https://static.clubs.nfl.com/image/upload/bengals/sykgz7wzsh6ae0qttreu.pdf
  18. Just a thought but given the Giants’ and Broncos’ unique uniforms on Nov 29th, maybe Thanksgiving weekend will be all color vs. color matchups? Seems too unusual that both the Giants and Broncos on the road would be wearing color at Cincinnati and Atlanta respectively. Just thinking out loud though.
  19. Just as a note, the Bengals weekly release has them in white pants this week.
  20. According to the Bengals uniform schedule, they are in black again this week presumably because the Bills are going WAH. Someone on here speculated that the Bills will go with their 1965 throwbacks?
  21. According to their weekly release, Bengals will be in black pants also this week. https://static.clubs.nfl.com/image/upload/bengals/mmwhplbfdtxdtfb4nrc8.pdf
  22. According to the Ravens Gameday, they’re due to be in black again? Don’t know if that means black/black or black/purple. https://www.baltimoreravens.com/game-day/
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